Absolute Great Teacher
783 If You Continue Acting like This, I Will Fall in Love with You!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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783 If You Continue Acting like This, I Will Fall in Love with You!


“Find a few people to dispose of the corpse!”

Sun Mo instructed the others.

For such a dirty job, the major characters of the Longevity Realm wouldn’t usually do such a thing. But now, all of them were competing for the chance to do so. This was even more so for Zha Liang and a few others. They were staring around wide-eyed as though whoever snatched this job from them would have their whole families slaughtered.

“Teacher’s rallying might is so terrifying!”

Qin Yaoguang chewed her candy and felt that her teacher really did have a lot of tricks.

“Instead, I feel that those people are trash. In the end, Teacher was still the one who killed that fellow.”

Helian Beifang felt that Sun Mo had made a loss because the efforts those fellows had exercised weren’t worth the meaning of the murals.

“To Teacher, the true meaning of the murals is something he can casually obtain. He wouldn’t feel any heartache.”

Li Ziqi consoled her junior brother. “Our teacher is magnanimous, so we naturally cannot appear petty.”


Helian Beifang nodded heavily. (No matter what, we have to protect our teacher’s honor!)

15 minutes later, everyone gathered over. They were like huskies waiting for their owners to feed them.

“Before I reveal the true meaning. I have two requests!”

Sun Mo’s tone was solemn.

“Great Teacher Sun, please feel free to speak!”

Zha Liang immediately spoke up like a good lackey, “No matter what it is, we will do our utmost to accomplish it.”

“Firstly, don’t call me Black Doggy Sun anymore. I know you guys want to praise me, but it sounds like you all are cursing me instead.”

Sun Mo was helpless. God Hands, Golden Sentences Sun—these two were easy to remember and nice to call. Why didn’t the people refer to him with these titles more?


Everyone felt awkward.

“Secondly, Zhu Hongjun...”

Sun Mo opened his mouth and called out seven names, “The few of you can leave now.”


The countenances of the people whose names were mentioned changed.

“Great Teacher Sun, why?”

Zhu Hongjun clasped his fists and had a ‘what wrong did I commit?’ look on his face.

“All of you have high cultivation bases and a lot of experience. Do you need me to state things out clearly?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

“Since you guys are told to leave, just leave. Stop talking so much nonsense.”

Zha Liang snorted.

“There are so many people who can listen to the true meaning. We don’t lack the few of you. Why would Great Teacher Sun choose to chase you all away? Clearly, you guys were slacking and not putting in some effort earlier!”

Someone mocked.

“Wanting to treat Great Teacher Sun like a fool? You guys must be thinking too much.”

“Great Teacher Sun, I was wrong. Please give me one more chance!”

The few of them had embarrassed looks on their faces. Some of them left in shame and some pleaded bitterly. After all, such an opportunity was too rare.

Sun Mo no longer spoke and closed his eyes. Some major characters immediately pulled out their weapons and told those people to scram.

“Too tyrannical!”

Li Ruolan held her image-recording stone and recorded this scene in its entirety.

The tyrannical Sun Mo had a different taste compared to the normally amicable Sun Mo. She could give him 11 points, one more point than before because she liked it.

“Alright, all the other matters are settled. I will reveal the true meaning now.”

Sun Mo glanced at the surroundings. It was clean now because those who didn’t put in the effort had been chased out by the group of major characters.

With experts in the Longevity Realm wanting to clear the area, who would dare to remain behind?

The breathing of the major characters slowed down as all of them looked expectantly at Sun Mo.

“An ordinary person will pass as long as they kill 100,000 soldiers.”

Sun Mo revealed.


Everyone fell silent.

(It’s so simple?)

“Don’t tell me you guys feel that it’s simple?”

Sun Mo immediately knew what these people were thinking when he looked at their expressions.

“Firstly, the soldiers will only appear once every hour and there are only a few of them every time. With so many people competing over them, do you dare to guarantee to be able to snatch one?”

“Secondly, even if all the soldiers are yours to get, how long do you need to clear 100,000 soldiers?”

“Thirdly, the soldiers are so powerful and you have to kill so many of them. Maybe you might screw up halfway and get killed instead.”

After hearing this explanation, the major characters suddenly realized that this was indeed the case.

Spending ten years just to grind a sword. It was simple to speak of, but who could really endure the dull, desolate lifestyle and persist for so long?

Many people would most probably give up after they had killed tens of thousands. After all, the flowing time was the most valuable thing.

“Great Teacher Sun, earlier you mentioned that this solution is for ordinary people. Is there another solution for unordinary people then?”

Someone asked.

“Among great teachers, for those that specialize in a certain profession, there’s a shortcut they can take. You guys don’t need to dream about that.”

Because these people put in a lot of effort, Sun Mo was very generous.

Truthfully speaking, if one was a genius, they would be able to deduce a connection between the murals in the Battlegod Canyon and spirit runes from Sun Mo’s words. One must know that this was the most important secret.

“Doesn’t that mean that we have to waste a lot of time here?”

Someone felt despair.

“Even if we kill 100,000 soldiers. I don’t know how we should solve the next stage.”

“Sigh, it’s so difficult to obtain the Battlegod Catalog!”

“Aren’t you talking nonsense? If it was something everyone could obtain, how would it still be valuable?”

Everyone spoke. Several major characters had decided to give up because there was no need to waste tens of years of their life here.

As Sun Mo publicly revealed the true meaning, they knew that the difficulty of snatching soldiers would increase even more.

“Great Teacher Sun, what is this stage testing for?”

Zha Liang sought guidance sincerely.

“The Battle God is testing the trial-takers on their martial skills, temperament, and perseverance.”

Sun Mo looked at these people. “Honestly speaking, this stage is considered a generous gift by the Battle God. As long as a cultivator can enter this stage, even if they ultimately aren’t able to obtain the Battlegod Catalog, they will improve vastly just from fighting these soldiers every day.”

Everyone fell silent.

“That Battle God doesn’t care about the cultivator’s background or talent. As long as one could enter this stage, he would use these soldiers to guide the cultivators.”

Sun Mo earnestly spoke, “So, don’t give up easily!”

It was like a chess saint playing chess with a beginner every day. As long as the beginner wasn’t stupid, he or she would surely have huge gains.

Everyone fell into contemplation. After that, when Zha Liang bowed to show his thanks, the others quickly did the same as well.

“Many thanks for your guidance, Great Teacher Sun!”

All the major characters bowed, even their terms of address for Sun Mo changed.

Whether they were sincere or not, at the very least, everyone was bowing at this moment. They naturally didn’t want to stand out as someone who didn’t have respect for Sun Mo, or they would no longer be able to enjoy his guidance in the future.

“Alright, you all can disperse!”

Sun Mo waved his hands.

When Zha Liang and the others saw that Sun Mo had things he wanted to tell his students, they didn’t dare to disturb him. After bowing once more, they hurriedly went away.

“Teacher, you are too awesome!”

Lu Zhiruo hugged Sun Mo’s arm and jumped about happily.


Sun Mo patted the papaya girl’s head.

“Teacher, eat some sweets!”

Qin Yaoguang passed a pearflower candy over.

Jin Mujie sighed and felt incomparably envious. Gu Xiuxun was used to Sun Mo’s outstandingness and directly elbowed his arm.

As for Mei Ziyu, she stood outside the circle and smiled as she looked at him.

She really wanted time to slow down so she could stay longer with him. There was no need for romance, no need for them to chat heart to heart. It was enough as long as she could look at him like that.

“I’ve already told you guys the true meaning of this stage. However, there’s no need for you guys to fight the soldiers seriously. It’s fine even if you all fail to snatch any.”

Sun Mo persuaded.


Helian Beifang started. “We can pass even without snatching the soldiers?”

“Are you stupid? When Teacher comprehends the Battlegod Catalog, he will surely teach it to us. So, would it matter even if we didn’t manage to snatch any soldiers?”

Lu Zhiruo had a ‘why can’t you think of this’ look on her face. (You shouldn’t be so stupid, right?)


Tantai Yutang was shocked.


Li Ziqi was astonished.

“Ah? Could it be that my words are wrong?”

Seeing her most intelligent eldest martial sister and the sickly invalid both revealing looks of shock, Lu Zhiruo was badly frightened. (Could it be that my deduction was wrong?)

“No, you are not wrong. I’m just astonished that you could come out with this.”

Tantai Yutang teased.


The little sunny egg laughed. Truthfully speaking, she and the sickly invalid knew that Lu Zhiruo trusted in Sun Mo unconditionally. They were doing this just to tease her.

“Although the battle skill of the ancient Battle God might be very valuable, it might not be suitable for you guys!”

Sun Mo looked at these students. “You all are still young and might have no idea what you want to pursue in the future. Hence, there’s no need to immerse yourself completely in this just because the Battlegod Catalog is a peak-level divine art.”

“Doing what you want to do and doing what you like to do is the best for you all.”

As he spoke, a golden light emitted as Priceless Advice was activated.

This was because Sun Mo was sincerely thinking for these students.

“We have benefitted from Teacher’s guidance!”

All the students of the Central Province Academy hurriedly bowed.

Regardless of whether Sun Mo’s words were correct or not, at the very least, he was sincere and thinking on behalf of them.

“Great Teacher’s grace!”

Li Ruolan was very impressed.

If someone else could clear the sixth stage and had the opportunity to obtain such a peerless cultivation art, how would they have the time to chat about life philosophy? They could definitely ignore everything and rush into the canyon right away, not exiting until they obtained the divine art.

Sun Mo was truly magnanimous.

(Sigh, what to do? My heart feels a little moved.)

(I suddenly want to add more points for you again! If you continue acting like this, I will fall in love with you!)


Favorable impression points from Li Ruolan +500. Reverence (18,870/100,000).

“Ziqi, stay behind. The others can disperse!”

Sun Mo brought the little sunny egg along and started to walk toward the stone walls as he explained the war murals to her.

An hour later, Sun Mo discovered that he had nothing much to teach her anymore.

Li Ziqi’s comprehension abilities were simply too strong.

She could understand easily with just some examples.

“I feel so much pressure when I’m with you!”

Sun Mo smiled. He was half-teasing and half-sighing ruefully. “Your intelligence is high enough to crush me.”

Li Ziqi directly knelt with a thud.

“Disciple ought to die.”

Li Ziqi then prostrated with her forehead touching the ground.

“Ah? What are you doing?” Sun Mo started. “I was just joking!”

“Disciple is terrified!”

The little sunny egg’s eyes were red. “How would I dare to compare myself with Teacher? Without Teacher’s attentive guidance, there wouldn’t be the current me!”

As the sunny egg spoke, she kowtowed and directly contributed 1,000 favorable impression points.

“I understand, get up first!”

Sun Mo helped his eldest student up and silently reflected. (In the Nine Provinces, the occupation of teachers is truly as high as the heavens!)

He felt it to be just a joke, yet it caused his students to feel fear and panic.

“Alright, let us go to the next stage!”

Sun Mo then flaunted. “Let me tell you first. That place is a paradise in the mortal world.”

He could also give that old fisherman and the bun-hair guy a surprise. (Are you guys shocked that I didn’t die?)

Seeing Li Ziqi following Sun Mo into the other part of the canyon, Lu Zhiruo had a face filled with envy. “Eldest martial sister is so intelligent!”

“Sickly invalid, aren’t you very proud of your unparalleled intelligence? Why doesn’t Teacher teach you?”

Qin Yaoguang was curious.

“I’m a wise general (zhijiang), alright?”

Tantai Yutang rolled his eyes. He had somewhat guessed that the crux of clearing the stage should have something to do with spirit runes. This was why he didn’t feel Sun Mo was biased toward Li Ziqi.

“I think you are a retard (zhizhang)!”

Qin Yaoguang’s lips twitched. “For such a secret, are you not going to take the initiative to learn it?”

“It doesn’t matter!”

Tantai Yutang shrugged. “In any case, I’m only keen to learn medical arts.”

“Did you forget to mention about poison study?”

Jiang Leng suddenly interjected, causing the sickly invalid to be startled.

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