Absolute Great Teacher
784 Great Teacher Sun, I Want to Take You On as My Teacher. Are You Still Accepting Disciples?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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784 Great Teacher Sun, I Want to Take You On as My Teacher. Are You Still Accepting Disciples?


In the sixth part of the canyon, ethereal white mist permeated the atmosphere, resembling strands of celestial qi.

“It should have ended, right?”

The fisherman shook his pole and caught a wild fruit from a tree, dragging it over. He then casually grabbed and bit down on it.

At their cultivation realms, absorbing nutrients from food was a very rare thing. At most, they were only satisfying their palate. The energy that they used for their cultivation was fully dependent on absorbing spirit qi.

Why would those places with dense spirit qi always have buildings like immortal palaces and manors? This was precisely the reason why.

“It should be about time!”

Sun Ming sighed. He was a good person, hence, he felt that since Sun Mo could enter here, Sun Mo must be an outstanding great teacher. If he died under Yue Changdao’s broadsword, it would be a pity.

(I should have stopped it.)

Sun Ming felt vexed.

And at this moment, a figure walked out of the mist.


The old fisherman was shocked. (Why is it Sun Mo? Where’s Yue Changdao? Did he fail?)

However, while he was still shocked, another slender finger followed behind Sun Mo and entered the area.


The fisherman almost crushed his fishing pole due to the overwhelming shock he felt.

Sun Ming also frowned. Who was this young girl?

“Student Li Ziqi pays respect to the two experts.”

Li Ziqi was very obedient. She directly greeted them politely even without needing Sun Mo to instruct her.

Those who could enter this part of the canyon were all intelligent and capable people. There was no mistake in being more polite.

“There’s no need to be so courteous!”

Sun Ming nodded.

“This doll is so obedient!”

The fisherman praised. After that, he looked at Sun Mo. “She is...?”

“She is my student.”

Sun Mo smiled. “Seniors, you guys have to take good care of her!”


The fisherman was dumbstruck. He had seen her following behind Sun Mo obediently, so he had guessed this might be the answer.

But when he heard Sun Mo personally saying it, he was still shocked.

(Why would a student of yours be here?)

(Were the murals in the first five stages graffiti drawn by little kids? Could they casually be solved by everyone?)

Honestly speaking, upon realizing how young Sun Ming and Sun Mo were, the fisherman’s expression didn’t change, but he felt envy in his heart.

He could only sigh at how the new was constantly replacing the old.

And now, a little girl who was about 11 or 12 years old had entered...(What the f*** is going on?)

The heart state of the fisherman was crumbling.

“The two of you don’t need to be shocked. The reason I could enter here isn’t because I have any outstanding talent. It’s because my teacher told me the true meaning of the previous stages.”

Li Ziqi didn’t dare to claim the credit.

“Huh? Can that even be told?”

The fisherman scratched his head. “Little doll, don’t lie to me!”

The first two stages were still alright, but for the third to fifth stages, they would require one’s comprehension. This was because everything each cultivator saw should be different. Even if one told another person about what they had comprehended, it would be useless.

During this era, who wouldn’t have friends or family? The old fisherman had also told his comprehension of the earlier stages to them, but not a single one managed to come in.

He even had a nephew who felt that he understood it. In the end, that nephew was killed by sword qi because he was mistaken about his comprehension.

“I would never lie!”

Li Ziqi frowned.

“Sun Ming, do you think such a thing could be accomplished?”

The fisherman turned his head and asked.


Sun Ming fell silent. He was a very cautious man. Although he felt that it was impossible, other than this, was there any other explanation?

Or maybe, Sun Mo had found the most fundamental secret of the Battlegod Canyon?

One couldn’t help but say that as a past #1 ranker on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings, Sun Ming’s brains were very good and he directly thought of the reason. It was just that he couldn’t think too deeply about this because using spirit runes to draw the murals of the Battlegod Canyon was something no one could think about.

One must know that the Battlegod Canyon recorded the strongest ultimate art – the Battlegod Catalog. Hence, everyone subconsciously felt that the Battle God was the strongest fighter in the Nine Provinces.

If someone suddenly told you that the ancient Battle God was a great spirit rune ancestor who had created a whole new language, would you believe it?

“I won’t disturb the two of you from your comprehension.”

Sun Mo clasped his fists. After that, he brought Li Ziqi along as he strolled idly around the canyon.

After ten years, Sun Ming had thought that he had tempered his perseverance and could retain composure, not feeling sorrow or happiness, but he had lost his cool. He had no way to meditate and kept subconsciously glancing at Sun Mo.

There was no doubt Li Ziqi was a genius, but what was more impressive was clearly this great teacher from the Central Province Academy.

“Could he be the personal student of Headmaster An?”

Sun Ming hesitated. Should he take the initiative to discuss and exchange knowledge with Sun Mo?

“There would always be people with good luck!”

The fisherman sighed, finding an excuse to console himself.

And after he said this, a swooshing sound rang out as a stream of sword qi generated beside Sun Mo.

That little doll immediately slashed out with her sword.


A silver light flashed.

Her posture was still passable, but in the end...

After seeing the sword qi pass by the sword and enter back into the ground, the fisherman started and then slapped his thigh as he sighed.

(What a pity!)

(Streams of sword qi are so rare here, yet you actually missed capturing it?)

(This... What a waste!)



Li Ziqi lowered her head and explained with an ashamed look on her face, “I clearly aimed properly, but I missed the attack for some reason.”

“No problem. Try again!”

Sun Mo consoled and patted the little sunny egg on her head.

After hearing this, the lips of the fisherman curled.

(Try again? You probably don’t know how rare the streams of sword qi are, right?)

(Sometimes, you wouldn’t even see one even if you waited half a year.)

“Ai, Sun Mo truly dotes on that little doll too much!”

If he were Sun Mo, he would definitely be the one capturing the sword qi and telling his insights to his student after he had comprehended the sword qi. This was the only way to maximize the benefits.

“Sometimes, it isn’t too bad if you don’t have luck. But it would be a waste if the goddess of luck clearly favored you and you failed to grab the opportunity.”

The fisherman sighed ruefully.

After he spoke, a swooshing sound rang out as another stream of sword qi shot from a patch of wildflowers beside Sun Mo.


Li Ziqi hurriedly tried to receive it, but because she was in a fluster, she missed by an inch again.


The sword qi entered a willow tree and vanished.


The fisherman started and couldn’t help but start cursing.

“An extravagant waste of heavenly treasure!”

His voice was a little loud and caused Li Ziqi to subconsciously turn her head.

“You shouldn’t be doing this.”

The fisherman couldn’t help but persuade Sun Mo. It was too much of a waste.

“Many thanks for your concern, but I know what I’m doing.”

Sun Mo wasn’t bothered at all and brought the little sunny egg with him as he walked even further.

“Don’t let your emotions be affected by his words. Relax and pay attention. Try to capture the sword qi.”

Sun Mo guided.


The fisherman almost exploded from anger. (I was persuading you guys out of kind intentions, yet you are treating me like I’m nothing?)

(Fine, I want to see how angry you all would be while you wait for the next stream of sword qi!)

But at this moment, yet another stream of sword qi generated.

“Damn, what the hell?”

The eyes of the fisherman protruded from fury and almost fell out of their sockets.

“Don’t tell me you think that’s luck?”

Sun Ming spoke to the fisherman, “You feel this is a waste because the streams of sword qi are precious to you. But to Sun Mo, the streams of sword qi are something he can generate casually at any time.”


The fisherman took in a cold gasp of air and looked shocked. “Are you saying that Sun Mo has comprehended this stage?”

“That’s the only answer.”

Sun Ming also didn’t want to admit it, or the psychological impact would be too great. However, his rationale told him that this was indeed the case.

“I...I don’t believe it!”

The fisherman shook his head. “How long has he been here for? He hasn’t even stayed in this part of the canyon for 48 hours in total. How could he have comprehended it?”

“So, how can you explain the constantly generated sword qi?”

Sun Ming counter-asked. “He can’t possibly be the fiance of the goddess of luck, right?”

“Maybe he has found the method to generate sword qi but is still far away from comprehending this stage.”

The fisherman guessed.

If he thought like that, he would feel better. But Sun Ming directly poured a bucket of cold water on his head. “That’s already extremely impressive!”

The fisherman started. After that, he sighed. (That’s right, this is already incomparably impressive. Sun Mo is stronger than me! No, he’s much stronger!)

Next, more streams of sword qi constantly generated around Sun Mo. Li Ziqi went to capture them, but she failed most of the time because the sword qi was too fast.

After seeing this scene, the fisherman and Sun Ming were extremely shocked, feeling intense heartache and incomparably envious. They had stayed here for so many years and fought each other while putting their lives on the line to snatch the sword qi. In the end, Sun Mo was actually so relaxed and so extravagant...

“Boss Great Teacher, I wish to take you on as my teacher. Are you still accepting disciples?”

The fisherman shouted.

Naturally, his tone was filled with resentment and he merely wanted to vent. It was too embarrassing if he were to take Sun Mo as his teacher given his status.

“Senior must be joking!”

Sun Mo smiled.

“Have you comprehended this stage?”

The fisherman tried enduring but failed to do so as he asked the question out loud. After that, his heart pounded rapidly. After all, the answer that he had been seeking for over ten years was now seemingly before his eyes.

“Almost but not yet.”

Sun Mo shrugged.

After hearing this, Sun Ming’s brows immediately furrowed.

The fisherman’s lips trembled and he wanted to ask about some insights, but he was someone who wanted face. Hence, he felt embarrassed to do so. Besides, he felt that Sun Mo wouldn’t say anything either.

After all, his insight was too precious.

(Wait a minute, I seem to have forgotten something?)

After 15 minutes, the fisherman suddenly recalled what he wanted to say. He then asked in shock, “Where is Yue Changdao? Why isn’t he here? Did you guys make peace with each other?”


Sun Mo’s words were concise and comprehensive.

“Huh? Dead?”

The fisherman was dumbfounded. “Who killed him?”

“It can be considered that I was the one who killed him. In any case, if Yue Ba wants to take revenge for his personal disciple, he can come and look for me. There won’t be any mistakes.”

Sun Mo wasn’t simply making an empty boast. He truly thought like that.

“You are impressive!”

The fisherman flashed a thumbs-up. “He is known as the Tyrant Blade whose name resounds throughout the Nine Provinces.”

Sun Ming looked at the composed Sun Mo and suddenly laughed. (That’s correct. This is then a great teacher’s bearing. For those who can walk until here, if they don’t even have this bit of courage, can they still be considered a great teacher?)

“I’m Sun Ming from the Black-White Academy. Might I be so impudent to ask you for your name and origins?”

Sun Ming asked.

This indicated that he admired and approved of Sun Mo.


Favorable impression points from Sun Ming +200. Friendly (200/1,000).

“Sun Mo, Sun Mo from Jinling!”

Sun Mo hadn’t expected that Sun Ming didn’t admire him when he comprehended the sword qi but did so after Sun Mo had shown his courage.

This person could be considered an unconventional person!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》