Absolute Great Teacher
785 Sorry, You Don’t Even Have the Qualifications to Be a Stepping Stone.
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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785 Sorry, You Don’t Even Have the Qualifications to Be a Stepping Stone.

Chapter 785: Sorry, You Don’t Even Have the Qualifications to Be a Stepping Stone.

Fu Yanqing was currently guiding students. He couldn’t help but be astonished when he suddenly saw Bai Hao appearing at the campsite.

“Little Bai, what’s the matter?”

Fu Yanqing knew that Bai Hao’s personality was one that was eager-to-excel. When encountering difficulties, he would face them directly and would never admit defeat. But today, why was his expression so gloomy?

Bai Hao didn’t seem to have heard it and directly returned to his tent.

Fu Yanqing’s expression was heavy. Something major must have happened and there was an 80 to 90% chance that it had something to do with Sun Mo.

After all, the thing Bai Hao was worried about the most was clearing the stage.

Fu Yanqing was always very patient when treating geniuses of the junior generation. He planned to first understand the situation before he headed over to console Bai Hao. In the end, he saw Miao Mu rushing in with excitement.

“Something major happened in the canyon!”

Miao Mu was very excited. “Sun Mo got people to kill Yue Changdao.”

“Yue Changdao? Who is that?”

“This name is so crude. He doesn’t sound strong at all!”

“Names are given by parents. What can he do?”

Everyone started discussing with calm expressions. (God Hands killing someone? What’s there to be shocked about?)

“Yue Changdao is a personal disciple of the Tyrant Blade!”

Miao Mu revealed. Those who knew the name of the Tyrant Blade immediately exclaimed in shock.

“Yue Ba? Is it that Tyrant Blade?”

Miao Mu nodded. “However, that’s not the most important thing. The most impressive thing is that Sun Mo directly revealed the true meaning of the fifth stage to those major characters who helped him.”


“F***, is Sun Mo so generous?”

“How extravagant!”

The great teachers here wailed. (That was such a precious secret yet, you casually revealed it just like that? What expressions do you want those people who were stuck comprehending that for tens of years to make?)

All of a sudden, everyone turned their heads and secretly glanced at Fu Yanqing.

“Why are you guys looking at me? Quickly go and teach the students!”

Fu Yanqing berated. He originally planned to encourage Bai Hao, but after he took a few steps forward, he couldn’t help but turn his head.

“Little Miao, has Sun Mo entered the canyon?”

“Not only so, but he even brought one of his students with him.”

Miao Mu hurriedly reported.

“What? Brought one of his students in with him? That’s impossible!”

Fu Yanqing frowned. (For the fifth stage, one should only be able to pass after they killed a certain number of soldiers, right? Could there be other secrets?)

This puzzlement caused Fu Yanqing to have an unbearable itch in his heart. He waved his hands and signaled for Miao Mu to leave. After that, he entered Bai Hao’s tent.

“Little Bai, the path of life is still long. Even if you lost a round, it doesn’t mean that you would lose forever.”

Priceless Advice was activated. Golden light illuminated the area, seeping into Bai Hao’s heart.

“However, this is the most important round in my life.”

Bai Hao had a self-mocking smile. “What’s even more laughable is that I treat Sun Mo as my opponent, but he doesn’t even give a damn about me.”

Fu Yanqing fell silent. He mentally mused that Sun Mo might not even have him in his heart.

“What a failure!”

Bai Hao was dispirited. He came this time around because he had planned to comprehend some Battlegod murals and try his best to go as deep as he could. Maybe if his results were extraordinary, he might be able to become the first ranker on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings. In the end, he was crushed completely.

“You don’t have to feel disheartened. Sun Mo might have discovered the true secret of the Battlegod Canyon. He didn’t clear the stages based on intellect and directly knew the answer.”

Fu Yanqing guessed.

“How is this possible?”

Bai Hao was shocked.

“For the fifth part of the canyon, one has to kill soldiers to pass. However, both him and his student didn’t do so. What do you think?”

Fu Yanqing didn’t tell Bai Hao the knack to clear the stage wasn’t because he wanted to hold back the knowledge. Rather, he wanted Bai Hao to comprehend it for himself and to temper his mental ability. But now, there was no need for that anymore.

“Sun Mo used a shortcut. You don’t have to feel disappointed.”

Fu Yanqing stood up. “I will go now and dig out his secret.”

After seeing Fu Yanqing leaving, Bai Hao’s expression still didn’t change for the better.


Since he could find it, that was also considered a form of his capabilities.


Li Ruolan stood at the entrance of the canyon, and there were a few times when she felt the impulse to rush in. However, she endured it because she knew she would die.

“Sigh, it feels so unbearable to be unable to capture the scene of Sun Mo clearing the stage!”

Li Ruolan felt depressed. After that, she discovered that Fu Yanqing was here. When she was about to head over to interview him, she saw Fu Yanqing already entering the mist.

Actually, Fu Yanqing was very impressive as well. If it wasn’t for Sun Mo, Fu Yanqing would be the most dazzling great teacher in the Battlegod Canyon. Sadly, Fu Yanqing could only be a stepping stone this time.

As for Bai Hao?

(Sorry, you are not even qualified to be a stepping stone.)


Sun Ming and the fisherman were both acquainted with Fu Yanqing. After all, only a few people had successfully entered the sixth part of the canyon. After they saw him, they immediately greeted him.

“Didn’t you say before that this is a waste of time? Why? Do you suddenly feel interested now?”

The fisherman ridiculed him.

“I brought my students to the Battlegod Canyon to temper themselves. That’s why I decided to come in and take a look, or I would also be out there idling my time away.”

Fu Yanqing had an unyielding mouth, yet his gaze swept through the canyon rapidly, wanting to search for Sun Mo’s figure.

“Are you familiar with that Sun Mo”

The fisherman was curious.


Fu Yanqing shook his head. “However, he is currently in the limelight.”

“That should be the case. Honestly speaking, even someone like me feels the impulse to take him on as my teacher. You didn’t see it, but he just casually walked around and there would be streams of sword qi generating around him.”

The fisherman revealed this fact and Fu Yanqing’s expression grew heavy.

“How can that be possible?”

Because he knew what the streams of sword qi represented, he naturally knew how precious they were.

“You should go and ask Great Teacher Sun!”

The fisherman chortled. “Back then I thought I was dreaming!”


Sun Ming nodded.

Fu Yanqing fell silent. He originally still felt reserved and wanted to secretly look for Sun Mo. However, right now, even when he was openly searching for Sun Mo, he didn’t discover anything.

“Where is he?”

Fu Qingyan calmed himself down and focused, raising his six senses to the limits, but he still couldn’t find anything.

“Try to search more attentively. Sun Mo brought his student to tour the place.”

The fisherman fell into a daze from boredom and didn’t even have the mood to fish anymore. As for watching Li Ziqi trying to capture a stream of sword qi?

(Am I so bored?)

(Seeing how often she fails will anger me to death instead!)

(Ai! How good would it be if all the streams of sword qi were given to me!)

Fu Yanqing hurriedly circled the area, but he didn’t see anyone. “Did he leave?”

“You didn’t manage to find him?”

Sun Ming was also not calm anymore.

“They just entered not long ago. Even if they didn’t manage to comprehend anything, basking in the dense spirit qi is also very comfortable. Why would they go out?”

As the fisherman spoke, he glanced at the mist-filled area leading to the seventh part of the canyon.

“C...could they h...have entered there?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Fu Yanqing frowned and scolded. However, his limbs were trembling slightly.

This was the thing he wanted and didn’t want to hear the most.

“They should have entered!”

Sun Ming’s expression was solemn. He rose to his feet and walked toward the mist.

The fisherman wasn’t reserved enough and directly rushed over with extreme speed. After that, he peered at the ground closely, looking for clues.

15 minutes later.

“My heavens, they really went in.”

The fisherman exclaimed in shock because he saw two sets of footprints walking into the mist.

“Is there any commotion?”

Fu Yanqing asked.

He meant that if the attacking sword qi was activated, Sun Mo would die. But if there was nothing...

Sun Ming and the fisherman didn’t speak. They just subconsciously shook their heads.

After that, a short period of peace and silence appeared in the canyon. A few minutes later, the fisherman suddenly lifted his hand and harshly slapped his own face.

“Why was I in a daze? I actually missed the most important thing.”

The fisherman was so vexed that he wanted to bang his head against the wall. Even if Sun Mo didn’t want to tell them the true meaning, it would be of great help to him if he could watch Sun Mo’s comprehension progress.

What a pity!

(Why the hell did I have to act reserved? Wouldn’t it be good if I came in earlier?)

Fu Yanqing was also feeling regret.

Sun Ming stared at the mist-filled area, feeling complicated in his heart. After that, he subconsciously lifted his feet and wanted to walk into it.

“Teacher Sun!”

Fu Yanqing was badly frightened and hurriedly held him back. “Don’t you want your life anymore?”


Sun Ming bitterly smiled. (If my life can be used to exchange for the secret of clearing this stage, I will definitely exchange it.)

“Who the hell is this Sun Mo exactly?”

The fisherman exclaimed in shock. “Is he a personal student of a secondary saint?”

Fu Yanqing rolled his eyes. (Who should I ask if you asked me? Right now I’m even suspecting that the information Miao Mu told me was fake.)

(How can a student who graduated from a rubbish school, who doesn’t even have a personal teacher, be so impressive to such an extent?)

(I don’t care if you believe it or not, but I don’t believe it.)

“No matter how he was in the past, from today onward, he will become world-famous!”

After the fisherman spoke, he felt his descriptive term wasn’t sufficient and he added, “Extremely world-famous!”


The Battlegod Canyon had existed for tens of thousands of years, and the number of people who could ultimately enter the seventh part of the canyon, in addition to those who were already dead, was so few that they could be counted on one’s fingers.

Sun Mo not only entered himself, but he even brought a personal student with him!

If news of this circulated out, it would surely shake the entire cultivation world.

“Could it be that the Battlegod Catalog is about to appear in the world?”

Sun Ming mused.

“You are thinking too much. The seventh stage of the canyon is probably even more difficult!”

Fu Yanqing completely shouted his most instinctive rebuttal.

After that, the three of them no longer spoke. They stood before the mist and were like immovable statues.


Earlier today...

Before the mist, Sun Mo asked, “Do you understand it now?”


Li Ziqi nodded. “For this stage, even if we capture those streams of sword qi and comprehend the experience and will within, it isn’t the method to clear the stage as they are only rewards given by the Battle God.

“If one wants to pass, they have to understand the study of spirit runes and use that as a foundation to decipher the runes within the murals!

“The key to clear the stage can only be found within the spirit runes.”

After hearing the little sunny egg’s discourse, Sun Mo nodded in gratification.

“What a good kid!”

Sun Mo patted the little sunny egg’s head.

“Isn’t this Battle God a little too prankful?”

Li Ziqi was speechless. She secretly turned her head and observed Sun Ming and the fisherman as she lowered her voice. “If they knew that they won’t be able to clear this stage forever if they don’t understand the study of spirit runes, wouldn’t they be infuriated to death?”

“I think so!”

If he were in their shoes, Sun Mo would definitely die from anger.

It was like running a marathon, but when you were about to complete it, the judges told you that the method to become the champion was to master a foreign language.

Who could bear it?

“Maybe this is the Battle God’s pride?”

Li Ziqi guessed. “In the Battle God’s eyes, only someone like him who can understand the language of spirit runes is worthy of obtaining the Battlegod Catalog. Or in other words, maybe the Battlegod Catalog is written using the spirit rune language?”

The little sunny egg grew agitated. Maybe her teacher might really be able to obtain this divine art.

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