Absolute Great Teacher
786 The Last Stage, a Life-and-Death Situation!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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786 The Last Stage, a Life-and-Death Situation!


Sun Mo didn’t really feel excited about whether or not he could obtain the Battlegod Catalog. Because up until now, his harvests were already extremely great.

Firstly, it was his fame.

As someone who had entered the sixth part of the canyon within half a month, it was impossible even if Sun Mo didn’t want to be famous. There would surely be many people willing to pay a high price in exchange for some experience.

As long as Sun Mo was willing to, he would definitely be able to fatten his wealth up to the point where he didn’t need to worry about his life.

Secondly, he had gained improvement in his study of spirit runes.

Deciphering these murals allowed Sun Mo to get to know spirit runes from a brand new angle.

Before coming to the canyon, he felt that spirit runes were diagrams that used spirit qi and were akin to totems and amulets. But now, he discovered that spirit runes should be a type of language.

Spirit rune was just a collective term and had many different ways and forms to be expressed.

For example 1 and 0 could be constructed into a binary system, and it would be a brand new language.

Why could Sun Mo decipher the murals here so quickly?

Other than his own expertise in the study of spirit runes and the fact his talent was really exceptional, the murals from the first stage up until now had been introducing this ‘language’ to him, starting from the elementary stage to the proficient stage.

One could say that Sun Mo had learned this language.

“Sadly, I think that other than Ziqi, there’s no one else in this world who can converse with me using this language.”

Sun Mo had a self-mocking smile. Luckily, the amount of time he had spent here wasn’t long, or it would be a waste of time on worthless activities.

It was like working hard for three years to learn a language that not many people used.

“Actually, we can obtain many things from this part of the canyon.”

Li Ziqi sighed ruefully.

She already knew the secret of the sixth part of the canyon. Although there were no murals on the stone walls, spirit runes existed everywhere.

The flowers, the stalks of grass, the mountains, the water...all of them were patterns of spirit runes.

One could say that the entire part of the canyon was filled with many extremely complex spirit runes revolving in cycles.

These spirit runes contained the streams of sword qi that the Battle God had attentively slashed out. Comprehending the streams of sword qi was equal to the Battle God teaching you various moves, allowing you to have huge gains.

These spirit runes were slowly absorbing the spirit qi in the canyon.

When the spirit qi was fully filled, the saturated spirit runes would be activated and send out a stream of sword qi. After that, they would restart the cycle of absorbing spirit qi again.

Sun Mo could cause sword qi to generate wherever he went because he took the initiative to inject spirit qi into the spirit runes, hastening the natural activation process.

“Let’s go!”

Sun Mo took the lead and moved toward the depths of the canyon.


Li Ziqi obediently followed behind.

Failure in comprehending?

Killed by the sword qi in the mist?

There’s no such thing!

Right now, Sun Mo could even make the whole restrictions in the Battlegod Canyon stop. After all, after he understood the theory, everything became simple.

“The sixth part of the canyon is like a paradise. I wonder what the seventh part of the canyon would look like?”

The little sunny egg felt a little yearning because she wanted to see a gorgeous and more magical world. But the instant she stepped out of the mist, she was stunned.

“This is?”

Li Ziqi was at a loss.

Sun Mo didn’t answer and was staring ahead.

They appeared in a square-shaped room. The length was about 10 meters and the walls were pure white.

White, which was supposed to be a pure and clean color, actually gave off a sense of terror in this completely silent atmosphere and when everything was completely white.


The little sunny egg subconsciously took a few steps back and pulled on Sun Mo’s sleeves.

Her voice wasn’t loud, but the echo created was exceptionally resounding. It was even a little horrifying.

“What does this mean?”

Sun Mo frowned. Luckily, he didn’t have claustrophobia or he would be frightened to death. However, the little sunny egg couldn’t take it anymore. Her breathing was clearly hurried and brief; her heartbeat had also quickened.

“Let’s leave first!”

Sun Mo held on to Li Ziqi and retreated into the mist. After tens of seconds later, when they walked out, the two of them were stunned.

Because they were still in the room.


Sun Mo frowned so severely that his brows were furrowed into a ‘山’ shape.


Li Ziqi felt somewhat fearful. Just when she wanted to clutch Sun Mo’s sleeves tightly, a large hand held her and a feeling of warmth flowed over.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Sun Mo consoled and hugged the little sunny egg’s shoulder.


Li Ziqi blamed herself very much. (This place clearly has no danger, but why do I feel so uncomfortable and even lose my calm in front of Teacher?)

“Don’t blame yourself. This is an innate psychological effect and has nothing to do with your character.”

Sun Mo rubbed the little sunny egg’s head and had a carefree and relaxed expression. However, his inner heart was extremely heavy.

Could it be that they wouldn’t be able to leave this place unless they cleared this stage?

Didn’t that mean that they would die here for sure?

After all, there was no food nor drink here. Who could endure it?

“I roughly should be able to persist for seven to eight days, but there’s no way for Ziqi to do the same.”

Sun Mo felt some regret. Other than the fact that he didn’t bring supplies in, he had also easily brought Li Ziqi in without inspecting this stage first.


(My ego must be swelling.)

Honestly speaking, Sun Mo did have the intention to boast a little, wanting to get Fu Yanqing and that fisherman to see that not only could he enter, but his personal student could do so as well.

In the end, it was a tragedy.

Hence, one shouldn’t be egoistical, or they would surely be hammered.

Sun Mo didn’t dare to delay. He hugged the little sunny egg and started to comprehend the secret of this stage.


Night arrived. The atmosphere of the Westshore campsite was lifeless and spiritless.

When Miao Mu saw this atmosphere, his face grew heavy. “We have to think of a solution to boost our morale. This isn’t the style of our Westshore Military School.”

The Westshore Military School might lose in a match, but they wouldn’t lose their bearing. Even if they died, their morale also shouldn’t weaken.

“How to encourage them?”

The other great teachers were bored to death.

Bai Hao became ‘autistic’ from Sun Mo’s impact and kept hiding in his tent, refusing to come out. Fu Yanqing had entered the canyon. Although everyone didn’t mention it, they all understood in their hearts that Fu Yanqing went there to watch Sun Mo comprehend the true meaning of the stages.

A 6-star great teacher having to watch a 2-star great teacher as an example. This by itself was already a very face-smacking matter.

“Maybe Great Teacher Fu went to figure out Sun Mo’s extent of comprehension? He probably wants to use competition and rewards to spur our students’ zeal.”

Miao Mu suggested.

“Is there any meaning to do so?”

A great teacher smiled bitterly. “The students are currently comprehending the true meaning of the Battlegod Canyon, but they rely primarily on Sun Mo’s explanation instead of their own capabilities.”

Honestly speaking, let alone the students. Even the teachers were psychologically impacted.

Sun Mo was truly terrifyingly strong.

“Say... could Sun Mo clear all the stages and obtain the Battlegod Catalog?”

“I don’t know whether he can obtain it or not, but I know he will be super famous for sure.”

“I really envy those students of Sun Mo. They are so young and could already comprehend the true meaning of so many stages, tempering themselves in the deeper parts of the canyon and broadening their horizons. Back then, if I had such a good teacher, my improvement would surely be even greater.”

The teachers chatted and their conversation topic diverged. Their tone was filled with envy.

Miao Mu was helpless. He then gave up and decided to join the discussion. “I heard that after someone comprehended the Battlegod Catalog, the murals in the canyon would vanish? I wonder if this is true or false?”

This sentence directly caused everyone to fall silent.

Several people immediately felt a sense of urgency as though they would lose some valuable things soon. But despite wanting to work hard, they couldn’t do anything. After all, something like comprehension wasn’t the same as shifting stones or mining gems where you would have some harvests as long as you were willing to work.

“Do you even know how to chat?”

Someone was speechless.

Hence, the atmosphere in the campsite grew even more depressing.


“Sun Mo, the troubles you are making grow greater and greater. You even dare to kill the Tyrant Blade’s personal student.”

He Wei sat before his desk and was writing a letter.

Reporting the important things that happened here was his job.

“But compared to killing people, Sun Mo entering the sixth part of the canyon is the important thing.”

He Wei felt that Sun Mo would be fine even if Yue Changdao died. As long as he was willing to use the true meaning of the murals as a stake, some major characters would be willing to help him fend off the Tyrant Blade’s anger.

“As the saying goes, the talent of great teachers is their capital to walk unhindered through Nine Provinces. So what if Sun Mo killed your personal disciple? If Sun Mo really comprehended the Battlegod Catalog, you wouldn’t dare to grunt even if he killed your entire clan.”

He Wei sighed ruefully. He was fantasizing. If he was in Sun Mo’s shoes, he would definitely be respectfully invited by the saint gate’s vice leader, right?

(Wait a minute. If I have comprehended the Battlegod Catalog, what’s the point of me being transferred back?)

(I would surely find a good location to cultivate this divine art and become a grandmaster!)

After finishing the letter, He Wei handed it to his assistant and got him to arrange someone to send it. After that, he entered the canyon himself. The opportunity was rare, so he had to work hard too.

Sun Mo was like the eastern wind. Since he had revealed the true meaning of some stages, He Wei naturally had to grab this chance to comprehend some murals.


During that night, when Sun Mo and Li Ziqi didn’t return, Gu Xiuxun felt that something might have happened to them. And when the second morning came and she still didn’t see Sun Mo, the masochist’s countenance immediately turned extremely heavy.

“I have to inform sis An.”

Gu Xiuxun didn’t even have the mood to eat breakfast. “Something must have happened to Sun Mo.”

“Don’t be anxious. The murals there should be incomparably profound and cause Sun Mo to forget the time.”

Jin Mujie tried to calm the masochist down.

“It has only been a day. If I was the one in Sun Mo’s shoes, I definitely would choose to stay there for ten days or half a month before I returned.”

Speaking of which, for someone like Sun Mo who had comprehended and cleared stages after stages rapidly, this was truly a unique exception.

“That’s impossible. Given Sun Mo’s personality, he wouldn’t immerse in them so quickly. Even if he wanted to continue comprehending them, he would either come out himself or send Li Ziqi out to tell us.”

The masochist felt that something must have happened. Hence, she stood up. “I’m going to ask the Westshore Military School to see if they have any news.”

Right now, only Fu Yanqing had the qualifications to enter the sixth part of the canyon. He was the only one who could find out something.

“I’ll go with you!”

Mei Ziyu was also worried. Sun Mo was so gentle and meticulous with his thoughts. He definitely wouldn’t do something like this that would make everyone worried.

The two girls then headed to the Westshore campsite, but the answer they obtained was that Fu Yanqing hadn’t returned yet.

“I feel that something must have happened to Teacher.”

Lu Zhiruo also felt something bad had happened, but she was helpless. No matter how anxious she was, she wasn’t able to enter the canyon.

Gu Xiuxun arranged for some students to keep watch at the canyon’s entrance, and once they saw Fu Yanqing, they were to immediately report this. After that, she anxiously waited and only received news that Fu Yanqing exited two days later.

“What is Teacher Sun doing? I have no idea.”

Fu Yanqing replied after he learned why Mei Ziyu and Gu Xiuxun had come.

“Teacher Fu...”

Mei Ziyu squeezed a smile onto her face.

Gu Xiuxun had no background. If she came alone, she would definitely not be able to get any answers. However, Mei Ziyu was different. Her mother, a 6-star great teacher, was the greatest thing she could rely on.

“I really have no idea!”

Fu Yanqing helplessly smiled. “Teacher Sun has entered the seventh part of the canyon.”


After Fu Yanqing said this, the entire Westshore campsite instantly fell silent. The teachers and students, who were currently eating, inclined their heads in astonishment and looked at Fu Yanqing. They were so shocked that they forgot to swallow their food.

(Are you kidding? How many days has it only been?)

Sun Mo has( already entered the seventh part of the canyon?)

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