Absolute Great Teacher
788 Favorable Impression Points from the Ancient Battle God +10,086
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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788 Favorable Impression Points from the Ancient Battle God +10,086


Currently, there were many punishments that had no direct harm to the body but would damage one’s mind and spirit greatly. An example was imprisonment.

After a long time had passed, the person might really go crazy.

Sun Mo felt that his will was strong enough, but when the ninth day arrived, he felt so disgusted that he wanted to vomit when he looked at the six white-colored walls surrounding him.

He had an intense feeling that he wanted to blast the walls into pieces and rush out.

Sun Mo also tried it before, but despite him using his strongest ultimate skill on the walls, he didn’t even leave a scar behind.

“Would I really die here?”

Sun Mo sat on the ground and hugged his knees. He stared blankly at the ceiling. “I haven’t married yet. No, I don’t even have a girlfriend. I’ve not tried kissing, holding hands, going out to play, etc... My life is truly extremely miserable!

“Also, as for my dreams...wait a minute, when did I start to feel worried about getting loans and buying a house? Since I felt that I was a ‘garlic chive’?”

As time continued to flow, Sun Mo who was completely clueless started to grow somewhat flustered and exasperated, even feeling annoyed and dispirited. In fact, he gave up on everything and simply lay on the ground in a daze.

Sun Mo wasn’t a saint. He would grow angry when he encountered a difficult problem during an examination or when he saw students who simply refused to learn no matter how you taught them.


A weak voice lightly called out, causing Sun Mo’s fatigued mind and spirit to stir.

“You are awake?”

Sun Mo hurried over to Li Ziqi’s side and inspected her body. After that, he discovered that her temperature was a little high.

(Oh no, she’s having a fever!)

Sun Mo didn’t even think about it and directly took out his dagger, preparing to slice his wrist.

“Teacher, don’t!”

Li Ziqi used all her strength to tug at Sun Mo’s hands. Her eyes were filled with pleading as she looked at him. “If you continue to lose blood, the two of us will both die here. This isn’t an intelligent method.”

“If you die here, what’s the point even if I get out alive alone?”

Sun Mo rejected. Let alone the fact that the little sunny egg was his student, even if she was just a little girl who had nothing to do with him, Sun Mo wouldn’t give up on her.

“Come, be obedient!”

Sun Mo persuaded.

“Teacher, I’m not telling you to give up on me. I’m saying that by losing blood, you will feel giddy and be befuddled. You won’t be able to concentrate. How should you comprehend the murals if you are in such a state?”

Li Ziqi looked into Sun Mo’s eyes with a serious expression. “My teacher is the best. I believed if he did his utmost, he would be able to comprehend the true meaning of this stage in at most three days.”

Seeing the sincere look in the eyes of Li Ziqi that were filled with worship, as well as her voice that was filled with pride when talking about him, Sun Mo’s heart felt encouraged again.

“Teacher, I’ve always thought of you as my glory. I hope that this time around, you will not disappoint me.”

Li Ziqi smiled. Her smile was like a blooming lily, pure, radiant, fragrant, and beautiful.

“That’s for sure!”

Sun Mo clenched his fists tightly.

In the past when he was playing online games, when he failed to solo a BOSS, or lost a PK, or even couldn’t get a perfect clear for a stage, he might feel discouraged and quit the game.

However, one couldn’t give up on life!

“Hehe, I know that my teacher is the greatest!”

The little sunny egg smiled and stretched out a tiny fist, knocking it with Sun Mo’s. “I’m cheering for you!”

(With a sweet young girl cheering for me, is there a reason to not work hard?)

(Cheering for me?)

(Isn’t this just a mere Battlegod Catalog?! After comprehending it, I will spread the news to the entire world and let you, a damnable Battle God, swindle more people with this room!)

Sun Mo’s will to fight ignited once again.

Seeing Sun Mo racking his brains, Li Ziqi leaned against the wall. Her weak face revealed a blessed smile.

“Three days... I should die by then, right? Teacher, at that time, please don’t be polite and feel free to drink my blood so you can continue persisting. You will obtain the Battlegod Catalog and have your name spread around the world, becoming the most dazzling great teacher in the Nine Provinces.”

When she thought of this, Li Ziqi’s tears suddenly flowed like the rain.

(Sadly, I won’t be able to see that day. What a pity!)

(I really feel so reluctant! Teacher, I really wish to accompany you to the peak of life!)

Li Ziqi was afraid that Sun Mo might lose self-control when he looked at how weak she was. Hence, she hurriedly lowered her head and quickly wiped away her tears. When she lifted her face again, there was already a smile on it.

(Yes, I have to leave my last smile to Teacher.)


“What exactly should I do? The Battlegod Canyon should be a place with murals, no, spirit runes, at its core. The crux of comprehension lies in deciphering spirit runes.”

Sun Mo restarted his thinking process.

In this bizarre room, he had tried all sorts of methods but had no way to activate the spirit runes here, assuming there were any. He had also thought on the premises that the spirit runes might be in the form of other things. But in this room, other than the white walls, there was nothing else.

“Damn, I really felt like cursing at this Battle God!”

Sun Mo suddenly started missing his keyboard. With it, he could scold a group of people on a forum so badly until their heads bleed amidst that click-clacking typing sound.


(Damnable Battle God, come out if you are capable! I guarantee I definitely won’t curse you to death. How annoying!)


Sun Mo’s fist slammed into the wall.

Because he had used too much force, his skin cracked and fresh blood flowed, dyeing the pure-white wall red.

Sun Mo was unhappy. This feeling was like he had a bellyful of anger, and when he was prepared to vent, he discovered that the other party had gone offline. He had no target to scold...


(Wait a minute. The other party isn’t around, so that means I can continue scolding.)

Sun Mo inclined his head and stared at the wall.

(Let’s treat this as a whiteboard. But how do I communicate? If I write vulgarities, the Battle God probably won’t understand, right?)

Sun Mo suddenly thought of the spirit rune language he had just learned. (Oh right, I can translate vulgarities into the spirit rune language and write it.)

(Not bad, let me use a common insult first. Wait, I don’t have ink! Nevermind... I will use my blood.)

Very soon, a diagram appeared on the wall. It looked like the nonsense doodling of a child, and Sun Mo couldn’t help but scold.


Cursing at people via a diagram sucked. It diminished the charm and essence of cursing, and it wasn’t enough to sufficiently express his anger.

Sun Mo turned around and went to the little sunny egg to let her drink some of his blood.

But at this moment, Li Ziqi actually cried out in shock.

“Teacher, look quickly!”

Sun Mo turned his head and stared in the direction the little sunny egg was pointing. He then saw a few diagrams slowly appearing on the wall.


Sun Mo had a dumbfounded look on his face. Earlier, he had tried all sorts of methods and didn’t see any spirit rune diagrams. But now, he just cursed and response immediately appeared?

(Wait a minute, something is wrong! Scolding someone isn’t the answer. Quickly think! What’s the difference between what I did in the past and present?)

(Where is the crux?)

Sun Mo paced around while pinching his glabella as he racked his brains.

Upon seeing this scene, Li Ziqi didn’t dare to speak. She originally wanted to cast Gushing Thoughts to help Sun Mo, but she was worried she might break his train of thoughts and stir up trouble instead.

“We must interact. Yes, I treated the wall as a forum so I could scold the Battle God. This is an interaction. Correct, we have to use the spirit rune language to interact with the Battle God.”

Sun Mo suddenly felt wild joy in his heart. He stared at the white walls and suddenly understood. “So the secret of this stage is interaction!”


When Li Ziqi heard this, her gaze trembled. “Using spirit runes to interact with the Battle God?”

“That’s right!”

Sun Mo praised. His eldest student was truly intelligent and understood what he was talking about with just a hint.

“But the Battle God shattered the void several tens of thousands of years ago and left for another world, right?

Li Ziqi’s beautiful brows furrowed.

“Don’t care about that, let’s just try it out!”

Sun Mo shrugged.

Just like people of this world definitely wouldn’t understand things like computers and games, Sun Mo also had no way to understand how the ancient Battle God had created the Battlegod Canyon and even made this way of interaction possible.

This was considered a higher-level knowledge system.

When Sun Mo translated the meaning of the spirit rune diagrams, he felt a little stunned and embarrassed because the content was...

“Hello, person of a later era. I guess you should be scolding me, right?”

Sun Mo hurriedly translated what he wanted to say into spirit runes and drew them on the wall.

“Nope. Senior Battle God, I wish to know the method to leave.”

This process of drawing the spirit runes already took 15 minutes.

There was no solution as he only had an initial mastery of this spirit rune language and had to do his best to avoid bad expressions. After all, drawing the diagram was much more difficult compared to learning English.

“Damn, it’s so tiring. I would rather do 1,000 sets of english test papers!”

Sun Mo cursed. After all, he was afraid he might draw the runes wrongly. Besides, he was also worried that the Battle God would leave if he replied too slowly.


(What should I do if the other party replied saying that he would be right back and would be going to take a shower first?)

Sun Mo felt trepidation in his heart.

After all, the Battle God should be an existence that was tougher to deal with compared to ‘goddesses’ on Wechat, right?

Luckily, Sun Mo didn’t need to wait for long. More diagrams were appearing on the wall.


Sun Mo felt like cursing because there were so many diagrams. How many words had the Battle God written?

15 minutes later, Sun Mo had finally translated them.

“Why do you want to leave? Don’t you want to obtain the Battlegod Catalog? That’s the strongest divine art in the Nine Provinces. When you train it to the max, you will be invincible in the Central Province, and you can even break through space.

“Oh right, you just learned the language and would surely be unfamiliar with it. Hence, to prevent communication errors, just write slower. I’ll wait for you.”

After looking at the latter part of the sentence, Sun Mo felt a little like crying. The Battle God truly didn’t put on any airs at all. He was kind and understanding. (I was wrong when I cursed at you earlier. However, can you speak less each time? It’s very tiring for me to translate, alright?)

“My disciple is in the room with me. She cannot persist for much longer.”

Sun Mo explained.

After that, six small black dots appeared on the walls. (...)


(What does this mean?)

Sun Mo was dumbfounded. Could he have angered the Battle God?

Strictly speaking, although the little sunny egg also understood this spirit rune language, the majority was what he had taught her.

(The Battle God wouldn’t feel that this was a breach of rules, right?)

After all, some major characters were very egotistical and felt that only geniuses were qualified to learn their knowledge.

“Would my presence cause trouble for Teacher?”

Li Ziqi was also somewhat worried.

Luckily, after a short while, new spirit rune diagrams appeared on the wall.

“You actually brought your disciple in? Are you the one who taught her this spirit rune language?”

The ancient Battle God was shocked. One must know that people who could enter the last stage would naturally be familiar with this language. It would be rare to find one person like that in a few thousand years.

But now, there were two in one go?

It was a little shocking.

“I only guided her slightly. She is extremely intelligent and can learn anything very fast as long as you give her a hint in the right direction. Oh right, she even has a retentive memory.”

“She’s only 14.”

Sun Mo hurriedly boasted, hoping the Battle God would show mercy and help them.

Li Ziqi flushed. Sun Mo’s boasting caused her to feel very embarrassed.

“14? What about you? How old are you?”

The Battle God was curious.


Sun Mo translated the diagrams.

“How many days did you use to enter here?”

The Battle God asked. This time around, the speed of the diagrams appearing became much quicker.

“Roughly about half a month.”

Sun Mo didn’t have the mood to calculate this!


Favorable impression points from the ancient Battle God +10,086. Reverence (10,086/100,000).

(Wow, you directly leap past neutral, friendly, and even respect.)

(Wait, the ancient Battle God should have already shattered the void and wasn’t present anymore in this world, right? How could he still give favorable impression points? This system is really a little impressive!)


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