Absolute Great Teacher
789 Inheritance of the Battle God
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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789 Inheritance of the Battle God


No new diagrams appeared on the pure-white walls for a very long time. Just when Sun Mo was suspecting whether his words had psychologically impacted the other party so much that the Battle God crossed his ‘autistic bottomline’, new messages finally appeared.

“I don’t know what to say so here’s a thumbs-up!”

After that, the picture of a huge thumbs-up appeared on the entire wall.


Sun Mo mentally mused. (F***, are you trying to tease me?)

Someone with the title ‘Battle God’ should be a person with extremely high prestige. They would exude a sense of holiness that would tolerate no blasphemy.

But now as they conversed, Sun Mo felt that the Battle God was like an uncle next door. He put no up airs at all.

“You don’t have to worry about her body. She won’t die for now. Why don’t you chat with me? After all, I’ve been bored for too long.”

The Battle God asked.

“Oh right, if you guys want to leave, you all can leave at any time.”

“Does this count as me clearing the stage?”

Sun Mo asked.

“Yes. You passed my trial and have the qualifications to accept my inheritance.”

The tone of the Battle God turned solemn for the first time.

“Are you referring to that divine art?”

Sun Mo continued to draw runes to communicate and felt a little tired. He simply sat on the ground. “Can we not use the spirit rune language to converse? I would die if I lost too much blood.”

After knowing he passed and there was no danger to his life here, Sun Mo’s nerves, which had been tense for so many days, finally relaxed. Hence, the fatigue gushed forth like waves and caused him to be extremely sleepy.

“If you want to communicate with me, you can only use the spirit rune language, but you can change to another method such as using your will.”

The Battle God understood Sun Mo’s difficulties. After all, Sun Mo was a body of flesh and blood and would die easily.


Sun Mo frowned. He just wanted to ask how he should do that, and the Battle God already started to meticulously explain.

“Will is a type of method to manifest energy. But many races’ wills are too weak and they have no way to unleash might. However, in this place, your will has been amplified and you can use it as a stone board to directly display the spirit runes you are thinking about in your mind.”

The Battle God was very patient and explained very detailedly.

“Something like movable-type painting?”

Sun Mo asked.

“That’s right!”

After that, Battle God spoke and saw that Sun Mo no longer replied. Roughly 15 minutes later, a complete spirit rune diagram appeared before Sun Mo.

Because it contained spirit qi, it was shining.

“You are really a genius!”

The Battle God sighed ruefully.

“Being able to create the Battlegod Catalog and compile this language...you are the genius.”

Sun Mo was humble and complimented the Battle God.

“Hehe, I once believed so, but I failed. This language is merely a creation of mine to amuse myself. There was basically no one else who could understand it, until your appearance...”

The Battle God sighed.

He was also a proud person. Moreover, the Battlegod Catalog was so valuable and allowed him to be invincible in the Nine Provinces. Hence, this caused his expectation to be extremely high.

Time would wait for no one. The Battle God couldn’t possibly stay in this world forever to search for a personal student that was to his liking. Hence, he thought of such a method.

The Battle God was fond of spirit runes. This was why he also hoped that his personal student would also have outstanding talent in the study of spirit runes. Therefore, he found this place and cleaved it apart, creating a canyon as well as those murals.

“Might I be so impudent to ask a question? Before you shattered the void, how many people knew about your talent in the study of spirit runes.”

Sun Mo was curious.

“Only my teacher and my fellow students.”

The Battle God recalled, “When I was about 25 years old, I fought bloodily with the grand overlord in the third level of the Darkness Continent for ten days and ten nights. In the end, I finally executed him and became famous after a single battle. After that, people started to call me Battle God.”

The study of spirit runes was the Battle God’s hobby, so this was why he had never given it up. When he grew weary of cultivating, he would research spirit runes to relieve his boredom. Besides, he had outstanding talent and managed to become a great ancestor in the study of spirit runes.

However, his title as the Battle God was just too resounding.

There would always be people coming to challenge him, and this caused his fame to grow greater and greater. The Battle God basically had no chance to display his brilliance in the study of spirit runes.

“You are the Battle God and are too capable in fighting. The first impression is the strongest. Hence, people always felt that the higher their combat talent was, the greater their chance of comprehending the Battlegod Catalog. They basically didn’t think in the direction of spirit runes at all.”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes. “Also, even if they thought about it, you actually hid the spirit runes under such messy and chaotic graffiti. Those who don’t have grandmaster-level expertise in the study of spirit runes basically won’t be able to extract anything.”


The Battle God fell silent. (So I was the one who misled them?)

“Those who can understand the murals are great teachers who are grandmasters in the study of spirit runes. And great teachers basically wouldn’t care too much about their own combat strength.”

Sun Mo explained.

“To us, our aim is to improve until we become ancestor-level experts in our respective subjects and have students all around the world, eventually becoming saints.”

If comprehending the secret of the Battlegod Canyon didn’t require the study of spirit runes, some people would have succeeded in these tens of thousands of years.

The Battle God suddenly understood. People like him, who loved fighting, wasn’t a great teacher, yet loved to research the study of spirit runes would surely be so rare that they were like phoenix feathers and kirin horns.

“Speaking of which, currently I’m not conversing with your original self, right?”

Sun Mo was curious.

“No. I’m a will body of the Battle God. After I complete my mission of granting the inheritance, I will vanish and go back to him. He will then know everything.”

The Battle God explained.

“So high-end, I can’t understand!”

Sun Mo felt that this world was truly incomparably profound. “Where would we go after shattering the void?”

“This isn’t something you should know now.”

The Battle God rejected to reply very cleanly.

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. He had long since anticipated this result.

“Alright, we have almost finished chatting about idle things. Let’s go to the main point.”

The tone of the Battle God turned slightly solemn. “Next, I will impart the Battlegod Catalog to you. Please read through it attentively. Because the cultivation art is too valuable, you only have the authority to read it once.”

After seeing this, Sun Mo exchanged a mutual glance with Li Ziqi.

Both of them calmed their hearts and focused their minds. Everything was left unsaid.

The weak little sunny egg nodded slightly and indicated that she still had enough strength to cast Retentive Memory.

“Wait a minute!”

Just when a large number of complex spirit runes appeared on the wall, Sun Mo suddenly shouted to stop.

“What’s the matter?”

The Battle God didn’t understand. (Other people would be impatiently learning it, yet you actually told me to wait? Are you not afraid I might change my mind?)

“Are you not going to test me?” Sun Mo was astonished. “You are imparting it to me so easily?”

“Test what?”

The Battle God counter-asked.

“Temperament, aptitude, etc. What if I was an evil person? Wouldn’t I use this cultivation art to do evil?”

Sun Mo also felt that he was a pain in the ass when he used the spirit rune language to portray his words.

(I’m really very argumentative!)

(Well, it’s a free divine art, I might as well just take it.)

“Cultivation arts are dead while people are alive!”

Although they were conversing through spirit rune diagrams, it was as though Sun Mo could see the Battle God smiling and was very optimistic. “Even if I test and find that you are a good person now, what about it? What if your character changes after you obtain enough strength? What if you become a demon fiend that wants to conquer everything and sleep with all the princesses in the world?

“I can’t possibly not impart you the cultivation art just because of the possibility you might do evil in the future, right?”

The Battle God counter-asked.

Sun Mo couldn’t help but applaud lightly. He admired the world view of this Battle God.

“It’s starting. Watch seriously!”

Spirit rune diagrams began to appear on the walls. Maybe this was done to test Sun Mo, or maybe the Battlegod Catalog was simply so difficult. In any case, large patches of spirit runes appeared on the walls and disappeared after a short while as new runes replaced them. If it was someone else, their brains might have exploded from trying to remember so many things.

At the start, Li Ziqi could still decipher some while memorizing them. But after ten diagrams, she completely had no idea what the latter diagrams meant and could only rely on rote memorization.

Yet, Sun Mo could depend on his near ancestor-level standard to rapidly decipher the diagrams. In other words, he wasn’t just rote-memorizing them. He understood their original meaning.

This meant that after Sun Mo understood the true meaning of the Battlegod Catalog, he would display it via spirit rune diagrams.

Gradually, the cultivation art that had caused countless people to be mesmerized, the puzzle that had existed for several tens of thousands of years and even created the number one scenic spot on this level of the Darkness Continent – the Battlegod Canyon, unveiled itself before Sun Mo’s eyes.

This divine art was a combat-type cultivation art.

It placed a heavy emphasis on tempering one’s body and will. When one trained it to the max, they could shatter mountains with a punch and destroy seas with a palm strike. Just the killing qi radiating from their eyes was enough to slay immortals and eradicate Buddhas.

Truly, one could stare at their target, and their target would die as their souls were exterminated.

Naturally, the most impressive part was when one trained it to the max level. One would be able to shatter the shackles of time and space and break through the void.

This was also the so-called ascending to immortality.

In the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, cultivation arts that could allow one to achieve such a stage were exceptionally rare. All of them were ultimate treasures.

After Sun Mo read the summary, he proceeded to read the specific content of the cultivation art.

The first level could allow him to spur his allies’ will to battle with a battle roar. It would allow their combat strength to be enhanced as fear and cowardice would be dispelled, allowing them to resist mental arts used against them.

During wars in ancient times, morale was the most important thing. If Sun Mo learned this cultivation art, he would never need to worry about the morale of his allies dipping low.

To the caster, negative emotions such as feeling dispirited and self-inferior wouldn’t appear. Their emotions would be stirred up and they would continue fighting. The effects wouldn’t end until death.

Moreover, there were no negative effects. After combat, there wouldn’t be any symptoms of their strength being overdrafted.

The second level was Battlegod Protection. When the user was fighting, it would allow them to reduce the amount of damage taken.

Even if their throats were sliced, they wouldn’t die.

The third level was the Berserk Mode!

Sun Mo was very familiar with this effect, but he had never used it before. He wondered whether this berserk mode was better than his own berserk spirit rune.

When Sun Mo saw the fourth level, his eyes brightened.

The name of the fourth level was Retaliation Storm.

It also meant that you wouldn’t need to be afraid of being ambushed or sneak-attacked forever.

When someone exuded hostility or even killing intent, you would automatically put up your vigilance and would be able to guard against their attacks in time.

This was more than a little impressive.

Because there was no knowing what was in a man’s heart. No one would know whether or not a fellow who was smiling just a second ago would suddenly stab a dagger into your heart.

The fifth level was even more impressive.

Its name was Invincible Battle God.

After activating this divine skill, all sorts of ultimate skills or profound meanings used against you wouldn’t cause a single iota of damage.

Its only flaw was that it would consume a large amount of spirit qi. Also, once your spirit qi was fully consumed, the invincible state would vanish.

After that, the sixth level...

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》