Absolute Great Teacher
790 New Great Teacher Halo Obtained!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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790 New Great Teacher Halo Obtained!


Battlegod Incarnation.

At the sixth level, the cultivator could learn this and transform into an incarnation of the Battle God, slaying everything. It wouldn’t be too over-the-top to say that wherever their sword pointed to, there would be no opponents.

In such a state, the degree of damage received would be greatly reduced, and the power they produced regardless of battle skill or cultivation art would also be greatly enhanced by a multiplier.

Sun Mo felt that the Battlegod Catalog wasn’t a cultivation art. Rather, it felt more like a ‘condition’ or a ‘state’. It would increase one’s combat strength in all aspects.

At the seventh level.

The Ancient Battle God Protector. After using it, one could summon an ancient Battle God clone. Not only would the clone be able to help in attacking, but it would also receive all the damage dealt to the user.

Upon reading this, Sun Mo was badly shocked. This cultivation art also involved the art of spiritual control?

Hence, Sun Mo grew even more interested in the latter content.

Sadly, the diagrams on the wall stopped after this point.

“That’s all?”

Sun Mo frowned, feeling very unhappy. This made him recall the days where he read novels and the authors would always like to stop during a climax.


He suddenly felt like buying a knife, those very sharp knives.

“The content of the latter parts is too profound. Even if I let you see them now, you would feel bewildered and not understand anything.”

The Battle God explained, “Also, when you cultivate the seventh level to perfection, you will naturally understand how to walk the future path.”

“Is this the Battlegod Catalog in its entirety?”

Sun Mo did a final check and ascertained that there was nothing he didn’t remember.


The Battlegod was very generous and wouldn’t conceal things.

“Thank you!”

Sun Mo bowed. After that, he walked to Li Ziqi’s side and carried her, preparing to leave.

“Eh? What are you doing?”

The Battle God was shocked.

“Naturally, to exit the canyon so we can treat our injuries.”

Sun Mo’s tone was as it should be by right. “Senior, do you have anything else you want to say?”



Sun Mo continued to head out.

Seeing that Sun Mo was about to exit, the Battle God couldn’t help but speak, “Wait...”


Sun Mo was puzzled.

“Have you really remembered everything? Don’t you need to look at it a second time?”

The Battle God carefully asked.

“No need.” Sun Mo shook his head. “Besides, didn’t you say I could only view it once?”

“That’s a lie.”

The Battle God explained, “As the saying goes, cultivation arts must not be imparted easily. You obtained the Battlegod Catalog so easily. I am worried you might not cherish it.”


Sun Mo mentally mused, you are actually correct.

In Sun Mo’s heart, although the Battlegod Catalog was powerful, it was still inferior when compared to Immemorial Vairocana.

(No matter how good you are at fighting, you can’t copy the cultivation arts of others, right?!)

As a teacher, the most important thing was to be amply knowledgeable in all sorts of subjects, knowing many things.

“Alright, calm your heart and look at it for the second time. Check if you missed anything out!”

The Battle God started to display the diagrams again on the walls.


Sun Mo was helpless and continued moving outward. “There’s really no need for it. My eldest student knows Retentive Memory, it’s an extremely powerful great teacher halo. Have you heard of it before?”


The Battle God fell silent. (You are so outstanding and learn so quickly. What do you want me to feel?)

(I feel that I stayed here for tens of thousands of years for no point at all. Sigh! I suddenly feel so dejected!)

“Do you really not need me to do anything?”

A spirit rune diagram appeared on the wall. It was so gigantic and the tone of resentment within the words was so heavy that it felt as though even water could flow from it.

Sun Mo halted.

“I have an idea.”

Sun Mo spoke, “The Battlegod Catalog is expressed using the spirit rune language, right? Doesn’t this mean that I can execute this cultivation art using spirit runes?”

“Your understanding isn’t wrong, but your will is too weak and has no way to do so. It’s too difficult if you have to constantly draw them. You can’t do it fully by hand either. Also, materials that can withstand the intensity of the spirit qi are simply too rare, causing the cost-performance ratio of this method to be extremely low.”

The Battle God explained.

Back then, he had also researched this.

Sun Mo ignored the cold water from the Battle God. He directly chose the highest-tier seventh-level diagram and started to use his will to draw the diagram in his mind.

Diverse and profound information flowed from neurons to neurons.

During this period, Sun Mo’s skill in his various cultivation arts didn’t increase, but his standard of the study of spirit runes had improved immensely.

At this moment, the true meanings of the murals he had seen in the past, even for those parts where he wasn’t very clear about, started to make sense and truly became a part of his knowledge.


Golden light emitted from Sun Mo’s body.

Li Ziqi saw that Sun Mo’s eyes lost focus. Evidently, he had entered a state of epiphany and she didn’t dare to disturb him. Hence, she came out of his embrace and went to wait at a corner.

“This can’t be done. The cultivation art is too complicated. A spirit rune basically has no way to display so much content and we can only do it large-scale if we want to achieve it. But by doing so, it’s very inconvenient to carry so many drawing materials on you and that’s of no value in practical combat.”

“But what if I create many fusion spirit runes?”

“Yes, it’s like that time when I obtained that spirit runes design magic cube. I can make them three-dimensional.”

Next, a cubic-shaped spirit rune formed above Sun Mo’s head, but it was soon destroyed.

For a total of two days, Sun Mo sat there unmoving.

Li Ziqi watched while feeling hurt in her heart. This was because Sun Mo was visibly growing skinnier and weaker. It was as though he was suffering from a great sickness.

“Would something happen to Teacher?”

Li Ziqi used her own will to draw the spirit runes and conversed with the Battle God.

During these two days, she had been chatting with the Battle God. Also, the Battle God infused energy essence into her body, allowing her vitality to recover quite a lot.

“The secret of the cultivation art isn’t something that can be displayed by a single spirit rune.”

The Battle God sighed. Sun Mo’s idea might be good, but it was definitely impossible to implement it.

At the very least, it was impossible to do so in this world.

“After your teacher awakens, you should console him!”

However, the Battle God admired Sun Mo’s intellect and capabilities a lot. He also understood why Sun Mo could clear the stages so fast. The thoughts of this fellow were like a heavenly steed soaring across the skies, akin to a wild horse that had never been restricted before.

Another three days passed and Sun Mo grew a size skinner.

Li Ziqi grew increasingly worried. She heard cases where some great teachers were unable to extricate themselves from a state of epiphany. They didn’t eat or drink and were overly immersed. This led to their energy declining as they died from frailness eventually.

“Should I wake Teacher up?”

The little sunny egg felt conflicted.

If her teacher succeeded but had his state of epiphany disturbed by her, what should she do? But what if he died?

Just when Li Ziqi sank into conflict, a huge aura suddenly gushed forth from Sun Mo.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Golden streams of spirit qi flowed out from Sun Mo’s body. They were like little fish in a creek, swimming rapidly above Sun Mo’s head, gathering together.

A few minutes later, a golden crown was formed above him.

The crown looked simple and unadorned. Other than various Battlegod murals carved on it, there was also the shape of an erect gigantic sword at the part where the forehead was.


The crown shattered. The golden motes of light scattered everywhere akin to snow falling on the ground. They landed in Sun Mo’s surroundings and after that, a golden halo manifested.

“This is...”

Li Ziqi clasped her hands over her mouth.

The diagram that the halo projected was complex, mysterious, and profound. There was basically no way to differentiate the details within using one’s naked eyes. One could only analyze it using their will.

However, one could easily sense a simple yet mighty aura from it.

Sun Mo’s eyes regained their focus. After that, he felt some self-reproach and worry as he looked at Li Ziqi. He was then at ease when he discovered that she was fine.

After that, motes of light gathered beside him and formed a three-meter-tall ancient Battle God.

Its body was muscular and sturdy, completely clad in armor. There was a large sword in his hands and his head was protected by a helmet. However, his eyes were emitting a flashing red light.

When the ancient Battle God appeared, the temperature dropped by several degrees and the atmosphere seemed to become tense.

Li Ziqi couldn’t help but shiver when the gaze of the summoned Battle God swept past her.


The Battle God was shocked as various spirit rune diagrams kept appearing and disappearing on the walls. It was unknown whether he was cursing at people or was sighing ruefully.

But no one cared about it.

Sun Mo glanced at the Battle God. He then waved his blade and slashed at it.


The sound was sonorous and it seemed that the impact was filled with the charm and vicissitudes of time.

With his thought, Sun Mo dispelled the halo.


The ancient Battle God vanished.

Only after a long time did Li Ziqi pat her chest and finally recover. She felt a lingering fear in her heart. “What was that? When I stood before it, I felt that I could die.”

“Ancient Battle God!”

Without needing for Sun Mo to reply, the Battle God directly spoke. His tone was filled with shock. “You actually managed to achieve it? But it’s impossible, how can a spirit rune display the prowess of this cultivation art?”

“The spirit rune didn’t succeed.”

After Sun Mo spoke, his body was devoid of strength and he directly fell onto the ground.

The little sunny egg hurriedly went over to support him.

“What’s this then?”

The Battle God asked.

“It’s a great teacher halo, right?”

Li Ziqi inquired.

“Yes, a great teacher halo!”

Sun Mo smiled. In this place, with the aid of the Battle God, his will was extremely strong and he could simulate spirit runes in his mind. Hence, he wanted to test it out to see if he could use spirit runes to execute the Battlegod Catalog.

If he exited the canyon, he could only depend on drawing spirit runes piece by piece. But in this place, he would just think about it and will it into existence. Even if he failed, he could continue trying and this would save a lot of time.

Sun Mo had failed over a million times. But all of a sudden, the self-taught halo activated.

In the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, if one wanted to become a great teacher, there was a prerequisite. They must comprehend the self-taught halo because this represented that their intellect had no problems, and they had outstanding talent, capable of comprehending things themselves even without the guidance of great teachers.

Only with the self-taught halo could great teachers comprehend other halos in their teaching careers. After all, great teacher halos couldn’t be ‘learned’ and could only be obtained through comprehension.

During this month, Sun Mo had been pondering over these spirit runes. Since his standard in the study of spirit runes was extremely high and his talent was also very good, after a million experiments, the self-taught halo finally let him comprehend a brand new great teacher halo.

This halo was none other than the one that could summon an ancient battle god protector. It wouldn’t be able to ‘share’ the damage taken, but he could use it as a summonable spiritual beast.

“Damn, I’ve forgotten that you are a great teacher!”

The Battle God cursed. After that, even someone of his status felt envious.

This was a great teacher halo!

There was no need to learn the seventh level of the Battlegod Catalog. As long as one comprehended this halo, they would be able to summon the ancient battle god protector.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》