Absolute Great Teacher
791 Generous Rewards from the Battle God!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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791 Generous Rewards from the Battle God!


The Battlegod Catalog was a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art. Hence, the difficulty of cultivating it could very well be imagined. Ordinary people wouldn’t have the chance to learn it even if they used their entire lives to do so. As for outstanding geniuses, they most probably needed above a hundred years if they wanted to learn everything up until the seventh level.

But right now, Sun Mo had directly grasped everything through a great teacher halo. Although the might wasn’t as powerful as it would be if he used the seventh-level move...

(Wait a minute.)

The Battle God thought of another question and decided to hurry up and ask.

“I remember that great teacher halos will improve as the great teacher’s cultivation realm rises. Their might will be enhanced. In that case, for this halo...”

“That’s for sure. I feel that after I stepped into the Legendary Realm or became a 7-star great teacher, the might of this halo would be equal to the power produced from the seventh level of the Battlegod Catalog.”

After Sun Mo finished speaking, a lot of spirit rune diagrams quickly flashed on the wall.

(Stop flooding me with messages, okay!?)

Sun Mo guessed that the Battle God probably had nothing good to say.

Honestly speaking, Sun Mo was also a little stunned. He had clearly been pondering on how to transform the Battlegod Catalog into a spirit rune so it would be easier to use. In the end, he actually ended up comprehending a great teacher halo.

Although Sun Mo had 12 halos, other than Priceless Advice being comprehended by this original body before his death, the other halos were obtained from the system.

Therefore, this halo was Sun Mo’s first genuinely comprehended halo.

Such an experience was very fresh and would cause him to recall it often. It was a sense of accomplishment.

Li Ziqi regained her senses and hurriedly asked, “Teacher, can you use this great teacher halo just by willing it? Or can it only be used successfully occasionally?

“It’s even simpler than Priceless Advice!”

As Sun Mo spoke, golden light shone from his body and streams of golden qi started gushing forward. They were like fish in a creek and they swam above his head before gathering together and condensing into a crown. After that, the crown shattered and transformed into a gorgeous and mysterious golden halo.


An ancient Battle God appeared, quietly standing beside Sun Mo.


After hearing this, the Battle God no longer wanted to converse with Sun Mo. He even wanted to take off his shoes to smack him.

Sun Mo pondered over the entire process. “There are two flaws. Firstly, the consumption of spirit qi is way too high. Secondly, the summoning time is too long.”

“Dammit, you should be content!”

The Battle God spoke in disdain.

“Teacher, can you describe its effects?”

Li Ziqi had an excited look on her face.

Sun Mo then repeated it.

“Teacher, I can be sure that in the current [Great Teacher Halos Illustrated Handbook], there isn’t a halo with such an effect.”

Li Ziqi seriously thought about it for quite some time before giving an answer.

Sun Mo frowned. “You are saying...”

“Yes, this is a unique halo that only you possess.”

Li Ziqi’s heart thumped in agitation.

Naturally, some great teachers might have comprehended this halo, but they could be dead, or they didn’t report this to Saint Gate due to various reasons. However, the probability was too low.

So, Li Ziqi could basically be sure that this halo was something only Sun Mo could use uniquely.

“You have the right to name it.”

Li Ziqi was very happy. Her teacher was, as expected, the greatest! A trip to the Battlegod Canyon could even allow him to comprehend a great teacher halo.

“How about naming it the Sun Mo halo?”

Sun Mo joked.

“Teacher, do you want to anger those old seniors to death?”

Li Ziqi rolled her eyes. This action actually caused her to exude some charm.

“In the great teacher world, it’s unknown how many old codgers couldn’t manage to comprehend unique halos. For example, Fu Yanqing from the Westshore Military School!”

Li Ziqi could be sure that after her teacher left the Battlegod Canyon, and news about him obtaining the Battlegod Catalog and comprehending a unique halo was circulated, the rankings of the Great Teachers Ranking would change again.

Even if he couldn’t become the first-ranker, he would definitely be the second!

No, in fact, that ranking board might be unqualified to contain Sun Mo’s name. Her teacher’s name might progress directly to the Great Teacher Rankings.

The so-called Great Teacher Rankings were a ranking system that rated all great teachers in the world. It was different from the Hero Rankings where only great teachers below 30 years of age were ranked.

Hence, the competition in the Great Teacher Rankings was even more intense.

“I was just joking.”

Sun Mo had thought of the name. “Let’s name it Battlegod Protection Halo!”

“Although the name sounds very tyrannical, I feel that the words ‘Battle God’ and ‘great teacher halo’ don’t seem to be too compatible.”

Li Ziqi felt that her teacher’s taste had downgraded.

“We should always remember who dug the well when we are drinking water. After all, this halo was born because of the Battlegod Catalog.”

Sun Mo mentally mused. (Battle God, quickly look! I’m thinking of you. Shouldn’t you give me some benefits?)

The little sunny egg was intelligent and meticulous as well. Although she didn’t expect Sun Mo to be so two-faced, she also intelligently started to praise.

“That’s right, as my teacher’s fame increases, everyone will definitely discuss the halo he uniquely has. At that time, we will say that he managed to comprehend it due to guidance from Senior Battle God. If the halo is even more powerful, it might cause their eyeballs to explode from shock.

“Senior Battle God, do you have anything else you can give us?”

Despite Li Ziqi placing their attitude very low, this was merely done on the surface. The only person that could win her respect and love was Sun Mo.

“You two cunning brats!”

The Battle God had lived for so long. How many people had he met before? When he saw these two juniors trying to ‘scheme’ against him, he could only laugh helplessly. “I’ve already passed you my most precious divine art.”

“But it takes so long to cultivate!”

Li Ziqi was worried. “What if my teacher got challenged by others the moment he exited? If he lost, wouldn’t he have thrown your face away? After all, my teacher is your successor!”

“Alright, alright. Since I’m helping you, I might as well go all the way. In any case, the divine art has been inherited and I, a remnant-will of the Battle God, have already completed my mission in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces. In that case, I’ll turn my will into a form of energy and pass it to the two of you to strengthen your wills.”

“By doing so, even after you guys leave the Battlegod Canyon, you will still be able to use your will to control spirit qi and directly form spirit runes like that.”

The Battle God spoke casually as though it was very easy to do, but the content of his words caused Sun Mo and Li Ziqi to be incomparably shocked.

“Doesn’t that mean that I won’t need to draw spirit runes on paper anymore? Can I directly manifest them from my thoughts and release them?”

Sun Mo had experienced this earlier. It was super convenient and quick like magic.

For example, the Flame Explosion Spirit Rune. He first had to prepare the spirit rune materials and draw the spirit rune successfully before he could tear the paper to ‘release’ the effects. But now, he could directly use his will to release a powerful fireball immediately.

“Theoretically, yes. But this method will consume your will and spirit qi immensely. Once you overdraft on your will and spirit qi, it might cause irreversible damage to your body.”

The Battle God warned.

“Actually, this is not as wonderful as what you imagine it to be. Firstly, it’s not easy to construct a spirit rune using your will. The entire ‘drawing process’ has to be done in a state of complete focus, and you cannot slacken in the slightest. During this period, you might suffer attacks from your enemies, or you might even get killed.”

“It’s fine. I remember there’s a great teacher halo named One Heart Two uses!”

Sun Mo mentally mused that after heading out, he would immediately purchase this great teacher halo regardless of the price. In any case, he would definitely be able to afford it.

Since he didn’t lack favorable impression points, he naturally could do whatever he wanted to.


The Battle God didn’t want to answer and actually felt like beating people up.

He suddenly remembered that the two fellows before him were great teachers, and they had ‘ultimates’ called great teacher halos.


(I suddenly don’t wish to teach you two anymore.)

Naturally, the Battle God was merely grumbling. As a senior, when he saw that his successor was so outstanding, his heart was filled with joy and happiness.

“Alright, hurry up and focus. I’m starting.”

The spirit runes on the wall turned red. This represented the Battle God’s cautiousness and serious attitude.

“Eh? I have a part in this too?”

Li Ziqi was shocked.

“Naturally. Those who could enter this room are people who are fated with me.”

A goat was a goat, two goats were goats too. In any case, his will was too powerful, and Sun Mo alone couldn’t finish using it. Hence, the Battle God decided to leave the remaining portion to Li Ziqi, or it would just be wasted.

“However, I have to warn you guys that this process is extremely dangerous. If you cannot withstand this infusion of will, there’s a possibility that you might turn into idiots!”

This time around, the Battle God was not joking.

“Let’s try our best!”

Sun Mo encouraged the little sunny egg.

This was such a rare opportunity. No one would reject it.

“Thank you!”

Li Ziqi exerted some force and grabbed Sun Mo’s fingers.

(Without you, I won’t have the chance to enter here, let alone receive such an opportunity to change my fate.)

Li Ziqi knew that as long as she could use her will to unleash spirit runes, she would have some combat strength.


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +1,000. Reverence (74,850/100,000).

Upon hearing the notification, Sun Mo felt speechless. (What are you thanking me for?)

(If the Battle God was to know of this, wouldn’t he be angered to death? After all, he’s the one giving us his inheritance.)


Very soon, the will-imparting inheritance began.

In the room, powerful energy waves gushed all about. They formed into gigantic swords and shot over, directly penetrating through Sun Mo and Li Ziqi.

Woosh~ woosh~ woosh~

There were no wounds on their bodies, but their nerves were badly ravaged. But soon after that, there was a satisfyingly full feeling.

It felt like something was nourishing them.

Li Ziqi’s head felt very painful, but at the same time, she could feel her sixth sense growing sharper. All her consciousness was congealed into a gigantic sword in her mind.

This sword was incomparably sharp and could destroy anything.

After that, she fainted.


Sun Mo felt that he was like a boat in a stormy ocean and would capsize any time. But at this moment, the clouds parted and the rain stopped, revealing a rainbow.

“Sun Mo, although I have no way to direct your life, I still hope that you can find your own Dao as a teacher and continue to persevere.”

The Battle God blessed him.

“Thank you for your rewards and teaching, Teacher!”

Sun Mo changed his term of address.

This was the first time ever since he arrived in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces that he called someone a teacher respectfully from the bottom of his heart.

The inheritance of the Battle God wasn’t simply the Battlegod Catalog or the Battlegod Will. There was also his combat experience that had been accumulated over tens of thousands of years.

Yes, the actions of those cultivators who entered the Battlegod Canyon could be sensed by the Battle God no matter how secretive they were.

If Sun Mo thoroughly mastered these experiences, they would be considered huge wealth.

One could say that Sun Mo could be considered a personal disciple of the Battle God.

The Battle God didn’t draw any spirit runes, but Sun Mo could sense that he was smiling gratifyingly.

“Teacher, if you have no further instructions, I’m going to leave.”

Sun Mo bade his farewell. He had stayed too long here and the others were definitely extremely anxious about his safety.

“Mn, goodbye!”

The Battle God already didn’t have anything more he wanted to say.

But after Sun Mo took a few steps forward, he suddenly halted. There was still something he had to be clear of.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》