Absolute Great Teacher
793 Emergence of Divine Art, Shocking The World 2
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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793 Emergence of Divine Art, Shocking The World 2

Chapter 793: Emergence of Divine Art, Shocking The World (2)

A group of students chatted excitedly, but suddenly a loud commotion rang out from outside and very soon, the sounds of hurried footsteps could be heard.

“What’s going on?”

Zhang Yanzong leaped up. “Could it be that Teacher Sun has returned?”

Just when everyone wanted to go and investigate the matter, An Rou ran back with an anxious expression. “N...no good, the murals on the walls come back.”

Upon hearing this, the faces of everyone instantly changed.

“Where’s Teacher Sun?”

Jin Mujie and the other two ran out and asked.

“I...I didn’t see him!”

An Rou was very worried for Sun Mo’s safety and was so anxious that she started crying. From her point of view, this definitely wasn’t a good thing.

“You guys wait here. Xiuxun and Teacher Mei, the two of you should take care of the students. I’ll go take a look!”

Jin Mujie couldn’t sit still anymore.

“Teacher, let us go together!’

Helian Beifang pleaded.

Ying Baiwu was also secretly glancing around at the surroundings. This was such a major commotion. Regardless of whether Jin Mujie agreed or not, she had to enter the canyon and take a look for herself.

When Jin Mujie saw the faces of Sun Mo’s personal students, she immediately guessed their thoughts. Rather than letting them run around wildly, she might as well bring them with her. Hence, she decided to compromise. “You guys can follow me!”

They immediately rushed toward the Battlegod Canyon!


At the Westshore campsite, the students listlessly cultivated. The Battlegod Catalog was already taken, so why would they still need to comprehend anything?

It was not known why, but everyone felt that life suddenly felt tasteless.

Their group leader Fu Yanqing was still in the sixth part of the canyon. Their vice group leader Bai Hao was impacted so badly that he became ‘autistic’. He was currently hiding in his tent, refusing to come out.

As for the other teachers, they stayed at the campsite as well.

There was no solution to it. Why should they go out and embarrass themselves?

Their school was none other than one of the Nine Greats, the famous Westshore Military School. A 6-star great teacher led the group, and the students in this group were the most talented in their batch. In the end, a single Sun Mo seized all the glory away.

Looking at the murals to comprehend?

The murals had already vanished, so what should they comprehend?!

If it wasn’t for Fu Yanqing wanting to see which stage Sun Mo could reach, everyone would have long since returned to school.

“That Sun Mo couldn’t possibly obtain the Battlegod Catalog, right?”

Duan Hu was very unhappy. Although he didn’t have the capabilities to obtain it, he felt like he had just lost a huge source of wealth when he saw others getting it.

“The murals have already vanished, what do you think?”

Miao Ze was very disappointed. (Why don’t you give me some more time? Maybe ten years later, my comprehension abilities would be high enough to comprehend the murals.)

But after thinking of the fact that his age would be higher than the current Sun Mo ten years from now, Miao Ze grew discouraged again.

Truly, he couldn’t not be convinced.

“That might not be the case. What if it was some other experts in the sixth part of the canyon that comprehended the Battlegod Catalog?”

However, before Duan Hu could finish his sentence, he was interrupted.

“The person who comprehended it is definitely Teacher Sun. There won’t be a mistake!’

Lu Lin had an excited look on his face. He actually managed to obtain the guidance from such an impressive teacher. This was truly a fortune that he had accumulated for over three lifetimes.


He truly felt very envious of Sun Mo’s personal students. They would soon be able to learn the divine art.

Duan Hu turned his head and saw that the person speaking was the last-ranking Lu Lin. He immediately grew annoyed.

“When this daddy is speaking, it won’t be your turn to interrupt. Do you want to get beaten up?”

Duan Hu threatened.

“Are you talking to me? Your daddy?”

Li Lin also lost his temper. When he heard Duan Hu’s words, he directly scolded back.


Duan Hu stood up and had a smile that was not a smile on his face. “Do you want to fight?”


Duan Hu agreed and pulled out his sword.

Miao Ze was the judge. After he shouted for the fight to start, he couldn’t be bothered to pay attention anymore. In any case, Lu Lin would be instantly defeated. However, their fight ended in a way no one expected.

Lu Lin matched Duan Hu’s every move and even forced Duan Hu back, exhibiting incredible skill.

“What the hell?”

Not only Miao Ze, even the other students couldn’t help but gather over to spectate.

Half a month ago, Lu Lin was trashed so badly by Duan Hu to the point where he couldn’t retaliate. How could he become so powerful now?

“Could it be that those murals are really useful?”

Someone doubted. After all, Lu Lin was the person that comprehended the most murals among them.

“Something is wrong. During these few days, Lu Lin hasn’t been to the canyon but kept running toward a small mountain. I was thinking about what he was doing then. So, it seems that he was asking an expert to guide him!”

Truthfully speaking, after Sun Mo gave him some pointers, Lu Lin no longer sought guidance from other great teachers. Instead, he focused on meditation.

He also didn’t expect such a vast improvement.

When he discovered that he was no weaker than Duan Hu in the battle, this immediately caused Lu Lin’s confidence to surge. Besides, the Time Immemorial One Sword Art was a top-level cultivation art that surpassed what Duan Hu was training in. Lu Lin had also been bitterly training for several days to avenge himself...all these factors combined caused Lu Lin to erupt with 120% of his combat strength at this moment.

He didn’t want to harm Duan Hu. He only wanted to win.

Duan Hu found himself increasingly unable to handle Lu Lin’s moves. How many days had it only been? Why would this fellow suddenly be so skilled?

One must know that Lu Lin had always been the last-ranker among them, someone who depended on connection to join the Westshore Military School. If he couldn’t even defeat Lu Lin, what would it mean?

Duan Hu’s attacks grew increasingly frantic, but the effect wasn’t useful. On the contrary, he tossed away his advantage. Lu Lin took advantage of a flaw and unleashed his ultimate skill.

A Sword Breaking All Laws!


The longsword pierced forth suddenly, akin to a rainbow arcing, slicing past Duan Hu’s face and penetrating his earlobe.

The coldness of the sword’s edge caused Duan Hu to immediately turn into a stone statue, not daring to move. After that, a warm liquid flowed down his neck.

He knew that it was fresh blood.

The spectating students were all dumbfounded.

“The last ranker actually won?”

“What the hell? Is Duan Hu ill?”

“Why do I feel that when compared to the past, Lu Lin’s sword moves have a somewhat different aura?”

These students were all geniuses with outstanding talent. Many people could tell that Lu Lin was different.

“I...I’ve won?”

Lu Lin felt disbelief. After that, he involuntarily sobbed out loud. “I’ve won. Thank you, Teacher Sun!”


Favorable impression points from Lu Lin +1,000. Respect (6,300/10,000).

Because Miao Ze was the judge, he was nearer to them. When he heard Lu Lin’s words, he couldn’t help but glance over.

(Huh? Teacher Sun?)

(That shouldn’t be Sun Mo, right?)

(But other than Sun Mo, who could have the ability to turn trash metal into gold in such a short period?)

(Speaking of which, should I also consult Teacher Sun for guidance?)


Favorable impression points from Miao Ze +100, Friendly (600/1,000).

Miao Mu walked out when he heard the commotion. He didn’t care when he saw that two students were in combat. This was because the style of the Westshore Military School had always been like this.

If there was a conflict, the students should settle it via combat. Logic would be on the side of the stronger person.

Although this was somewhat unreasonable, it could also encourage the students to work harder in cultivation. After all, the cultivation world was a place where the strong feasted on the weak.

When Miao Mu saw that no one was dead, he felt at ease and was preparing to head back. But after that, he saw many people shouting loudly and started running toward the Battlegod Canyon.

“What’s going on?”

Miao Mu frowned. Ever since the murals vanished, the number of people heading to the canyon became much lesser. But now, with such a huge commotion, it was evident something major had occurred.

“Could it be that Sun Mo has exited the canyon?”

Miao Mu immediately rushed over while the other students followed behind him.


“I wonder when my ‘golden thigh’ will come out?”

He Wei hummed a melody and took a teapot as he put hot water within. He felt so joyous that he was almost dancing.

(Look at how good my judgment is. I’m lucky to have formed a good relationship with Sun Mo. Now, the question is how can I gain something substantial?)

(I wonder if I can somehow get Sun Mo to reveal a move or two from the Battlegod Catalog to me.)

“Boss, something bad happened!”

The assistant rushed in with a panicked look on his face. “The murals are back!”


He Wei was dumbfounded and the teapot in his hands fell onto his foot, but he didn’t feel the pain.

(My golden thigh shattered?)

(No, I have to hurry over to take a look!)

He Wei hurriedly ran out with a speed faster compared to when a wild boar was chasing rabbits.


Li Ruolan sat before the mist-filled area in the fifth part of the canyon. Her chin was propped by her hands as she was in a daze.


(It’s such a regret. I won’t be able to capture the scene when Sun Mo comprehends the Battlegod Catalog!)

(No, I have to deduct 10 points from you.)


This was a regret that could last for life.

Although the murals vanished, the mist-filled area was still here. This caused the cultivators who wanted to continue proceeding forward to feel fear in their hearts.

After all, no one dared to risk their lives like that.

“No, I can’t carry on waiting.”

Li Ruolan stood up. She decided that even if she died, she wanted to attempt this. If she missed out on that instant when Sun Mo comprehended the Battlegod Catalog, she would surely feel unhappy all her life.

But right before Li Ruolan was about to step into the mist-filled area, there seemed to be an invisible blade slicing past the stone walls and the murals reappeared once more.


Li Ruolan exclaimed in shock as her tears flowed out of her eyes.

(Could something have happened to Sun Mo?)

Even Li Ruolan herself didn’t realize that she was so concerned about Sun Mo.


In the sixth part of the canyon, before the mist-filled area.

Fu Yanqing had sat here, stoned, for many days.

(Why would the murals vanish? Did Sun Mo really obtain the Battlegod Catalog? Isn’t that too incredible?)

Fu Yanqing’s pride was badly crushed when Sun Mo cleared the sixth stage. And now, it was completely like a pile of loose sand.

“Could that fellow have become crazy?”

After the fisherman asked, he discovered that Sun Ming was also in an absent-minded state.

Sun Ming wasn’t mad. On the contrary, he was extremely calm. He even felt a sense of relief.

Once, he had also been a rising superstar in the great teacher world, a genius ranked #1 on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings. But because he had cleared four stages here in a single day, Sun Ming had felt that he was fated with this place. This was why he had chosen to stay in the Battlegod Canyon and refused to go out.

This period lasted for ten years.

(If I spent these ten years deepening my learning and teaching more students, I most probably would have an extremely great achievement by now, right?)

(This is just a divine art. How many more years of my life do I want to waste?)

(After I become a Saint, maybe I can also create a divine art?)

(I might as well return, I might as well return!)


Sun Ming’s thoughts were clear now. He laughed loudly and stood up, walking toward the exit with a flick of his sleeves.

“Eh? You are going to leave? Don’t you want to wait for Sun Mo’s return?”

The fisherman was astonished.

“Why should I wait for his return?”

Sun Ming didn’t understand.

“To witness the power of the Battlegod Catalog? After all, we wasted over ten years of effort on it. Are you not curious at all?”

The old fisherman was so curious that he could die. He wanted to wait for Sun Mo to exit so he could ask him.

“I have wasted enough time!”

Sun Ming shook his head and continued heading out. But a few steps later, he halted and solemnly bowed with clasped hands to the fisherman. “Old friend, please help me give my thanks to Sun Mo!”

After that, Sun Ming laughed loudly and left.

“Damn, another person has gone crazy.”

The lips of the fisherman twitched.

“He hasn’t gone crazy. He has freed himself!”

Fu Yanqing interjected.

He understood such a heart state very well. Sometimes, giving up when you were about to obtain something required an extremely large amount of courage.

After Sun Ming unlocked his shackles, he would surely go up another level!

Yes, other than some envy, Sun Ming felt relieved. It was just a divine art, did he really want it to control his life?

Because he was free now, golden light erupted forth from Sun Ming’s body. He then comprehended a great teacher halo.

Precious Time! The passing time was worth an ounce of gold!

(These ten years cannot be considered wasted after all.)

However, at this moment, Fu Yanqing and the fisherman didn’t have the mood to care about him because someone had just exited the depths of the mist-filled area that led to the seventh part of the canyon.

It was none other than Sun Mo. He was also carrying his female student.

“That’s Sun Mo?”

The fisherman was badly frightened.

It had only been a few days, but this young man was so skinny to the point where it was frightening. Given the constitution of a cultivator, this definitely wouldn’t happen.

“Sigh, he obtained the Battlegod Catalog!”

Although he had already guessed this ending, after personally seeing it, Fu Yanqing still felt extremely disappointed.

Sun Mo saw the two of them. He nodded in greeting and headed out of the canyon.

The fisherman’s right hand involuntarily moved.

Honestly speaking, he had an impulse to forcefully kidnap Sun Mo and start interrogating him, forcing him to hand over the divine art.

“Teacher Sun.”

Fu Yanqing lowered his head and bowed.

“F***, what are you doing?”

The fisherman jumped in fright.

(Do you have to act like this?)

(You are a 6-star great teacher. Don’t you want your face anymore?)

“We are all great teachers. There are no seniors or juniors when it comes to learning!”

Fu Yanqing’s tone turned solemn.

Although he was unhappy with Sun Mo and he had some flaws in his behavior, his character was still pretty good.

Since Sun Mo could obtain the Battlegod Catalog, he was worthy of a bow from him.

Favorable impression points from Fu Yanqing +500. Respect (1,700/10,000).


Seeing the solemn look on Fu Yanqing’s face, the fisherman immediately retracted his thoughts.

There was no solution to it. What if he kidnapped Sun Mo and Fu Yanqing attacked him to save Sun Mo? Wouldn’t that be equal to him giving Fu Yanqing a chance to gain favor from Sun Mo?

Moreover, Sun Mo had comprehended the Battlegod Catalog. If they really fought in the Battlegod Canyon, he had no idea how powerful Sun Mo would be.

(It’s better to rethink my plan! This is the threat of a genius!)

If it was another great teacher, even if it was a 3-star one, the old fisherman would definitely dare to snatch it. (But now that it was Sun Mo, forget it...I can’t afford to offend him! After all, Yue Changdao just died a few days ago and his body hasn’t even rotted yet.)


Just when Li Ruolan decided to enter the canyon, she saw Sun Mo carrying Li Ziqi out.

“Sun Mo?”

Li Ruolan was badly shocked. She then immediately rushed over.

There was no mistake. Although Sun Mo looked extremely frail and skinny now, his gaze was sharper than before and there was an indescribable aura radiating from him.

There were too many people in this stage. When they saw Sun Mo exiting, they immediately crowded around.

“Great Teacher Sun, what sort of cultivation art is the Battlegod Catalog?”

“Great Teacher Sun, please demonstrate some moves and allow us to broaden our horizons!”

“Esteemed teacher, this student is willing to take you on as my master!”

Chaos reigned over. There were all sorts of voices in the air.

Sun Mo grew impatient. His eyes widened as he glared at them.

His will had been strengthened by the ancient Battle God. As a result, this glare of his was like a sharp blade slashing across space, pressing against their necks.

Hence, an instant later, the entire crowd fell silent.

They were horrified!

This was because Sun Mo’s gaze felt incomparably sharp to them like a saber that could chop their heads off.

After that, several people grew excited.

Sun Mo had definitely comprehended the divine art.

(There’s absolutely no mistake!)

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