Absolute Great Teacher
794 Ample Rewards!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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794 Ample Rewards!



Lu Zhiruo squeezed out from the crowd. She was originally very happy, but when she saw how skinny Sun Mo was, her tears immediately began to flow.

(Boohoohoo, Teacher must have suffered a lot.)


Ying Baiwu was also silently wiping away her tears. After that, she began to regard the surroundings warily.

At this moment, her teacher was definitely very weak. (Even if I have to put my life on the line, I have to protect Teacher from the people who want to take advantage of him.)

(Wealth can move the hearts of people, let alone a divine art that is even more valuable than money.)

Xuanyuan Po surveyed Sun Mo. After discovering that he was fine, Xuanyuan Po immediately asked impatiently, “Teacher, what sort of cultivation art is the Battlegod Catalog?”


The spectators immediately pricked their ears.


Qin Yaoguang slapped Xuanyuan Po’s head.

“Is this a question you should ask right now?” Qin Yaoguang grumbled.

“Yeah. Xuanyuan Po, you are too anxious,” Jiang Leng also reprimanded him.

(Given Teacher’s personality, are you afraid he won’t teach it to us? Asking this question at such a timing is simply too cold-blooded.)

Helian Beifang’s status was lower and he felt embarrassed to scold Xuanyuan Po. However, he felt some unhappiness toward this senior martial brother in his heart.

(There’s no mistake in you being fond of combat, but life doesn’t consist only of it.)


Jin Mujie and Gu Xiuxun also scolded him.

“Enough, don’t blame Xuanyuan. This is his way of showing his concern for me.”

Sun Mo stopped everyone from scolding Xuanyuan Po.

Human warmth was normal, but was such a thing really necessary?

Xuanyuan Po was simply a pure-minded person. He dedicated his life to combat. If it wasn’t for the fact that not eating and not sleeping would cause him to die, he didn’t even want to waste time doing these two things.

Xuanyuan Po was pressured so badly that his expression became gloomy. But after he heard Sun Mo’s words, he started to feel very embarrassed. He directly knelt on the ground.

“Teacher, I was wrong.” Xuanyuan Po reflected on his choice of words.

“Xuanyuan, you are not wrong. Just do things according to your heart!”

Sun Mo consoled him. Geniuses shouldn’t let the ways of the world shackle and restrict them.

Xuanyuan Po kowtowed again.


Favorable impression points from Xuanyuan Po +1,000. Reverence (31,100/100,000).

Li Ruolan had a thoughtful look on her face as she stared at Sun Mo. She felt that Sun Mo was completely different from other great teachers.

One must know that in this world, one’s personal teacher was like the sovereign of heavens, and respect was of paramount importance.

For a student like Xuanyuan Po, who didn’t care about the safety of his teachers and directly asked about the cultivation art, other teachers would beat him up in less serious cases or even expel him in more serious cases.

Because such a question was too cold-blooded.

However, Sun Mo actually treated him so differently compared to the other teachers.

“Truly, what a strange person!”

Li Ruolan grew even more curious about Sun Mo.

“Please make way!”

After Gu Xiuxun ascertained that Sun Mo didn’t have any significant injuries other than being skinner, she sighed with relief and started to persuade others to make way for them.

But at this moment, the Battlegod Catalog was in the minds of everyone. The people here were all staring fixedly at Sun Mo, not willing to move aside.

“The true meaning in the seventh part of the canyon is truly too profound. Ai, after I comprehended half...”

Sun Mo sighed and didn’t continue, but there was a disappointed look on his face.

“No wonder the murals vanished but reappeared again. So he had failed!”

“How regretful!”

“What’s there to be regretful about? If Sun Mo comprehended the divine art, we would then have to feel regrets because the murals would vanish forever and we wouldn’t even have the chance to view them again.”

Only a small portion of people felt that it was a pity. The vast majority had a ‘how fortunate’ look on their faces. The divine art was still present, so everyone would still have a chance to try and comprehend it.

Naturally, some also rejoiced in his misfortune.

Although they didn’t make any sarcastic remarks, the mocking looks in their eyes made things clear. (Who told you to be so egotistical and arrogant? You finally know how terrifyingly difficult the Battlegod Catalog is now, right?)

(Given your intelligence, it’s insufficient for you to obtain the Battlegod Catalog!)

“Everyone, disperse! There’s no show to watch. Sun Mo has failed!”

Upon hearing the discussion of the crowd, Sun Mo smiled. “After I comprehended the first half, I took a break and eventually managed to comprehend the other half too.”


Those who wanted to leave suddenly froze as though they were immobilized.


“Great Teacher Sun, you mean...”

“If my understanding isn’t wrong, you already obtained the Battlegod Catalog, right?”

Everyone was shocked.


Sun Mo seriously nodded.


The sound of everyone inhaling cold breaths of air rang out. All the spectators stared at Sun Mo to the point where their eyeballs almost popped out.

“Let’s go back to our campsite.”

Sun Mo passed Li Ziqi to Gu Xiuxun.


Someone cursed.


Everyone’s gaze immediately turned over.

“N...No, I’m not scolding Great Teacher Sun, I’m just lamenting...”

That person was so frightened that he almost peed his pants. Right now, if someone dared to insult Sun Mo, these people would teach that person a lesson on Sun Mo’s behalf. He didn’t even need to say a single thing.

There was no solution to it. Who didn’t want to gain favor from Sun Mo?

However, Sun Mo naturally wouldn’t be angry with him.

Mei Ziyu smiled sweetly. She didn’t expect Sun Mo to actually have such a mischievous side.

“Is it very fun to prank people?”

Gu Xiuxun rolled her eyes. Earlier, she had been thinking about how to console Sun Mo. In the end, after she heard the latter half of his words, she was almost angered to death.

(You really like making pranks, right?)

Sun Mo nodded very seriously. “Yes, it’s very fun!”

Honestly speaking, this trip to the Darkness Continent resulted in a great harvest. This was especially so when he was trapped in that room, experiencing the threat of death. He had ultimately managed to comprehend the true meaning of the Battlegod Catalog and interacted with the Battle God.

The Battlegod Catalog and the new great teacher halo were just nice bonuses for Sun Mo. The crux was the sense of accomplishment that came from him clearing the stage. This caused Sun Mo to be even more confident in himself.

(Even if the system leaves me, I’m not useless!)

Everywhere Sun Mo passed, the crowd automatically opened a path for him. It was unknown why. Sun Mo clearly looked skinny and frail like he would fall from a single push. However, his aura caused them to feel intimidated.

Unfortunately, there would always be someone who wanted to spoil the atmosphere.

“Sun Mo!”

Gu Yun blocked Sun Mo’s path, playing with a dagger in one of his hands.

“You have obtained the Battlegod Catalog, so your combat strength must have been greatly enhanced. In that case, you shouldn’t fear a battle against me, right?”

Regardless of his tone of voice, or how he addressed Sun Mo, they were both filled with thick provocation.

“How audacious, you actually dare to be rude to Great Teacher Sun?!”

“If you don’t leave right away, I will break your dog legs!”

“Why waste your words? Directly knock his teeth off first and let him know that Great Teacher Sun’s prestige shouldn’t be profaned.”

The audience was angered. This was especially so for those major characters at the Longevity Realm who had received benefits from Sun Mo before. They directly prepared themselves to kill Gu Yun,

Sun Mo lifted his hands.

These major characters, who were so angry that they even wanted to kill gods if gods blocked their way, immediately became like little chicks who were eating feed. They obediently lowered their heads.

“You are a star general candidate, right?” Sun Mo asked softly.

Gu Yun frowned.

“Why? You dare to challenge me, but you don’t dare to admit to your identity?”

Sun Mo mocked.

“That’s right, I’m from Dark Dawn. I’m the seventh personal student of the Daynight Starlord!”

Gu Yun reported his origins. The various voices of the crowd immediately vanished. Everyone opened their eyes wide and surveyed Gu Yun attentively.

The Dark Dawn was a mysterious power but also very notorious. It was said that their power was like a spiderweb, capable of spanning every gap. Also, the seven powerful Starlords were top experts among the dark great teachers. Each of them possessed the strength of a secondary saint.

Now, the personal student of a secondary saint had appeared and he was also a star general candidate...

“I didn’t report my origin earlier not because I’m afraid of being captured by the Saint Gate. Rather, I was afraid that you might be frightened and not dare to accept my challenge.”

Gu Yun’s lips curled.

“Hehe. Those that can frighten me really do exist, but the list definitely doesn’t include you.”

Sun Mo stepped forward, brushing past Gu Yun. “Three days later, I will wait for you outside the Battlegod Town.”

“See you there then!”

Gu Yun’s eyes brightened. Three days? He could afford to wait.

“I’ll be there!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he left together with Jin Mujie and the others.

“Sun Mo don’t be brash. Star generals are very powerful!”

Jin Mujie was deeply afraid that Sun Mo didn’t understand how strong a star general was.

The students weren’t qualified to persuade him, but the concern in their eyes was evident.

“No problem. This fellow has provoked me multiple times and I’m also annoyed. I might as well kill him once and for all, so there won’t be future troubles.”

Sun Mo’s tone was extremely casual as though he would just be crushing a housefly to death.

“Haha, do you need to rest for a few more days?”

Gu Yun was very magnanimous. “I don’t want others to say I’m taking advantage of you.

“No need. Three days is enough.”

Honestly, Sun Mo had the ancient massaging technique, the spring water beauty medicine packets, and the lover protection potions. He would recover very fast. He wanted three days because he waited to receive the system rewards.

This time around, he had profited immensely.

“System, you said that if I comprehended the Battlegod Catalog, I can choose any subject and you will raise my proficiency to the grandmaster-level. Quickly come out, I want my reward!”

He was able to become stronger without needing to go bald. Sun Mo was very happy.

“Great Teacher Sun, eradicating members of the Dark Dawn is the responsibility of the Saint Gate. If you...”

He Wei came over, not completing his sentence but his meaning was clear. (If you are worried you cannot beat him, I will immediately get my men to finish that Gu Yun off.)

“No need, this is just a small scene.”

Sun Mo chortled.

After returning to the campsite, Sun Mo entered his tent. However before he could fall asleep, the sounds of notifications rang out in his mind.


“Congratulations on using such a short time to clear the Battlegod Canyon and obtain the Battlegod Catalog. For this glorious great teacher feat, you are awarded 3x great teacher emblems and 5x mysterious treasure chests!”


“Congratulations on obtaining over 100,000 favorable impression points in a single day and successfully taking another large step on the path of great teachers. Reward: 3x mysterious treasure chests. Please continue to work hard.”


“Congratulations on obtaining a top-level divine art and completing the mission. You can choose any subject as a reward and I’ll raise your expertise to the grandmaster-level.”

Although the system only sent out three congratulation notifications, the rewards were extremely plentiful. Sun Mo had eight if he just counted the mysterious treasure chests alone.

(I’ve struck it rich!)

Sun Mo grinned.

(Where’s my lucky mascot?)

(Come in quickly! This great teacher wants to open treasure chests now.)

It was a pity that he didn’t have ten treasure chests to open in one shot. It wasn’t perfect like this!

However, the more excited he was, the more he mustn’t feel anxious. Sun Mo took a warm shower, and after happily eating a bowl of porridge, he changed to a more comfortable set of clothing and sat in the best room in the most luxurious hotel of Battlegod Town.

It was free of charge.

The boss didn’t want anything else other than the fact that Sun Mo had to leave behind a writing of his name before he left. This was to prove that Sun Mo had stayed here before.

The moonlight cascaded down, cloaking the streets in silvery-white light.

“Teacher, eldest martial sister has awakened. She then went to sleep after eating some food.”

Lu Zhiruo reported.


Sun Mo waved his hands. “Come over!”


The papaya girl immediately walked toward Sun Mo obediently. After that, she squatted beside him and propped her chin up with her hands, staring at Sun Mo with eyes filled with unbidden worship.

“Teacher, you are so impressive!”

“Hehe, how impressive?”

Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruo’s head and casually asked.

“Other than my father, you are the most impressive person I’ve ever known.”

Lu Zhiruo replied seriously.


The pride that just rose in Sun Mo’s heart collapsed immediately. (So I’m in second place?!)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》