Absolute Great Teacher
796 Black-White Academy, the Nine Greats
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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796 Black-White Academy, the Nine Greats


The vanishing of the murals was definitely a major incident that would shake the entire cultivation world. Just that day itself, several people immediately wrote letters and sent them out.

During these few days, constant waves of people were rushing to the Battlegod Town, but the fame of the Black-White Academy was undoubtedly the greatest among these groups of people.

The Black-White Academy was one of the Nine Greats, and they had many qualified teachers.

They were different from the Westshore Military School who was proficient in combat. This school was the most proficient in astrology, geography, and various types of knowledge, including exploring mines, searching for various resources, etc. They had an extremely deep foundation.

Hence, this school was extremely rich.

The emblem of the Black-White Academy was an astrolabe with the symbol of a black and white gemini engraved on it.

It was rumored that they chose this style because there was a magical darkness building in the Black-White Academy known as the Black-White Maze. It was said that when one wandered into it, they would be able to see their future path in life.

The formation eye of the maze was a piece of chessboard.

This chessboard had been forged from a ‘heavenly rock’ that fell from the heavens. So, it was known as the heavenly board with stars as its pieces.

There weren’t many people in this group, but there were many major characters.

Someone recognized the group leader as the second-in-command of the Black-White Academy. Wan Kangcheng, this person was an 8-star great teacher and also the vice headmaster of the Black-White Academy.

Such a major character wouldn’t head out often. Once they headed out, it meant that there was a major incident.

“Did they come to recruit Sun Mo?”

“Although Sun Mo is strong, he isn’t strong enough to make an 8-star great teacher come all the way out for him, right?”

“Don’t forget that Sun Mo has the Battlegod Catalog. This is sufficient to be the ultimate divine art of a school.”

Everyone discussed, enjoying the gossip.

He Wei immediately went over in greeting, but he didn’t even manage to meet Wan Kangcheng.


After Sun Mo enjoyed a beautiful sleep, he had a simple breakfast. Then, he headed to Bai Cha’s tea stall and was ready to order a cup of coffee and enjoy the warm sunlight.

After being busy for such a long time, it was about time to take a good rest.

“Teacher, why do you like to drink this?”

Lu Zhiruo drank a mouthful and stuck out her tongue. She still couldn’t get used to this taste.

“I feel it’s pretty delicious!”

Qin Yaoguang grabbed a bunch of coffee beans and started chewing.


Sun Mo was really impressed with regard to the snacking girl’s appetite.

“Sun Mo, are you creating a chance for Wan Kangcheng to recruit you?”

Li Ruolan teased. “This place isn’t bad. There’s plenty of human traffic and if Wan Kangcheng recruited you here, regardless of whether he succeeded or not, you would become extremely famous.”

“Teacher has already obtained the Battlegod Catalog. Isn’t he considered extremely famous?”

The papaya girl was astonished.


Li Ruolan drank a mouthful of coffee and explained, “Reputation needs to be propped up. Only the invitation of a major character on Wan Kangcheng’s level can represent that Sun Mo already has the capability to enter the Nine Greats to teach.”

“I feel that it’s still better to depend on oneself.”

Lu Zhiruo’s lips twitched. (If that’s the case, wouldn’t my father make someone famous if he casually invited them?)

“Little friend, why would the murals appear again after they vanished?”

Bai Cha was curious.

“Because our teacher doesn’t want to become the target of a multitude of arrows.”

Qin Yaoguang explained. They also asked this question some time ago.


Bai Cha started slightly. After that, he nodded. “I understand now. You are shifting firepower away. However, have you thought of it in another way? How great would your value be if you were the only one with that cultivation art?”

“I don’t need such value.”

Sun Mo’s expression was calm. The words he spoke were incomparably tyrannical.

What type of person would need value?

When you needed others to help you do something, whether you succeeded or not would depend on the benefits you could bring to the other party. But Sun Mo’s words contained a clear meaning.

(I don’t need any thighs to hug.)

“Are you not afraid of someone else comprehending the Battlegod Catalog, then?”

Bai Cha looked at Sun Mo’s eyes. “That is a divine art that countless cultivators dream to have!”

“Uncle Bai, although the cultivation art is good, this doesn’t determine a person’s eventual achievements!”

Sun Mo spoke generously, but he was laughing in his heart. The Battle God’s remnant will had dissipated. Even if someone cleared the sixth stage, it would be useless.

Naturally, Sun Mo would also fulfill his promise at that time and impart the other party the Battlegod Catalog.

“Boss Bai, our teacher knows at least five peerless saint-tier cultivation arts. What does an additional Battlegod Catalog count for?”

After Lu Zhiruo spoke, hissing sounds of displeasure rang out.

(Five divine arts?)

(Do you dare to exaggerate even more?)

“If those who had spent over a hundred years and yearned for the Battlegod Catalog heard your words, they most probably would be so depressed that they died, right?”

Bai Cha sighed.


Just when everyone thought that Wan Kangcheng would quickly come and headhunt Sun Mo, there were actually no movements from him for two entire days.

On the first morning, he sat on the mountain peak filled with maple trees and looked at the sunrise. After that, he entered the Battlegod Canyon. During the second day, he went back up the mountain and watched the sunrise and the sunset. After that, he stayed overnight in the Battlegod Canyon. He seemed to have no intention to look for Sun Mo.

“Don’t panic, he’s playing with you.”

Gu Xiuxun consoled, “I don’t believe Wan Kangcheng would not recruit a talent like you. Unless of course, he’s blind.”

“He might really be blind!”

Qin Yaoguang teased.

“Shh, you can’t utter such words recklessly.”

Li Ziqi frowned. If others heard this, they might say that Sun Mo didn’t know how to teach his students.

“Sun Mo, what if he gave you an irresistible condition? Would you leave?”

Mei Ziyu’s lips pursed. She was asking this because she wanted to know if the Jixia Academy had any chance to recruit Sun Mo.

“Can he let me become a vice headmaster of the Black-White Academy?”

Sun Mo laughed.

“It’s impossible even in your dreams.”

Jin Mujie rolled her eyes. “For the Nine Greats, all vice headmasters have to be 7-star great teachers at the very least. For geniuses of your level, which of the nine greats wouldn’t have over ten?”

“So many?”

Ying Baiwu was unhappy.

“How can this be considered many? You have to understand that the elites in the entire world are gathered among the Nine Greats!”

Jin Mujie bitterly smiled. “Am I considered impressive or not?”

Everyone nodded. Jin Mujie wasn’t only impressive, but she was beautiful as well.

“But for a person like me, I can only be the last-ranker among the top geniuses.”

Jin Mujie helplessly shrugged.

If she could stay and teach in her alma mater, she wouldn’t have come to the Central Province Academy.


Everyone inhaled a breath of cold air. One must know that Jin Mujie was a celebrity teacher in the Central Province Academy. Several students had come to join the Central Province Academy because of her.

“Our school is just a ‘C’ grade famous school. For this year, leaving aside whether we can maintain our ranking, even if we manage to rise to the ‘A’ grade, we are nothing. Any of the Nine Greats can easily demolish all the ‘A’ grade schools combined.”

Jin Mujie explained, causing everyone to be dumbfounded

“Are they really so terrifying?”

Helian Beifang didn’t believe it.

“When you have always been the champion for several hundred years, how much foundation would you accumulate?”

Jin Mujie said all this because she wanted to give Sun Mo a warning. Never look down on people of the world just because you could obtain success for a moment.

Sun Mo wanted to take the Central Province Academy back to the ranks of the Nine Greats. The difficulty of this was harder compared to him becoming a 9-star great teacher.

The best ending was that maybe they could enter the ‘A’ grade ten years later.

“Alright, let’s not discuss these matters. Everyone should go pack their stuff. After I defeat Gu Yun tomorrow, we will return to school.”

Sun Mo had improved greatly during this period. Hence, he planned to use the remaining three months for close-door seclusion and stabilizing his foundation as he prepared for the 3-star exam.


The third day...the day of the battle had arrived.

The sunlight from early autumn was still a little warm. Several patches of grass on the ground wilted from the shine, and their tips were dangling.

Many people had long since gathered outside the Battlegod Town.

Gu Yun was already here. He was currently sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed in meditation.

“Isn’t this fellow a little too arrogant?”

Someone doubted.

This fellow personally admitted that he was from the Dark Dawn. Even if he won against Sun Mo, there was no need for him to think about walking out of the Battlegod Town.

After all, capturing a star general, even if that star general was a dead one, would result in a huge reward from the Saint Gate.

“Quickly look, the people from the Westshore Military School are here.”

As someone shouted, the crowd turned their heads and saw Fu Yanqing leading a group of teachers and students rushing over.

“They actually still dare to come? Are they not afraid of losing face?”

“This time around, the Westshore Military School has been thoroughly suppressed and become a stepping stone.”

“What stepping stone? Sun Mo is just too impressive. If there was no him, the Central Province Academy would also amount to nothing!”

The audience whispered to each other.

When the teachers and students of the Westshore Military School heard the discussion, their expressions grew even more unsightly.

“Remember this humiliation. Cultivate properly in the future.”

Fu Yanqing lectured.

Sun Mo’s battle with a star general was still a show worthy to watch.

Very soon, another commotion appeared within the crowd and they subconsciously opened up a pathway.

The group from the Black-White Academy had arrived.

Wan Kangcheng was a radiant-looking man. There were only a few strands of white hair, and he didn’t have many wrinkles either. Just from his appearance, he looked like a 40-year-old middle-aged man.

But in reality, he was already over 300 years old.

This wasn’t because he was maintaining his looks well. Rather, it was due to his high cultivation base and he had entered the Longevity Realm very early, resulting in his appearance not aging easily.

In the cultivation world, those aged-looking people weren’t the most terrifying to offend. Middle-aged people like Wan Kangcheng were ones people should never offend in any circumstances,

Wan Kangcheng didn’t say anything, but the aura of an 8-star great teacher was simply too strong. Just by standing there, the surrounding people were already so frightened that they shut their mouths subconsciously as they were deeply afraid that they might antagonize him if they spoke too loud.

After all, an 8-star great teacher was just a step away from becoming a secondary saint.

Hence, the 8-star rank was known as the secondary saint’s threshold.


“Teacher, why are there so many people?”

Qin Yaoguang tip-toed and peered.


Sun Mo casually replied. There were so many people spectating. Hence, it was inconvenient for him to use the Universe Formless Clone Technique that he was the most familiar with. As for Immemorial Vairocana, its attacking prowess wasn’t strong enough...

“System, use a 100-year time emblem. I want to upgrade the Heavenly Sword Art.”

Sun Mo instructed.

He worried that he wouldn’t be able to defeat Gu Yun just by depending on the Dharma Skyshock Fist. Hence, he might as well use a time emblem to improve his Heavenly Sword Art’s proficiency.

In any case, he didn’t lack favorable impression points now.

A minute later, the system notification rang out.


“Congratulations, your expertise in the Heavenly Sword Art has risen to the half-step grandmaster-level.”


“Sun Mo is here!”

“What Sun Mo? You are so rude, you should address him as Great Teacher Sun!”

“Great Teacher Sun, good afternoon!”

The audience laughed. This was especially so for the major characters at the Longevity Realm. They directly squeezed their way through the crowd and immediately greeted Sun Mo.

Sun Mo swept his gaze around and his gaze matched with Fu Yanqing’s. The other party nodded politely. But after that, he felt a deep gaze landing on his body.

It felt as though everything about him was being seen through.

It was Wan Kangcheng.

Sun Mo’s expression turned heavy and he didn’t speak.

Wan Kangcheng didn’t mind it, but the teachers and students from the Black-White Academy grew unhappy.

“This fellow is so arrogant!”

According to the rules in the great teacher world, low-ranking great teachers had to take the initiative to greet high-ranking ones. Sun Mo’s disregard of this was a type of offense.

Jin Mujie had wanted to greet Wan Kangcheng, but after seeing Sun Mo acting like this, she could only give it up.

After all, they were all from the Central Province Academy and had to be on the same line.

Gu Xiuxun and Mei Ziyu were also very polite usually, but at this moment, both of them chose to follow Sun Mo and ignored Wan Kangcheng.


Upon seeing this scene, Fu Yanqing suddenly felt happy.

(Although I’ve suffered some disadvantages during these few days, Sun Mo still respects me at the very least.)

Gu Yun stood up, but before he could say anything, Miao Ze suddenly stepped out.

“Teacher Sun, my name is Miao Ze. I would like to consult your personal students for some guidance.”


Everyone’s gaze turned over.

“Miao Ze, don’t act recklessly.”

Miao Mu berated.

However, Fu Yanqing didn’t say anything. It was not a bad plan. If they won, they could gain back some face. If they lost, they could also see the standard of Sun Mo’s teaching capabilities while also allowing geniuses from their school to learn a lesson.

“Allow me!”

Zhang Yanzong cracked his fingers and took the initiative to accept.

Since a chance to become famous was knocking on his door, he would just politely open it.

“He is challenging us. Are you a personal student of our teacher?”

Ying Baiwu frowned. She was very unhappy with regard to behavior like this. It was akin to people stealing her food.


Zhang Yanzong’s expression froze. He really wanted to say ‘I might not be one now, but I will be one in the future’. However, he felt that if he really said this, he might be beaten up by Teacher Gu. Hence, he wisely shut his mouth.

“Teacher, this student seeks your approval to meet the challenge!”

Helian Beifang and Jiang Leng both took a step forward. The iron-headed girl then did the same as well. As for Xuanyuan Po, he didn’t even consult Sun Mo and directly walked out to face Miao Ze.

“I”m Xuanyuan Po. My cultivation base is at the Spirit-Refinement Realm, 62 acupoints opened. Please guide me!”

“Miao Ze, Spirit-Refinement Realm, 65 acupoints opened. Please guide me.”

After the two of them exchanged greetings, they didn’t waste words and directly started to fight.

“Sun Mo, although your disciple has outstanding talent, you have to manage his character properly!”

Jin Mujie frowned.

“There’s no one perfect.”

Sun Mo wasn’t too bothered.


Xuanyuan Po fought against Miao Ze. One was a spear-user, while the other was a sword-user. They fought explosively and sparks flew everywhere when they clashed. All their exchanges were head-on collisions.

Because both were geniuses and had learned top-level cultivation arts, the fight was very magnificent to watch.

The audience had their eyes wide open and kept exclaiming in amazement. After that, they felt a sense of disappointment.

(Truly, the new replaces the old! We can’t compare! Can’t compare!)

Usually, Wan Kangcheng would nod in appreciation, but he had no mood to do so today.

He came to the Battlegod Canyon for a mission. He was here to welcome back Teacher Shi. After all, the Battlegod Catalog had already been obtained. It was pointless if Teacher Shi continued to remain here.

However, Teacher Shi had rejected him.

“Ai, wasting 150 years for the sake of a cultivation art. Was it worth it?”

Wan Kangcheng felt heartache. (Even I have become an 8-star great teacher, yet you are still at the same spot. Pity, what a pity!)


Xuanyuan Po’s spear pushed through, knocking Miao Ze’s sword aside. After that, he executed the Nine Revolutions Flame Dragon Tornado and blasted his opponent away.

Three minutes later, Miao Ze was defeated.

After a short period of silence, thunderous applause rang out.

As for Sun Mo, he also heard many notifications of favorable impression points received.

Great teachers were like that. The stronger their personal students were, the greater their fame would be.

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