Absolute Great Teacher
797 Headhunting from the Nine Greats
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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797 Headhunting from the Nine Greats


Although Xuanyuan Po had some flaws in his personality, his talent was too outstanding. It was like those ordinary people would instantly know he was a genius just by looking at him.

The teachers of the Black-White Academy applauded, and the students were already eyeing Xuanyuan Po like how tigers would eye their prey, wanting to measure themselves against him.

This was the spirit of students from famous schools. When they encountered experts with stronger talent than them, they wouldn’t feel dispirited or discouraged. Rather, they would be thinking about how to defeat their opponent.

A defeat wasn’t terrifying. What was terrifying was when the loser didn’t reflect on themself and didn’t want to improve.

Miao Ze stood beside Fu Yanqing and spoke with a face filled with agony and embarrassment, “Teacher, I’ve lost!”

“Among people of the same age, the number of people who can win against Xuanyuan Po is probably not more than three. You don’t have to be so disappointed.”

Fu Yanqing consoled.

“Grade of cultivation arts, will, hard work, talent...he surpassed you in all aspects. If he couldn’t win, that would then be the greatest injustice.”

Fu Yanqing looked at Miao Ze and smiled gently. “However, only such opponents would have meaning to surpass. You should smile happily instead because you have a new target to work toward.”

Priceless Advice was activated.

Miao Ze was encouraged. The past him was the newbie king of this batch and was incomparably arrogant. But right now, his fickle and impatient heart started to calm down, becoming steadier.

“This student will remember Teacher’s teaching with reverence!”

Miao Ze bowed.

Fu Yanqing no longer spoke and stared at Sun Mo.

Truthfully speaking, this trip to the Battlegod Canyon had allowed them all to have some harvests. Even Fu Yanqing’s state of heart had improved because of Sun Mo.

(There’s really something we can learn from everyone!)

With regard to this sentence, Fu Yanqing now had a deeper understanding.


Favorable impression points from Fu Yanqing +50. Friendly (1,250/10,000).


“Teacher Sun, can we fight now?”

Gu Yun played around with his dagger and was already extremely impatient.

“Why are you in such a hurry to die?”

A person with a flattop boo-ed. There was no mistake in fawning over Sun Mo and dissing his opponent.

However, it was useless if the target didn’t hear him. Hence, he shouted extremely loudly and even looked toward Sun Mo, hoping to be able to catch Sun Mo’s eyes.

However, at the next instant, he felt a hint of coldness from his ribs. There was a hard object lodged there.

“There are too many people, so I won’t kill you here. However, there’s poison on my dagger. You can just go home and enjoy waiting for death!”

Gu Yun spoke. The dagger was then forcefully pushed forward and pulled out. There were now bloodstains on it.

The flattop guy’s countenance paled as his legs began to involuntarily tremble.


The people around the flattop guy had no idea when Gu Yun actually appeared there. All of them jumped in fright and subconsciously retreated.

A star general candidate from Dark Dawn definitely had a great amount of threat.


Gu Yun’s figure flashed and he appeared on the field again.

“G...give me the antidote!”

The flattop guy screamed. But because he feared Gu Yun, he didn’t dare to rush up and take it by force.

“I’m a poisoner that’s proficient in using poison. If you feel it’s unfair, I can choose not to use poison.”

Gu Yun shrugged.

“There’s no need for you to play such psychological tricks. You can use whatever you like to use!”

Although he said this, Sun Mo still felt a little trepidation in his heart. A thing like poison would innately cause people to feel uncomfortable.

(I feel I should just learn that poison book. Even if I don’t use it, I can prevent myself from being poisoned to death.)

The two of them then stood in the center of the crowd.

“Gu Yun, seventh level of the Divine Force Realm. Please guide me!”

Gu Yun’s tone was frivolous, but his words caused everyone to exclaim in shock.

From his looks, Gu Yun looked to be about 23 to 24 years old, yet his cultivation base was already so high. No wonder he could become a candidate to be a star general.

Many people revealed looks of envy.

“Sun Mo, eighth level of the Divine Force Realm. Please guide me!”

Sun Mo clasped his fists.

The more the situation worsened, the more he had to be polite. After all, he was a great teacher and depended a lot on his reputation.

After hearing his cultivation base, Wan Kangsheng, who was distracted, suddenly turned and stared at Sun Mo.

“Why do I not feel any ripples in my heart when Teacher Sun reports such a high cultivation base?”

“It’s precisely because he’s Teacher Sun. It’s very normal!”

“Strong, super strong!”

The audience discussed fervently.

“Or should we call the fight off?”

Sun Mo frowned. Although Gu Yun’s cultivation base was only one level lower than him, this made him feel like he was bullying the weak. He suddenly found the battle tasteless and dull.

“No need, my strong point is to be able to jump levels and kill my enemies.”

After Gu Yun’s voice rang out, he appeared behind Sun Mo and stabbed his dagger toward Sun Mo’s heart.


Invulnerable Golden Body.

Sun Mo activated his defense. At the same time, golden light flashed and a gigantic buddha manifested. It waved heavy fists as it punched toward Gu Yun.

Boundless Sea of Suffering, Deliverance from Suffering!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gu Yun’s body was like a falling leaf that was fluttering in the wind. Amidst the dense fist shadows, he dodged all of them.

Buddha Look!


The eyes of the buddha statue shot out a golden beam of light.

Now, Gu Yun could no longer find a chance to attack and somersaulted through the air as he retreated, temporarily lengthening the distance between him and Sun Mo.

“What a coincidence, I’m also proficient in jumping levels to fight enemies. Fighting peers of the same level brings no joy to me.”

Sun Mo turned his body and faced Gu Yun again.

After the spectators started, they erupted forth with cheers and applause, rooting for Sun Mo.

“What cultivation art is that? It’s so impressive!”

Many people were asking.

Sun Mo’s figure didn’t move, but he forced Gu Yun back. This was simply too graceful and tyrannical.

Being at a disadvantage after the first exchange caused Gu Yun’s expression to turn heavy. He no longer spoke nonsense and directly executed his movement art as he rushed forward.


Gu Yun vanished from his spot.

“Eh? Where is he?”

The papaya girl was badly shocked.

Usually speaking, if a person vanished from sight, they must be using an extremely quick movement art and have shifted to his opponent’s, preparing to sneak attack. But this time around, Gu Yun vanished completely.

“Sun Mo is in trouble!”

Just when everyone was worried that Sun Mo might be backstabbed, Sun Mo didn’t turn. Rather, he directly slashed out in a direction with his sword.

One sword summons frost, freezing the Nine Provinces!


White-colored cold qi began to spray from his wooden blade, just like the frost from winter that spread in all directions in a circular manner.

The frost was ethereal and as light as smoke. When they came in contact with something, they would naturally coat around it.

With ‘copy’ from the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, everything in Sun Mo’s vision was in slow-motion. That was why he could find traces of Gu Yun.



A beam of sword light flashed past like a shooting star.

Gu Yun grunted in agony and appeared over ten meters away. There was a sword injury on his chest. It wasn’t a heavy strike, but this clearly indicated that he was still at a disadvantage after the second exchange.

This time around, Sun Mo took the initiative to attack.

Wielding Sword Drinking Horse!


The spirit qi in Sun Mo’s body gushed forth, instantly causing a warhorse to take form. He then rode on it and charged toward Gu Yun.

Sword Flash!

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

Tens of sword qi streams ran rampant like they wanted to tear the dome of the sky asunder. Several of them grazed the ground, leaving behind deep gorges that were about a thumb-size deep.

Gu Yin dodged again. He also simultaneously retaliated.


Black mist gushed forth from his dagger. After that, the black mist materialized into streams of sharpness that blasted toward Sun Mo.

Sun Mo dodged by leaping into the air. Just when he left the warhorse, the streams of sharpness increased in speed and pierced into the warhorse.

“Ah, how dangerous!”

Lu Zhiruo exclaimed in shock.

Fu Yanqing couldn’t help but nod as he watched. Sun Mo’s experience in practical combat was extremely strong.

The grade of this star general’s cultivation art was very high, and it was also very bizarre. If Sun Mo made a judgment based on the initial speed of the streams of sharpness, he would definitely be injured.

Luckily, Sun Mo was extremely cautious.

Gu Yun originally wanted to use this as an opportunity to close in, but he was forced back again.

Sword Dragon in the Field


Sword qi flooded forth from the wooden blade, forming a giant dragon.

The aura of an ancient desolate beast was fully displayed.

“Wow, this ultimate move is so imposing!”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Gu Yun was extremely serious now. He dodged again. It wasn’t because Sun Mo’s sword attack was too powerful. Rather, the timing of his own attacks wasn’t correct. This was why he temporarily chose to be in a defensive state and receive Sun Mo’s attacks.

Usually speaking, such an ultimate move would only be used at the crucial moment when victory or defeat was decided. It shouldn’t be used so casually.


The giant dragon slammed into the ground, causing clouds of dust to fly up.

Sun Mo blasted through the dust and directly appeared before Gu Yun. He then slashed out repeatedly with his blade.

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

Just when Gu Yun blocked the attacks, another Sun Mo appeared behind him, punching out heavily.


Gu Yun frowned. The clone looked so real!

As expected, two more clones appeared at his left and right, completely surrounding Gu Yun.

“The one on the left should be the real one!”

Gu Yun guessed. Although this Sun Mo was expressionless, his moves were all extremely ruthless and were the most dangerous.


Just after he blocked a hit, one of the Sun Mo rushed right into his face and executed another ultimate attack.

A sword breaking the sky!

Gu Yun had no way to retreat because Sun Mo’s clones were all around him. He could only block the blows. But at this moment, the Sun Mo in front of him suddenly vanished.

Behind me?

Gu Yun guessed it and just when he wanted to counter-attack, he got struck heavily at his back the next instant.


The wooden blade smashed heavily into Gu Yun’s back, causing his spine to directly shatter. His entire person was like a sack being sent flying after a car knocked into it.

“You are weaker than I expected!”

Sun Mo was speechless. He had even planned to cast the Battlegod Protector Halo and check out the combat strength of the Battle God. However, Gu Yun was already crippled.

The Starflash Pearl was truly awesome.

Its teleportation effect wouldn’t break his execution of ultimate moves.

This also meant that if Sun Mo cast teleportation when he was executing an ultimate move, he would directly appear behind his opponent and follow up immediately with another attack.

That was impressive.

“Seems like I have to start collecting some top-graded equipment in the future.”

Sun Mo concluded the experience gained from this battle.

When both parties had similar-level cultivation arts and combat experience, their equipment would become tools to determine victory.

As expected, spamming money was useful in any world.

Luckily, he who was in this world of the Nine Provinces didn’t lack money.


After hearing Sun Mo’s words, Gu Yun’s countenance alternated between the shades of purple and green. Just when he wanted to climb up, he felt an intense pain in his chest and he coughed out blood as he lay back down.

“Congratulations to Teacher Sun on your victory!”

He Wei cheered and rushed over immediately to bootlick. “Congratulations to Great Teacher Sun on easily taking down a star general, exhibiting your might.”

“You are praising me too much!”

Sun Mo smiled.

“Great Teacher Sun, I wonder if you can hand this guy to us...?”

He Wei smiled. “Naturally, the reward for capturing him won’t be a copper coin lesser than it should be.”

“Just bring him away.”

Sun Mo never had any good impression of the Dark Dawn. Besides, given the characteristics that Gu Yun had displayed, he probably wasn’t a good person.

“Many thanks, Great Teacher Sun.”

He Wei was extremely joyful.

Those who felt their relationships weren’t bad with Sun Mo wanted to come over and congratulate him. But after they took two steps forward, they halted. This was because Wan Kangcheng walked over.

“Teacher Sun, it’s an honor to meet you at last!”

These words were clearly a polite greeting.

Although Sun Mo’s fame was greatly enhanced during this year, an 8-star great teacher would usually be extremely busy. It was unknown whether they would even know the name of the first ranker on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings.

But speaking of which, people who could let major characters say something this polite was already relatively impressive.

This was because they absolutely wouldn’t be bothered with ordinary geniuses.

“Teacher Wan!”

Sun Mo’s tone was neither servile nor overbearing. He didn’t feel any anxiousness or fear from meeting a major character. Speaking of which, he had seen two Starlords before and a dean (Dean Bai).

The individual that gave him the best feeling was the soymilk-loving Daybreak Starlord. But if he really had to choose one to work with, he would choose Bai Wenzhang.

“Are you interested in coming over and teaching in the Black-White Academy?”

Wan Kangcheng spoke and invited Sun Mo.

Although everyone had guessed at the reason why Wan Kangcheng appeared, when they personally heard him recruiting Sun Mo, they were still extremely shocked. This indicated that Sun Mo’s talent had obtained the recognition of the Nine Greats.

“Teacher is so awesome!”

Li Ziqi grinned, feeling extremely honored and glorious.

Gu Xiuxun was envious. When would she be able to reach this step?

“Sun Mo wouldn’t leave, right?”

Jin Mujie felt somewhat worried. After all, the influence of top schools like the Nine Greats was simply too great. Once one managed to enter there, it would be like stepping on a highway and they would be able to advance even more smoothly.

At the very least, the characters Sun Mo would come in contact with would all be people from top-level great teacher circles.

“This fellow has no sincerity at all. He wants to headhunt our teacher without offering conditions?”

Ying Baiwu frowned.

“My dear senior martial sister. If they really offered conditions, that would be an insult to the Nine Greats. Just the name of their school alone is sufficient.”

Qin Yaoguang explained.

“Many thanks for Teacher Wan’s attention and kindness. However, I’m living pretty well in the Central Province Academy.”

Sun Mo smiled and rejected.

The feeling Wan Kangcheng gave Sun Mo was similar to when he had met a strict head of teaching during his student days.

This guy had a poker face that was smileless forever.

Wan Kangcheng didn’t mind either. He then spoke in reminder, “Although your aptitude in combat is good, you should train yourself more instead of using tools to obtain victory.”

After speaking, Wan Kangcheng turned and left.

One couldn’t help but say that his judgment was extremely good. He could see the crux of Sun Mo’s victory.

Although Sun Mo was outstanding, Wan Kangcheng’s main aim here was to invite Teacher Shi back.

“So you depended on some tools to win?”

Gu Yun, who had been feeling very dejected, suddenly felt complacent when he heard this.

He Wei directly punched him in the mouth twice.

Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to care about him. (Guys like you basically wouldn’t know the joy of spamming money.)

(Speaking of which, why are there so few favorable impression points? Could it be that you guys no longer admire me?)

“That’s enough. How many favorable impression points have you obtained during this period? You even cleared the Battlegod Canyon. Hence, it’s extremely normal for you to be able to defeat Gu Yun in their eyes. It isn’t a matter worthy of praise.”

The system explained.


Sun Mo frowned. This was the so-called absolute threshold.

It was like when one was watching p*rn. At the start, one would be able to climax easily no matter what they watched. But as time passed and the number of videos they had watched increased, they would only be able to climax if they watched specific categories.

If Sun Mo kept performing so outstandingly, everyone’s standard of him would also grow higher and higher. In the future, he would only be able to win their worship and admiration if he did some miraculous things.

There were simply too few people like the honest guy who would contribute favorable impression points no matter what he did.

“This can’t be done. I have to nurture a new batch of point contributors quickly.”

Sun Mo had to prepare for a rainy day. This time around, he was prepared to ‘feast’ on floods of favorable impression points during the 3-star great teacher examination.

“Teacher Sun has rejected Wan Kangcheng. Are you guys not feeling any regret at all? After all, if he really went over, you guys would have a chance to enter the Black-White Academy to study!”

Zhou Yu was curious.

In any case, he really felt like going.

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