Absolute Great Teacher
798 Why Don“t You Give Up On Being A Great Teacher?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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798 Why Don“t You Give Up On Being A Great Teacher?

Chapter 798: Why Don’t You Give Up On Being A Great Teacher?

“A school with my teacher around is the best school.”

Li Ziqi’s admiration for Sun Mo was brimming out from her words.

“I concur!”

The reason why Tantai Yutang had acknowledged Sun Mo back then was out of spite that he didn’t get to live for long and out of fun. However, he now felt that it was the best decision he had made in so many years.

As he often received Sun Mo’s living blood technique massage, although the poison in his body hadn’t been removed, they didn’t aggravate either. He was clearly able to live for two or three more years than previously anticipated.

“I concur!”

Jiang Leng, who was a person of few words, also smiled and nodded.

Lu Zhiruo’s hands were clapping very quickly. “Eldest Martial Sister said it well!”

This scene made Jin Mujie feel extremely envious.

The greatest sense of achievement for a teacher was to let their personal disciples boast about them proudly at any moment.


“Sect Lord, there’s an urgent mail for you.”

The secretary entered the office with graceful steps.

Liang Hongda was seated in front of the table, trimming a pot. Hearing that, he frowned, “How many times have I told you? I’m just the Vice Sect Lord.”

“In my heart, you’re like the Sect Lord, putting in great effort in things.”

The secretary gave a compliment that was sweet as honey with her little mouth. However, she cursed in her heart over how hypocritical he was.

The previous secretary didn’t know any better and always addressed Liang Hongda with the word ‘vice’ before his title. The person ended up being fired in just a few days.

“How would I dare to compare with the Sect Lord?”

Liang Hongda said humbly, but his radiant expression showed that he liked the flattery. “Whose letter is it?”

“He Wei!”

The secretary said this and then handed over the letter with both hands.

There was a white feather attached to the letter, representing that it was an urgent mail.

“Why is it him again?”

Liang Hongda frowned. In the recent week, he had received three letters from He Wei. “Does this guy not want his job anymore?”

“Maybe there’s really something serious.” The secretary smiled. “Or maybe that Sun Mo has done something astonishing again?”

“What other things could be more astonishing than clearing the sixth stage of the canyon?”

Liang Hongda’s lips twitched as he tore up the letter. “He couldn’t have comprehended the Battlegod Catalog, right?”

“The Sect Lord must be joking. How is it possible for Sun Mo to do it when it’s something that even you can’t do?”

The secretary flattered him.

She had no idea how many murals Liang Hongda had comprehended at the Battlegod Canyon, but saying flattering things couldn’t go wrong. Moreover, she must try to wear an admiring expression as much as possible.

(Sigh! It’s really not easy to be a secretary! If I knew this back then, I would have continued to be a teacher and not choose to enter the Saint Gate.)

However, this was just a passing thought of the secretary. If given a second chance, she’d still choose to find a way to enter the Saint Gate.

After all, this was a public-sector job, a sturdy job that could support one for life.

“Only uncultured people like He Wei would be this surprised when they meet someone who can enter the seventh stage of the canyon. I don’t have the time to comprehend the murals. If I do, by now...”

Liang Honda received this compliment calmly. After all, when he was young, he was also a genius who received the attention of everyone. However, he soon was unable to continue his words.

It was because the words on the letter seriously pierced his eyes.

“That’s true. Given your current strength, you might be able to comprehend the Battlegod Catalog after spending three years, no, even just one to two years.”

The secretary felt regretful for Liang Hongda. “It’s a pity that there’s too much work here and you aren’t able to leave.”

The secretary felt ashamed and a little worried to be saying things that went against her true feelings. (I won’t go down to hell and get my tongue pulled out after I die, right? But why is Liang Hongda not showing any reaction? Was my flattery done wrongly? No, I must find a way to fix things!)

Just as the secretary was about to speak up, Liang Hongda suddenly stood up, bringing the letter close up to his eyes, while he wore an astonished expression, almost reading one letter at a time.

“What the hell?”

Liang Hongda’s upper eyelids were almost popping out. “Sun Mo has comprehended the Battlegod Catalog? Is He Wei blind?”

Meow meow meow?

The secretary was also stunned speechless upon hearing this. The Battlegod Canyon’s murals had existed for several ten thousand years and to date, no one had been able to comprehend them. It didn’t take much thinking to know how difficult it was.

But now, someone had succeeded?

“Was it written wrongly?”

The secretary analyzed.

“It’s definitely wrong!”

Liang Hongda instinctively didn’t believe it, but his rationale told him that He Wei neither had the need nor dare to joke on such a serious matter.

“Quick, prepare the horse!”

This concerned a top-notch divine art and Liang Hongda couldn’t sit still.

“Oh, oh.”

The secretary ran for a little and suddenly stopped, turning back to ask, “Should we inform the Sect Lord?”

“Are you stupid? Do you think the Sect Lord wouldn’t know about such an important matter?”

Liang Hongda scolded. After the secretary left, he paced about in the room, his mind in a complete mess.

How could Sun Mo comprehend the Battlegod Catalog?

Although they had only met a few times, Liang Hongda admired Sun Mo. However, as Sun Mo didn’t take the initiative to offer his services to him, Liang Hongda didn’t try to recruit him either. He was planning to leave Sun Mo hanging for a little and then step out to help after Sun Mo was given a brutal beating by society, doing him a great favor.

But now, after what Sun Mo had done, he wouldn’t be able to get his turn to do Sun Mo a favor anymore.

Plenty of major characters in the great teacher world would want to recruit him.

Sigh, wasn’t he being too much of a genius?


Favorable impression points from Liang Hongda +500. Respect (1,100/10,000).

Liang Hongda suddenly felt very regretful. He shouldn’t have gotten on his high horse and should have treated Sun Mo with courtesy.


In a study with extremely simple furniture, a middle-aged man stood in front of the window, having his hands behind his back. He was lost in thoughts as he looked at the stars in the sky.

“Sun Mo and Battlegod Catalog? Hehe, my daughter doesn’t have good judgment, but her luck is really exorbitantly good!”

The middle-aged man shook his head and laughed helplessly. “I’ll let her stay by his side for a little longer then. She might really be able to return with great achievements from her studies.”

After making this decision, the middle-aged man placed this matter aside and continued with his work. The people from the Dark Dawn hadn’t been behaving well recently.

That Dawn Sovereign seemed like he was going to do something big again.

As for the Battlegod Catalog, it was just a cultivation art. It wouldn’t be able to control the world, so he had no interest in it.


“Uncle Bai, I’ll be leaving tomorrow!”

Sun Mo sat in the teahouse, drinking coffee. “Can you give me some of this white tea?”

“What are you saying? I’ve already gifted them to you.”

Bai Cha stopped working and sat down opposite Sun Mo, sipping on some coffee with him.

For very, very long, neither of them said anything.

“Aren’t you curious?”

Sun Mo put down the empty teacup.

“I’m just an old man who sells tea. What use would it be for me to be curious about the Battlegod Catalog?”

Bai Cha chuckled and picked up the teapot, wanting to fill up Sun Mo’s cup. “Moreover, even if you were to tell me, I wouldn’t understand.”

“I’m not drinking anymore. Otherwise, I won’t be able to sleep at night.”

Sun Mo got up. “We’ll meet again if we are fated!”

“En, see you!”

Bai Cha took in a puff from his pipe. “The sunset here is very beautiful. Before you go, you can consider heading up the mountain again and take a look.”

“I plan on doing that.”

After Sun Mo bade his goodbye, he headed for the mountain. It was now the early autumn, and all the maple leaves on the mountain were showing signs of turning red.

There was someone at the top of the mountain. It was Jin Mujie.

She sat on a big rock, looking at the mountains in the far distance, seeming to be thinking of something bad. She seemed to be wearing a worrying expression, looking like a female ghost who had died an aggrieved death, making one’s heart feel pity for her.

Sun Mo walked over and his gaze moved downward uncontrollably.

The blowing wind was like a lover’s hand, lifting up the hems of her clothing, revealing her fair ankles.

“They say that sunset is life’s final glow and it’s unlucky. But I like it.”

Sun Mo stood by Jin Mujie’s side.

Jin Mujie didn’t reply.

Sun Mo was instantly stunned. As someone who would only play games on the weekends, being alone by himself even if he were to go watch a movie, he was really not good at chatting up ladies.

Sun Mo scratched his head and was pondering on how to make the atmosphere more romantic when he heard Jin Mujie’s light laugh.

“Are you trying to console me?”

Jin Mujie’s big and beautiful eyes looked toward Sun Mo.


Sun Mo subconsciously averted his gaze. Being looked at by her like this made him cower a little.

“Hehe, you’re someone who’s learned the Battlegod Catalog. Shouldn’t you be dauntless like the ancient Battle God? Why are you scared of a woman’s gaze?”

Jin Mujie joked.

“It’s because I don’t want to lose you that I’m worried that I might offend you if I’m not careful.”

Sun Mo quickly explained. He didn’t want to be treated as a coward.

Jin Mujie was stunned for a moment, then her face flushed up.


Sun Mo was surprised. (What is the deal with your expression? Wait a minute, she couldn’t have misunderstood, could she? I’m not confessing. I’m saying that I treat you as a friend, so I’ll have more reservations when I talk. I fear that I might say the wrong things and make you feel displeased, thereby losing you as a friend.)

“Teacher Jin... I...”

Before Sun Mo explained, Jin Mujie waved her hand.

“I understand what you mean. I’m not that much of a narcissist that I’d think you’d confess to me!”

Jin Mujie smiled in self-mockery.

“No, Teacher Jin, you’re too modest. I do want to do it, but I just don’t dare to...”

Sun Mo was starting to speak a little incoherently. Firstly, Jin Mujie’s self-mockery made him want to console her. Secondly, he really didn’t dare to think of it...

In modern society, Sun Mo would probably be scolded for being a toad that was lusting after a swan’s flesh just from chatting up a great beauty like her, let alone asking for their Wechat account.


That’d be him not having a clear estimation of himself!


Jin Mujie put her fair index finger upright to her lips. “I appreciate your intention in wanting to console me, but you shouldn’t say such things recklessly. After all, you’re my brother-in-law.”


Sun Mo was stunned. (When have I treated you as my older sister? Why don’t I know that?)

“Why? Xinhui calls me older sister. Are you unwilling to do so?”

Jin Mujie feigned anger.


Sun Mo quickly shook his head.

“Then come call me older sister.”

Jin Mujie poked Sun Mo’s chest with her finger. “Hurry up. What are you hesitating for?”

“Old... Older Sister!”

Sun Mo said this very stiffly.

“Tsk, it’s clear that you don’t sound willing.”

Jin Mujie twitched her beautiful lips.

“Sister Jin, I’m wrong. Please let me off.”

Sun Mo smiled bitterly.

“Haha, the new battle god is apologizing to me. I suddenly feel that I’m so amazing!”

Jin Mujie forced a smile.

“New Battle God?”

Sun Mo frowned.

“That’s right. You’ve comprehended the Battlegod Catalog, so you’re the new Battle God!”

As Jin Mujie said this, she couldn’t help but put out her index finger and poked Sun Mo with force. “You’re so talented in battle. Why not give up on becoming a great teacher?”

After saying this, Jin Mujie stared at Sun Mo with a scorching gaze. For an instant, she really hoped to hear him agreeing to this.

(Do you know that with an existence like you around, it’ll make us feel especially inferior and disappointed?)


Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +1,000. Respect (9,660/10,000).

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