Absolute Great Teacher
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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799 Favorable Impression Points Explode!


Humans would always encounter a few downs in life as well as moments when they’d be dejected, thinking of just getting by in life.

People who were always filled with motivation and drive, being able to constantly have a fighting spirit for their entire life didn’t exist.

Jin Mujie had witnessed the miracles that Sun Mo had created, and Zhou Yu’s performance also made her disappointed. She was almost certain that he wouldn’t be able to win a position in the 4-star great teacher examination’s personal disciple battle. Therefore, Jin Mujie’s mentality had collapsed.

As she was the leader, she had to forcibly keep up a smile in front of others. However, when she was alone, the irritated and upset feeling would engulf her like tidal waves, making her suffocate and feel terrible.

Jin Mujie wanted to find someone to talk to, but as she was older, she didn’t wish to lose her pride as a senior in front of her juniors like An Xinhui.

After saying this, Jin Mujie knew that she had misspoken. She lowered her head and apologized softly, “I’m sorry, I lost my cool.”

Tears trickled down from her eyes.

Sun Mo pursed his lips when he saw Jin Mujie like this. He understood her feelings. When he was in high school, he wasn’t able to get into the top three of the management level no matter how hard he worked. It was the same feeling he had felt back then.

That was the first time Sun Mo felt that he couldn’t compare to others.

He had felt dejected over this for very long.

“Hehe, I’ve let you watch a joke.”

Jin Mujie smiled in self-mockery and turned, wanting to leave.


Sun Mo grabbed Jin Mujie’s wrist.

“Sister Jin, what’s your reason to become a teacher?”

Sun Mo’s voice was very soft as if it could drift away if the wind blew.

Jin Mujie didn’t wish to reply and wanted to break free from Sun Mo’s grip, but he held on tightly.

“Sister Jin, are you thinking of bringing glory to your ancestors?”

Sun Mo grabbed Jin Mujie’s shoulders and turned her body to face him.

“Why? Do you want to counsel me?”

Jin Mujie teased.

“No, I just want to understand you better.”

Sun Mo smiled. He had worked as a teacher-in-charge for a few years and had encountered students with similar characters to Jin Mujie.

People like them were proud and couldn’t stand people’s charity and pity the most.

“No need!”

Jin Mujie’s tone gradually sounded cold.

“You were saying that you’re my elder sister earlier, but now you’re behaving coldly like a stranger. Women are really heartless!”

Sun Mo also started teasing back.

“I want to teach some good students and not let them live their lives in waste. Is that enough?”

Jin Mujie’s family didn’t lack money. Moreover, as she was a girl, there wasn’t a need for her to do things like bringing glory to her ancestors.

Her original intention of becoming a teacher was because her family would give out monetary gifts and buns during festive periods every year. During then, children in battered clothing would come and wait a few days in advance, fearing that they’d miss the gifts.

However, they were also worried to incur wrath if they were to stay too close to the Jin manor and thus would hide in the alleys far away.

There was one especially cold winter, and a few children had frozen to death in the alleys because they were waiting for the gifts in the middle of the night.

She watched as the constables tossed their corpses onto a cart and then into a mass burial site without even having a grass mat to wrap their corpses with.

From then on, Jin Mujie decided that she was going to be a great teacher. She was going to let these children’s lives bloom like the most brilliant flowers.

“Since that’s the case, then why are you so fixated on star titles?”

Sun Mo asked.

Jin Mujie was stunned. She didn’t place much regard on this previously as she had passed all of her examinations in one attempt. However, after Sun Mo’s burst this year, she felt tremendous pressure.

This was the mental state of a genius, unwilling to be lagging behind others.

“Given your age, you can still be called a genius even if you were to get your 4-star title ten years later.”

Sun Mo praised.

“Are you humiliating me?”

Jin Mujie’s gaze turned sharp.

“Teacher Jin, more haste, less speed. Zhou Yu is so young, yet you’re already forcing him to win a spot in the personal disciples battle. I know that you had the eldest disciple who died from an accident. If that wasn’t the case, you might be a 4-star now.”

Sun Mo sighed.

Hearing the mention of her eldest disciple, Jin Mujie felt her heart aching.

“The difference between disciples’ aptitude isn’t something that can be made up with guidance.”

Sun Mo consoled her.

“This isn’t an excuse for failure.” Jin Mujie shook her head. “Let go of me!”

“Teacher Jin, we as teachers shouldn’t be tied down by reputations. We should do what we can in our lifetime to let students display their talents and surpass themselves. That’ll do.”

Sun Mo’s voice started becoming louder. “Why do you insist on getting Zhou Yu to win against those geniuses?

“It is to your credit that Zhou Yu has surpassed his own limits and keeps on getting stronger. What else are you dissatisfied with?”

Zhou Yu wasn’t considered bad, but the comparison target Jin Mujie had chosen was too high.

As it was his heartfelt words, Priceless Advice erupted.

With golden light spots shining down on her, Jin Mujie became quiet and then let out a bitter laugh, “With so many students, it can’t be that there isn’t a single genius out of them. However, the fact that I can’t find one shows that my judgment isn’t good.”

The golden light spots dissipated on top of the mountain. Some of them hit the stone statue.

“Teacher Jin, when we pick students, we shouldn’t pick the best geniuses. We should pick the ones who are the most suitable to our specialties.”

Sun Mo persuaded.

“Ha, then would you be willing to give up a genius of Xuanyuan Po’s level?”

Jin Mujie sneered.

“I told Li Ziqi and the others that if there comes a day where I won’t be able to teach them anymore, they can leave any time.”

Jin Mujie pouted her lips. She didn’t believe that.

Which great teacher wouldn’t want to become a saint?

What did a saint rely on to become one?

Having students across the world!

What kind of saint didn’t have a few personal disciples who enjoyed a great reputation in Nine Provinces?

It was just that when Jin Mujie’s gaze turned toward Sun Mo, she noticed that his expression was extremely serious. His eyes, with the distinct black and white parts, were very clear, showing no hints of conscience-stricken nor impurities.

“I, Sun Mo, swear that if I’m unable to teach my students, I’m willing to break our teacher-student relationship and let them leave. If I go back on my words, then let me be unable to rise in my cultivation tier forever, unable to comprehend halos, and forget everything that I’ve learned.”

Sun Mo raised his right hand.


Jin Mujie was given a fright to hear Sun Mo swearing. She quickly put her hand out to cover his mouth. “Are you crazy? Why are you swearing for no reason? Pui pui pui. Take it back quickly.”

Jin Mujie’s palm was warm and smooth. It felt really good.

“Sister Jin, let me show you some things.”

Sun Mo clenched his right hand into a fist and a layer of creamy white light lit up.

“I’m not going to look!”

Jin Mujie refused, but her heart was in a mess.

Although her tone wasn’t friendly and her attitude was bad, she did feel reproachful. She understood that Sun Mo was doing this for her own good, and she shouldn’t let this friendship down.

However, Sun Mo didn’t care about that. He sent his punch smashing toward Jin Mujie’s head.


When the fist stopped in front of Jin Mujie’s forehead, the white glow shot into her mind.

Soul Imprint!


Countless memories erupted in Jin Mujie’s mind.

The image of a young man appeared. Like a movie, his life rapidly played out in front of her.

Jin Mujie was immersed in it.

Sun Mo looked at Jin Mujie’s face and when he saw her tightly furrowed brows, he couldn’t help but put out his hand to smooth them out.

The two of them naturally didn’t notice that the stone statue’s eyelids had moved. It was because of Priceless Advice and also due to Sun Mo’s oath.

Very long later.

Jin Mujie opened her eyes.

“This is...”

Jin Mujie didn’t finish her words but looked toward the Battlegod Canyon with a face filled with astonishment.

“That’s right. It’s the life of that Battle God. How do you feel?”

Sun Mo smiled and asked.

“I’ve benefited greatly!”

Jin Mujie looked toward the canyon and bowed solemnly.

A person who was able to reach the peak of the Nine Provinces and get a great reputation as an ancient Battle God was very inspirational to begin with. Therefore, it made Jin Mujie feel deeply moved.

She naturally felt spirited.

“Teacher Jin, you’re still young. There’s no need for you to feel anxious.”

Sun Mo smiled bitterly. “As for me, I had taken some shortcuts. It’s unfair for you to compare yourself with me.”

“Alright, there’s no need to console me anymore!”

Jin Mujie rolled her eyes. After watching the Battle God’s entire life, she was motivated by his strong fighting will. The disappointment and her urge to shut herself in were dissipating like dark clouds that had been exposed to the strong sun.

She wouldn’t be like this for at least the next few months.

“I’m sorry. I’ve let you watch a joke of me.”

Jin Mujie apologized.

“To be able to see a joke of Sister Jin is quite an interesting sight. Sister Jin, your expression earlier is probably one that isn’t seen often by ordinary people. Ha, that’s a steal! I’ve remembered it!”

Sun Mo teased.

“You’re so bad!”

As Jin Mujie said that, she raised her fist and hammered Sun Mo’s chest lightly. She then looked at his face. After getting close to him, she tiptoed and planted a kiss on his lips.


Sun Mo was surprised. Just as he was at a loss of what to do, Jin Mujie had already backed off.

“Don’t misunderstand. This is just my thanks.”

Jin Mujie’s face was flushed red and her heart was in a mess.

(Oh my, what was I doing? How could I do something so shameless? He is your brother-in-law!)

(Sigh! Why are you my brother-in-law?)


Sun Mo nodded. For some reason, he was at a loss as he looked at Jin Mujie’s red lips, feeling regretful that he hadn’t taken the initiative to respond to her kiss.

He had missed a great opportunity.

“Sun Mo, with you doing this, I’ve managed to see the entire Battlegod Catalog.”

Jin Mujie diverted the topic, feeling both curious as well as disbelief. There were too many valuable things that Sun Mo had hit into her mind.

“Go ahead!”

Sun Mo didn’t mind. “If you want to learn them, I can teach you!”


Jin Mujie hammered Sun Mo again, rolling her eyes. “Can you not say such things recklessly? People might misunderstand!”

“Misunderstand what? I’m not planning on taking you in as my disciple!”

Sun Mo quickly explained.

“Not a disciple, but a proposal!”

Jin Mujie explained.


Sun Mo was very surprised. “Why do you say that?”

“In the great teacher world, there’s a tradition of using peak-grade cultivation arts and prescriptions as a betrothal gift when asking for the lady’s hand in marriage!”

Jin Mujie smiled. “If Xinhui were to find out that you’ve imparted the Battlegod Catalog to me, you would get a smack in the butt.”

“It’s my cultivation art, I’ll be the one to make the call.”

After Sun Mo said that, he wondered why did it feel as if he was having an affair?

“It’s a pity. If Xinhui wasn’t involved, I might agree to it.”

Jin Mujie’s lips twitched. (After all, I quite like your bones. If we were to get married, I’d be able to play with them every night.)

“Oh right, is the Battlegod Catalog really related to spirit runes?”

Jin Mujie then recalled an important thing.


Sun Mo didn’t hide anything. He had just nodded when he felt that something was amiss. An overwhelming aura suddenly permeated at the top of the mountain.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》