Absolute Great Teacher
800 Stone Statue Breaks, Secondary Saint Comes Ou
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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800 Stone Statue Breaks, Secondary Saint Comes Ou

Chapter t

“What the hell?”

Sun Mo’s heart jumped up to his throat. It was because this disposition was too powerful. If it was an enemy, he wouldn’t be able to deal with them.

“It’s that stone statue!”

Jin Mujie let out a surprised gasp.

Sun Mo noticed it as well. After all, there was only this big of a space on top of the mountain and the stone statue wasn’t far away.

Kacha! Kacha!

The stone statue’s body looked like a clay model that had been exposed to the blazing sun, with many cracks extending out.

“Why... why did it crack?”

Jin Mujie didn’t understand.


Sun Mo wanted to know the reason as well.

There were now two options in front of him. Number one, regardless of what it was, he should crush its head first before it completely cracked open. Number two, run, leaving far away from this place.

However, Sun Mo was now a great teacher with a great reputation. It’d be too embarrassing for him to run.

“It should be a spiritual control technique.”

Sun Mo reckoned. It could be the case where after he had defeated Gu Yun, Gu Yun’s comrades had come to look for trouble. Due to their identities as the Dark Dawn’s members, they didn’t dare to show themselves for fear of being jointly attacked, so they chose this battle tactic.

At the thought of this, Sun Mo drew out his wooden blade, wanting to slash out.

“Hold on! Let’s retreat first!”

Jin Mujie pulled Sun Mo’s arm. She was a careful person. Moreover, it was fine if something were to happen to her, but if her brother-in-law were to get hurt, how would she be able to answer An Xinhui?

Just as the two of them were feeling undecided, that stone statue exploded with a bang.

Small shards shot out everywhere like bullets, making hitting sounds on the maple trees nearby. Branches and leaves fell and the pulverized rocks started to seethe.

“There’s someone there?”

Jin Mujie saw that after the stone statue broke open, an old man was revealed. She was instantly given a big shock and then her vision was blocked.

It was because Sun Mo, who was next to her, had taken a step forward to block in front of her.

Jin Mujie was stunned, then her heart started to be filled up by touched feelings and a sense of security.

Was this what it felt like to be shown concern?

It felt really good!

In that instant, Jin Mujie started to feel envious of An Xinhui. What more could one wish for from a husband if they could find a man who was so gentle and brave?

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Six Universe Formless Clones appeared, both in a bid to threaten the opponent as well as for self-defense. At least, it wouldn’t let the old man know where the real body was at.


Bai Cha washed up the teaware and suddenly raised his head to look toward the mountain peak. He then smiled as he shook his head.

(Old man, you’ve finally woken up! Haha, it’s time for you to wake up. The Battlegod Catalog is already out in the world. What’s the point of staying there and being exposed to the wind and rain?)


Wan Kangcheng sat in his tent and was giving some students a lesson when he suddenly stood up and charged out of the tent with a few steps.

“Wait for me to come back!”

Wan Kangcheng left this word before he dashed toward the mountain peak with an agitated expression.

“Teacher, you’ve finally woken up!”

(Our Black-White Academy is going to get another great addition now.)


“Great teachers, don’t need to panic. I hold no ill will.”

The old man revealed an apologetic smile. “It’s really not my intention to have alarmed the two of you.”

“Sir, there’s no need for you to be so polite!”

Jin Mujie returned the greeting, putting on a composed expression, but feeling extremely astonished.

What was going on?

She had seen this stone statue when she came to the Battlegod Canyon to gain experience back in her days as a student. It had been at least ten years since then, but she only just realized that there was someone inside now.

(How did you survive?)

Hold on, the first thing to consider should be who was this old man?

“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop your conversation!”

The old man felt very awkward.

“It’s fine!”

Sun Mo appeared very magnanimous. But even if he wanted to make a fuss, he couldn’t win against this old man.

It was clear from the start that this old man was very strong.

Moreover, if they were to go down to it, Sun Mo was the one who had been too careless. But who would have thought that there was someone in the stone statue?

This was really exasperating!

Sun Mo gained a new recognition of the various mysterious things in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces.

“Your Priceless Advice earlier really benefits others greatly. We as great teachers shouldn’t place emphasis only on titles.”

The old man said admiringly. He held it in for a moment but still failed to succeed in doing so. He forcibly brought the topic back. “I’m sorry, you mentioned earlier that those Battlegod murals are spirit runes, right?”


Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to hide it anymore. Firstly, this crucial point was like window paper, breaking when poked. Even if he didn’t admit it, this old man could just find some spirit runists to come and decrypt the murals.

It wasn’t very difficult to decrypt the Battlegod murals. The difficult part was to realize that they were spirit runes.

Secondly, it was clear from one look that this old man was a major character. If Sun Mo were to do him a favor, he might be able to reap great benefits down the road. As for the third reason...

So what if he were to tell this to the old man?

He had already gotten the Battlegod Catalog. Even if this old man were to enter that room, he wouldn’t be able to get anything.

(I’m in an impregnable state!)

Sun Mo was expressionless, but he was secretly feeling happy about this.

“So that’s how it is, that’s how it is!”

The old man let out a short sigh, wearing an expression as if he had suddenly been struck with a realization. His expression then turned into disappointment. (Then why have I been sitting here on top of the mountain for over 100 years?)

(To think that they are spirit runes? Hehe! Ancient Battle God, how many people have you fooled?)

“May I ask for your great name?”

Jin Mujie remained respectful. It was amazing that the old man could turn into a stone statue.

“I’m sorry, I’ve been rude. My name is Shi Sheng and I’m a teacher in the Black-White Academy!”

The old man nodded slightly to bow and apologize.

Jin Mujie hadn’t heard of his name before, but given that he could teach in the Black-White Academy, it was enough to show how outstanding he was.

Shi Sheng looked toward Sun Mo, assessed him thoroughly, then asked out of curiosity, “You are the one who has comprehended the Battlegod Catalog, right?”

“It was luck!”

Sun Mo said modestly.

Shi Sheng fell silent. After looking at Sun Mo’s eyes for a few minutes, he spoke while feeling all sorts of emotions. “You’re really young and promising! Congratulations! Congratulations!”

Sun Mo cupped his fists together. Judging from this old man’s attitude, he shouldn’t be a bad guy. Sun Mo was planning to talk to him further when a surprised cry interrupted him.

“Teacher? You’ve woken up?”

Wan Kangcheng looked very excited and dashed over like a gust of wind. With a plop, he dropped down to his knees in front of Shi Sheng. Disregarding the rocks on the ground, he gave three loud kowtows.

“Teacher, I missed you so much!”

Wan Kangcheng was in tears.

At the sight of this scene, Sun Mo and Jin Mujie exchanged a glance. (My god, this is definitely a major character.)

“Kangcheng? 8-star?”

When Shi Sheng saw the eight stars in the school emblem on Wan Kangcheng’s chest, he revealed a consoled expression. “This is how things should be. Given your talent, it’d be a waste if you can’t reach 8-star.”

“The headmaster is the one teaching you, right?”

Shi Sheng guessed. Other than the headmaster, there was no one else who could let Wan Kangcheng rise to 8-star status within a short 100 years.


Wan Kangcheng nodded.

“I’m sorry. I only cared about myself and didn’t teach you properly.”

Shi Sheng felt guilty. Back then, Wan Kangcheng was a student he thought well of.

“Teacher, it isn’t too late now. There are still many things for me to learn from you.”

Wan Kangcheng was practical and realistic. He didn’t become proud and arrogant just because he was an 8-star great teacher.

However, Shi Sheng shook his head. Although they said that there would always be one person out of a group of three who could be one’s teacher, the two of them were already at the same star-level.

At the thought of this, Shi Sheng felt very upset.

It wasn’t scary to sit for 100 years. What was scary was to gain nothing from it.

Sigh, why were they spirit runes?


Wan Kangcheng also understood Shi Sheng’s expression. He wanted to persuade him, but his status as Shi Sheng’s student made him have reservations. He was worried that he might offend his teacher.

“Great Teacher Shi, you aren’t wrong. The one in the wrong is the ancient Battle God.”

Sun Mo consoled, “It’d be useless for anyone who doesn’t know spirit runes to come.”

“Spirit runes?”

Wan Kangcheng frowned. “Those battlegod murals couldn’t be spirit runes, right?”

One had to admit that the thought process of an 8-star great teacher was as fast as lightning.

“Hehe, there’s no need to console me. It’s me who is incapable that I couldn’t tell they were spirit runes.”

Shi Sheng smiled, feeling ashamed. He then looked at Sun Mo with admiration.

For him to be able to reveal such a great secret in front of Wan Kangcheng showed that he had great magnanimity. This was worthy of learning from.

This was how a real great teacher should be like.

Suddenly, he made a decision.

“Teacher, let’s go back. The headmaster as well as all the other teachers miss you a lot too.”

Wan Kangcheng urged.

As soon as the news of the Battlegod murals disappearing reached the Black-White Academy, the headmaster had personally gone to Wan Kangcheng to have him bring Shi Sheng back.

It was because the headmaster knew that with the Battlegod Catalog gone, there was no more meaning for him to stay here.

However, for a genius like him, if he wasn’t the first one to comprehend the divine art, his pride would suffer greatly.

“I’ve achieved nothing for the past 100 years. I’m too ashamed to face them!”

Shi Sheng said in self-mockery.

Hearing this, Jin Mujie secretly put out a finger and poked Sun Mo’s arm. (Look at what you’ve done. You’ve made an 8-star great teacher close himself in.)

“The two of you are great teachers from the Central Province Academy, right? May I ask who the current headmaster is?”

Through their school emblem, Shi Sheng recognized the school that Sun Mo belonged to.

“It’s An Xinhui, the granddaughter of the old headmaster An Zaidao.”

Jin Mujie replied respectfully.

Shi Sheng frowned. “Why is that so?”

That shouldn’t be the case. Although the Central Province Academy had gone into decline, given the An family’s capabilities, they’d let someone from An Zaidao’s son’s generation rise to the headmaster position instead of the granddaughter of the family.

“Three years ago, the old headmaster failed in his attempt to strive to become a saint. An Xinhui took on the role as the headmaster in times of crisis, trying hard to keep the school going on.”

Jin Mujie explained.

“So that’s how it is.”

Shi Sheng nodded. “Then would I be able to get a position in the school if I were to apply for one?”


Hearing this, Wan Kangcheng was stunned. (Why are you going to a trashy school like that instead of returning to the Black-White Academy?)

“Kangcheng, I listened to their secret, so I should pay the price for it.”

Shi Sheng explained, “What I didn’t get even after sitting here for 100 years, he managed to figure out so quickly. If it wasn’t for him, I might continue to sit here like a stone statue for several hundred years until I die. I must repay this favor.”

“You can use other ways to do that!”

Wan Kangcheng became anxious. “You don’t have to ruin yourself like that.”

“Hey, what do you mean by that?”

Sun Mo was displeased.

Jin Mujie praised Sun Mo for being brave in her heart. If she was the one in his shoes, she wouldn’t dare to lash out at an 8-star great teacher like that. She’d only scold him secretly behind his back.

Sigh, she was getting increasingly jealous of Xinhui for having such a good husband.

“What do you think?”

Wan Kangcheng bellowed back, “Given the Central Province Academy’s current situation, isn’t placing an 8-star great teacher in your school a waste of his talent?”

“Teacher Wan, if you’ve comprehended ‘Distinctionless Education’, I’ll twist my head off for you to use as a stool to sit on.”

Sun Mo said with contempt.


Wan Kangcheng’s countenance instantly flushed red.

It was because Sun Mo’s words could be said to be a blatant slap in his face.

As a great teacher, one should strive to provide distinctionless education and not be picky over the students they taught. By saying this, Sun Mo was sneering at Wan Kangcheng for assessing successes through aptitude.

“Kangcheng, he is right. We as great teachers shouldn’t be picky about the schools and treat students of different aptitudes differently.”

When Shi Sheng spoke, a golden glow rose from his body.

Light spots then splattered out.


Sun Mo was astonished. To think that it was Priceless Advice?

To speak the truth, Sun Mo was only saying this as a retort. He’d definitely refuse if he was asked to go to a trashy school to teach. However, the appearance of Priceless Advice showed that this was really how Shi Sheng thought.

Both Jin Mujie and Wan Kangcheng bowed, expressing that they’ve received his teaching.

“I hope that Headmaster An won’t despise this old man.”

Shi Sheng said in self-mockery again. This failure had caused his ambitions to dissipate and he no longer sought to gain breakthroughs. He should just spend the remaining time of his life teaching students.

“Why would she? Our Central Province Academy will definitely welcome Great Teacher Shi.”

Sun Mo cupped his fists together.

Even if Wan Kangcheng hated him to death, Sun Mo still had to say this.

My god, he looked like an 8-star great teacher. If they managed to bring him over to their school, the Central Province Academy’s appeal would increase tremendously.

Usually, other than teaching the two lessons every month, great teachers of this level would spend most of their time researching topics, cultivating, as well as occasionally teaching personal disciples. The Central Province Academy also had a few high-level great teachers, but they didn’t care if the school went into decline.

It’d be impossible to get them to step out to support the school.

“Great Teacher Shi, this person is Sun Mo, our school’s vice-headmaster. Even though he is young, he has amassed a great reputation. He graduated last year and has just joined the workforce, but he has already risen by two stars consecutively, clinching first place in both examinations. He is also going to challenge getting three stars in a year in the 3-star great teacher examination that will be taking place three months later.”

Jin Mujie quickly boasted.

“There’s no need for an introduction. I don’t have to use my head to know how outstanding someone who can comprehend the Battlegod Catalog is.”

Shi Sheng praised.

Sun Mo smiled but felt torn inside.

The Black-White Academy would definitely not let go of an 8-star great teacher. If their headmaster were to step out, Shi Sheng might just change his mind.

This meant that he’d have to make a great offer in order to bring Shi Sheng to their side.

Sun Mo thought about it. The things that he could take out and Shi Sheng was interested in would definitely be the Battlegod Catalog. But a divine art like this...

“Sun Mo, why have you gotten so petty as well? Your goal is to bring the Central Province Academy back to the rankings of the Nine Greats. Talent is too important to you. So what if you are to give him a portion of a peak-grade divine art?”

The system watched coldly from the side. If Sun Mo ended up being stingy, it’d be very disappointed.

“Sun Mo, your goal is the great ocean of stars. Moreover, as long as you have Immemorial Vairocana, what divine art can you not get? Why is there a need to be stingy over a Battlegod Catalog?”

Sun Mo made up his mind.

If you can’t bear to part with your child, you won’t be able to catch the wolf [1]. If you can’t bear to part with your wife, no... one’s wife mustn’t be given away.

At the thought of this, Sun Mo made his decision.

“Great Teacher Shi, sorry to offend you!”

As Sun Mo said this, white light lit up on his right fist. He then smashed it out, hitting the important points of the Battlegod Catalog into Shi Sheng’s mind.

Soul Imprint!

(I’m going to bet on this.)

“What are you doing?”

Wan Kangcheng was very surprised. He thought that Sun Mo was going to hurt his teacher and thus raised his hand to hit Sun Mo’s head, wanting to kill him with a palm attack.

[1] Direct translation of a Chinese saying that mistakenly suggested that one would need to use their child as bait to catch wolves. The actual saying actually meant that one would have to wear down one or two pairs of new shoes (the way they called shoes and children sounded the same back then) in order to hunt down wolves as wolves excelled in running and hiding.

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