Absolute Great Teacher
801 Sitting for 100 Years, Becoming A Secondary Saint In One Day!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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801 Sitting for 100 Years, Becoming A Secondary Saint In One Day!


Wan Kangcheng struck out in fury. Even though he didn’t use his ultimate moves, his cultivation tier was much higher compared to Sun Mo’s. Just an ordinary palm attack from him would be like a bolt of thunder striking down, wanting to tear Sun Mo into pieces.


Sun Mo was surprised, not expecting that Wan Kangcheng would kill. However, he didn’t panic. Instead, fury and resistance rose in his heart.

(Even if I can’t kill you, I must take a bite of flesh off you.)

When Sun Mo was playing games, he wouldn’t admit his loss even if higher-level players were to hunt him down. He would do whatever he could to kill the other party instead.

Starflash Pearl activated.


Sun Mo teleported behind Wan Kangcheng, smashing out heavy Dharma Fist punches with his left hand and attacking with the Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art with his right.

He mustn’t cower! He should go for it!

After losing the trace of Sun Mo, Wan Kangcheng’s countenance didn’t even change. He let out a cold snort, slapping out with the back of his hand. However, he held back for this attack.

As an 8-star great teacher, Wan Kangcheng wasn’t a fool. At the instant he made a move, he thought of it. How could Sun Mo possibly dare to hurt Teacher Shi?

(He must be thinking of using some kind of dark secret arts to get into Teacher’s good books and do him a great favor.)

Wan Kangcheng was angry that Sun Mo overestimated himself. To think that a trashy school would dare dream of headhunting his teacher!

The reason he held back now was firstly because he was concerned over his reputation, not wanting rumors to spread that he had bullied someone younger. Secondly, Teacher Shi was very soft-hearted and was a person with a strong sense of justice. If Wan Kangcheng were to hurt Sun Mo, Teacher Shi might feel guilty instead. He would then apologize on his behalf and offer compensation.

If that was the case, then there’d be no turning back the case of Teacher Shi going to the Central Province Academy.


Wan Kangcheng let out a sigh, planning on using this attack to force Sun Mo to back off. However, he didn’t expect that a stream of light would hit the back of his waist the next instant.


So fast?

Wan Kangcheng was very surprised. The spirit qi on him exploded and his teacher robe moved despite there being no wind blowing, fluttering up.


The long robe shattered and its pieces flew out in all directions.

The ray of light hit Wan Kangcheng’s flesh, leaving behind a red bruise that was the size of a palm. There was no other damage inflicted.

As for the heavy Dharma Fist attacks, Sun Mo drew back midway because there wasn’t a chance for him to launch the attack in the first place.

This was an absolute suppression in terms of cultivation tiers.

“Great Teacher Wan, are you trying to bully someone younger?”

Jin Mujie bellowed loudly, dashing up in front of Sun Mo at the speed of wind, facing Wan Kangcheng outright.

“Move away!”

Sun Mo wanted to push Jin Mujie away. He didn’t have the habit of being protected by a woman. However, Jin Mujie refused to budge. She was like a female leopard who had gone crazy, glaring at Wan Kangcheng furiously.

She was filled with shock and fury, almost scared to death.

If Sun Mo’s reaction hadn’t been fast enough, he’d have been killed by the attack earlier.

If he were to die, how was she going to answer to Xinhui?


Wan Kangcheng’s countenance was grim. Putting aside his torn teacher attire, he had also suffered an attack.

This was a small injury that he didn’t even need to rest to recover from. However, it was embarrassing enough to be brought to such a forlorn state by a junior of a low cultivation tier.

“You know quite a lot of peak-grade divine arts!”

Wan Kangcheng sneered. This was his argument to get back some face for himself, emphasizing that Sun Mo had only managed to hit him because of his good cultivation arts.

“Kangcheng, it seems that you’ve gotten arrogant after your star-level increases.”

Shi Sheng spoke up and reproached, “Why? Don’t you even have the courage to admit that someone is stronger than you?”

Wan Kangcheng’s expression was ashen and he quickly cupped his fists together, lowering his head to apologize. “Your student doesn’t dare!”

“The person to whom you should be apologizing isn’t me!”

Shi Sheng shook his head.

Wan Kangcheng pursed his lips and didn’t give Sun Mo any apology.

(What a joke. Does this guy deserve it? I’ve already shown benevolence earlier by holding back. Otherwise, he’d be dead by now. And Teacher, I did this for you!)

At the thought of this, Wan Kangcheng started to have some complaints toward Shi Sheng as well. (I did it with good intentions, but why must I receive such treatment?)

“You can leave. Tell the headmaster that I plan on spending the rest of my years in the Central Province Academy.”

Shi Sheng waved his hand.

Wan Kangcheng hesitated for a few seconds before he bowed. “Then your student will take his leave.”

After saying that, Wan Kangcheng turned to leave.

To speak the truth, after the initial touched feelings of reuniting with his teacher, he started to have a hint of despise toward Shi Sheng upon seeing that he was still an 8-star great teacher, not improving at all after 100 over years.

(This is really wronging someone with kind intentions! Since he’s unwilling to come back, then he doesn’t have to do that. He’s just an 8-star. Please, I’m one too! What you can do, I can too.)

The higher the star-level of a great teacher, the more confident they were. This was especially so for those at the 8-star, the cream of the crop amongst all geniuses. Wan Kangcheng had achieved this level within 200 years and was working in the Black-White Academy. These records alone were enough to make countless great teachers envious.

Shi Sheng broke into a bitter smile, but he had long since gotten over such things.

It was a sin to be weaker than others.

Whether a great teacher was amazing or not depended on their capabilities to teach amazing students, not their background or their star-level

“Teacher Shi, please pardon me for being forthright, but your current mentality isn’t right.”

Sun Mo frowned.

“Hehe, I appreciate your kind intentions.”

Shi Sheng knew that Sun Mo wanted to console him, but he really couldn’t get over this. The blow of not having achieved anything over 100 years, while being caught up and looked down upon by his disciple was too great.

“Teacher, I feel that losing once isn’t scary. What’s scary is to admit your loss outright, unable to put up a fight anymore.”

Sun Mo’s tone was solemn.

“Yes, you’re old and you might not have long to live. But what does that matter?”

When Jin Mujie heard this, her teeth started to ache. (Sun Mo, you really dare to shoot your mouth off.)

“Although the stabled steed is old, it still aspires to gallop a thousand li. A hero continues to cherish high aspirations into his old age. [1] I feel that a person should continue to fight as they age, not stopping in their footsteps even till death.”

Sun Mo said with a sincere tone.

Upon hearing these two lines of poetry, Shi Sheng’s body trembled, Jin Mujie’s gaze was perplexed, and Wan Kangcheng, who was about to head down the mountain, also couldn’t help but turn back and look toward Sun Mo.

That was well said!

“What is death? Is it when the heart stops beating? No, I feel that when a person stops in his footsteps, no longer working hard to climb higher and just living his days as they come, they are already dead.”

Back in his days as a student, Sun Mo had worked hard for several years before he managed to get the chance to work in a top school.

He was born in an ordinary family without parents. All he could do was to fight for himself!

“You’re thinking of spending the rest of your life in the Central Province Academy without any pursuits? Pardon me for being forthright, but with this mentality, it’d be best if you don’t come to mislead students.”


Golden light burst out from Sun Mo and then splattered out as light spots.

“Sun Mo!”

Jin Mujie wanted Sun Mo to mind his words. Even if it was an 8-star great teacher who was almost dying, being able to recruit him would be a great improvement to the school. However, she wasn’t able to continue as Priceless Advice had erupted.

“I feel that no matter how old one gets, as long as they are alive, as long as they work hard, there’d be hope. Even if it’s only a step, they can get closer to their ideals.”

Sun Mo said fluently.

Were many people defeated by their opponents in their studies or work?


They were defeated by themselves.

Bathed in the golden light, Shi Sheng was dealt a great blow psychologically.

Sun Mo’s words were really well said!

“I’ve long since decided that when my life is at its end, I will end it with victory. But you? Loser!” Sun Mo said.


Shi Sheng laughed loudly. He then put his hands together and bowed toward Sun Mo.

“Thank you Teacher Sun for your priceless advice. I’ve benefited from your teaching!”

Shi Sheng felt gratitude from the bottom of his heart. It was because the ambitions in his heart that had been worn out by reality were lit up once again.

(That’s right! I can’t end this life with a failure. I haven’t reached the level of having students all over the world. Old and useless? Wasting 100 years of life? Those don’t matter! As long as I work hard, it’s not too late!)

After thinking things through, Shi Sheng became invigorated again. Then, he concluded all the gains and losses he had over the past 100 years. Every scene in the past flowed in his mind.



Great light burst out from Shi Sheng’s body. He was like a source of tempest, stirring up all the spirit qi in the surroundings.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Spirit qi gushed crazily, causing the grass on the ground to bend over and leaves to fall from the branches. But Shi Sheng’s countenance was calm.

Kacha! Kacha!

Suddenly, a clasp of thunder rang out in the clear sky. Occasionally, lightning bolts would strike out at the mountain peak.

A short moment later, lotus flowers formed from spirit qi bloomed in the surroundings.

“What the hell?”

Sun Mo frowned. Was Shi Sheng leveling up? It seemed that the cultivation art he trained in was quite amazing. He then gave Jin Mujie an inquiring look.

(Should we hide? What if we are implicated and get hurt? It’d definitely be extremely terrifying when a major character like him levels up.)

However, Jin Mujie didn’t pay Sun Mo any heed. She looked at Shi Sheng with a scorching gaze, completely stunned.

This... this... he couldn’t be leveling up to a secondary saint, right?

Suddenly, a strange fragrance started to drift in the air. People who smelled it would instantly feel refreshed and alert, having strong confidence that there was nothing too difficult for them to tackle.

“Secondary... secondary saint?”

Wan Kangcheng was shocked as well.

(Why did Teacher Shi suddenly start to gain enlightenment? Hold on, Sun Mo’s words should be a turning point...)

In that instant, complicated feelings surged in Wan Kangcheng’s heart. He felt envious. He was happy for Teacher Shi, but he was also jealous.

It was because after one advanced to become a secondary saint, there were no longer any star-level examinations. Anyway, no one had the right to become the main examiner of such an examination.

If one wanted to become a 9-star great teacher, which was a secondary saint, there was only one condition. It was to be able to listen to the saint language.

The saint language was the language of heaven.

It was said that secondary saints could hear the whisperings of teachings and guidance. They could even comprehend peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation arts out of nowhere.

Secondary saints were great teachers of another realm.

Not long later, the thunder and lightning dissipated. However, the lotus flowers that had condensed from spirit qi essence around the mountain peak were still spinning around. Some birds that were condensed from spirit qi were also circling around Shi Sheng, chirping away.

Although the fragrance in the air had become a lot fainter, it didn’t dissipate even after a very long time, lingering in one’s memories.

“Having... having a strange body fragrance, spirit qi turning into lotus flowers, purifying impurities, turning into birds, chirping to bring calmness to the heart. These... these are the marks of a secondary saint.”

Jin Mujie’s body trembled uncontrollably.

It was out of agitation!

She could witness the birth of a secondary saint. What... what an honor this was!

However, Shi Sheng wasn’t wearing any delighted expression. He looked indifferent. After tidying his clothing, he walked up to Sun Mo and bowed solemnly.

“Thank you Teacher Sun for your priceless advice, helping me to become a secondary saint!”

[1] An extract from a poem written by Cao Cao, a Chinese warlord, statesman, and poet.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》