Absolute Great Teacher
802 Things Settling Down
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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802 Things Settling Down


Facing the greeting from an 8-star great teacher, no, a secondary saint, Sun Mo looked calm but felt very astonished inside. He felt as if he had just f*cked a dog.

(Why did you suddenly become a secondary saint?)

Sun Mo was no longer the ignorant guy he was when he first came to Middle-Earth Nine Provinces. He knew how powerful secondary saints were.

Just Enforced Words alone was enough to instill awe in others.

Everything that secondary saints said had the effect of enlightening all people, forcing one to listen to them and carry out their commands.

Take a habitual thief for example. When reproached by a secondary saint, the thief would amend their ways immediately, completely dismissing any thoughts of stealing.

Other than that, secondary saints’ names couldn’t be easily spoken.

This meant that if you wanted to call out a secondary saint’s name with the mentality of teasing, sneering, or despising, it would be impossible.

After Sun Mo knew that secondary saints had the aptitude and authority from Enforced Words, he felt so envious that he was drooling.

Even ordinary people wished that the words they said would be carried out unconditionally, let alone teachers and parents.

However, even with the system as the backing, Sun Mo didn’t dare to expect to become a secondary saint in his lifetime.

It was because the process would require an accumulation of several hundred years. It also required an opportunity.

After seeing that Shi Sheng was still an 8-star after over 100 years, Wan Kangcheng looked down on him a little.

But he had overlooked this.

Shi Sheng could rely on his intelligence and wisdom to enter the room in the seventh part of the canyon when he didn’t understand spirit runes at all. This was an amazing achievement.

For over 100 years, Shi Sheng had turned into a stone statue and sat at the top of the mountain. He wasn’t just sitting there idly but was going through a comprehension that disregarded his own life, just like the tough practice that some Buddhists would do.

If it wasn’t because Shi Sheng had chanced upon hearing Sun Mo’s priceless advice and the truth that he had understood from the Battlegod Canyon, Shi Sheng would have continued to be a stone statue until he died.

Sun Mo’s words provided Shi Sheng with the opportunity to become a secondary saint in a single day. However, the actual reason was still the tough cultivation he had been through over the past 100 years.

It was like how they said that quantitative changes brought about qualitative changes.

This was a tough cultivation where he had forgotten about the secular world, sitting for over 100 years, with the sole intention of comprehending the Battlegod Catalog. Just this persistence alone was something that only a few people could achieve.

“Teacher Shi... Uh, Saint Shi, you’re too polite. It’s the results of your tough cultivation that you’re able to become a saint.”

Sun Mo quickly bowed to return the greeting.

In such situations, one mustn’t get it over their head.

Human favors were something that both parties must be willing to admit to owe and willingly return.

“Teacher Sun, there’s no need for you to be modest. Without your words, I wouldn’t be able to gain enlightenment!”

Did he feel happy?

Of course, he did.

However, Shi Sheng’s mental state had changed. He didn’t show sadness or happiness on his face, as if he had done something insignificant. In his heart, there wasn’t much of a difference between saints and intern teachers. They were both educators, aiming to turn the crude into gems.

A good teacher was someone who could help their students become accomplished.


Jin Mujie quickly bowed and offered her congratulations.

Her mind was in a complete mess now.

This was especially after she saw a secondary saint bowing toward Sun Mo, saying words of gratitude. While feeling envious, her soul was given a deep shock too.

Wasn’t it the responsibility of great teachers to help others and point them to the right path?

(One day, I want to be like Sun Mo as well, helping a great teacher become a saint.)

(But my brother-in-law is really strong! The Central Province Academy will definitely revive with him.)


Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +1,000. Reverence (10,200/100,000).

Wan Kangcheng, who was at the side, was completely dumbfounded. He then felt strong envy because he knew how difficult it was to become a secondary saint.

It was likely that he wouldn’t have any hope of achieving it in his lifetime.

Wait a minute, this wasn’t the time to be lost in his thoughts.

Wan Kangcheng quickly walked over with great strides, bowing and greeting, offering his congratulations. “Teacher, congratulations!”


Shi Sheng received this bow from his disciple.

“Teacher, if the headmaster and the other teachers know that you’ve become a secondary saint, they’ll definitely be very happy and arrange for a great banquet to celebrate. Let’s head back quickly!”

Wan Kangcheng tried to persuade Shi Sheng, feeling unsettled.

The situation had changed again.

It wasn’t much use to be an 8-star great teacher. Earlier, even if he couldn’t bring Shi Sheng back, he’d only receive a few complaints from the headmaster. However, if he were to wrongly assess a secondary saint...


Wan Kangcheng felt that even with the headmaster’s magnanimity, he’d still feel like strangling Wan Kangcheng to death and then drowning him in a wicker basket.

“I’ve already said that I’m going to join the Central Province Academy.”

Shi Sheng shook his head. “Moreover, I am just a secondary saint. There’s no need to kick up a fuss.”

Hearing this, Wan Kangcheng felt anxious. He wanted to persuade Shi Sheng further, but as Shi Sheng’s eyes looked over, his gaze that was filled with wisdom made Wan Kangcheng’s persuasive words stuck at his throat.

Feelings of reverence rose in his heart.

At the sight of this scene, Jin Mujie felt so excited that she almost screamed.

(It’s a secondary saint! My god! If Secondary Saint Shi were to come to the Central Province Academy, then how strong would our school’s appeal be?)

The reputation of a secondary saint didn’t just appeal to students but also to great teachers. For great teachers, the experience of a secondary saint was an extremely valuable wealth that could help them take fewer detours.

(Sun Mo, I love you so much.)

Jin Mujie was extremely agitated and had a strong urge to kiss him.

“Secondary saint, the wind here is too strong and we might catch a cold. Why don’t we head down to continue our talk?”

Sun Mo suggested.


Shi Sheng shook his head and smiled helplessly. He knew that Sun Mo was afraid that he might change his mind under Wan Kangcheng’s persuasion.

“You don’t have to worry, just the magnanimity and generosity that you’ve displayed by displaying the Battlegod murals for everyone to continue comprehending it is deserving of me offering my services to the Central Province Academy for 100 years.”


Favorable impression points from Shi Sheng +10,000. Prestige connection initiated. Reverence (10,000/100,000).

As a strong expert who could enter the seventh part of the canyon, Shi Sheng understood that this Battlegod Catalog already belonged to Sun Mo. If he was unwilling to, he could wipe away those murals at any time, keeping the Battlegod Catalog to himself.

“I don’t deserve that! I don’t deserve that!”

Sun Mo lowered his head, looking ashamed.

He actually had some selfish motives in doing so—he didn’t want to be harassed.

Moreover, weren’t the favorable impression points that this major character gave too much?

How could it be 10,000 in one go?

“System, there’s a need to give me a reward for this, right?”

Sun Mo reminded the system.


The system was also amazed by this. Sun Mo had accomplished another great achievement.


“Congratulations, you’ve helped a great teacher advance to become a secondary saint. Rewarded with one seven-colored diamond treasure chest and one great teacher emblem.”


“Congratulations, you’ve received 10,000 favorable impression points from a secondary saint, completing the achievement ‘Helping a great teacher becomes a secondary saint’. This is a great teacher feat. Rewarded with one great teacher emblem and three seven-colored diamond treasure chests.

“Seven-colored diamond treasure chests?”

Sun Mo was delighted. It was a treasure chest he hadn’t received before. From its name, this treasure chest must be of an extremely high grade and would be able to open up to even more amazing rewards.

Just as Sun Mo was heading down the mountain, the horse carriage that An Xinhui was on also entered the Battlegod Town.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》