Absolute Great Teacher
803 An Xinhui“s Great Surprise
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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803 An Xinhui“s Great Surprise

Chapter 803: An Xinhui’s Great Surprise

“Boss, a horse carriage that has the Central Province Academy’s school emblem hung on it has entered the Battlegod Town.”

Under He Wei’s instructions, his assistant had been paying attention to everything about the Central Province Academy. When he saw the horse carriage, he came to report to He Wei immediately.

Hearing that, He Wei suddenly got up.

“Do you know who it is?”

In fact, regardless of who it was, He Wei would make a trip there. The reason he asked was just to plan on what to say according to the other party’s status. This would avoid him getting detested.

“I don’t know. But it must be an important character from the Central Province Academy to be coming at this time.”

The assistant analyzed.

Just as the horse carriage stopped and the horseman wanted to find out where Sun Mo’s campsite was at, He Wei came rushing over.

“May I ask who it is on the carriage? Are you looking for Great Teacher Sun?”

He Wei cupped his hands together, sounding friendly. “I’m the person-in-charge of the Battlegod Town, He Wei.”

An Xinhui opened the door and came down.


In that instant, the surrounding men looked over. It was as if they had seen the rainbow after the rainy sky cleared up. The entire world seemed to have become a whole lot brighter.

This was an astonishing woman whose looks couldn’t be forgotten after one glance.

“Lord He!”

An Xinhui was wearing a moon-white teacher attire. It was washed very cleanly and she didn’t wear any accessories. However, it could compare with the most luxurious clothing.

Her long black hair draped down and her facial features were exquisite. As she spoke, her words were very clear and her voice sounded pleasant, making one uncontrollably develop a great favorable feeling toward her.

“You’re Headmaster An, right?”

Before An Xinhui made a self-introduction, He Wei smiled and spoke with a tone of familiarity.

Judging from how beautiful this woman was, she could only be An Xinhui.

A great beauty who was ranked fifth on the Devastating Beauty Rankings was really exceptional!

Because of Sun Mo, He Wei had taken special efforts to get more information about the Central Province Academy. Hence, he knew about An Xinhui. After all, if he were to curry up to someone, he had to find out about what they liked.

An Xinhui nodded, not understanding He Wei’s intentions.

By right, given her reputation, she didn’t deserve to be treated so well by a person of such status.

“Even though I’m over 20 years older than Teacher Sun, we are able to get along well and have become close friends. If Headmaster An has any requests, feel free to let me know. There’s no need to stand on ceremony.”

He Wei smiled, assuming a friendly attitude.

He really wanted to call her sister-in-law and make them seem closer. However, he didn’t dare to do that. After all, he was just acquaintances with Sun Mo.

“Lord He, I appreciate your kind intentions. I want to look for Sun Mo. May I ask where he is?”

There was no way that An Xinhui could accept another person’s kind intentions for nothing.

“Lord He, has our Great Teacher Sun really comprehended the Battlegod Catalog?”

The horse carriage couldn’t hold it in anymore.

On their way here, they had seen many people rushing toward Battlegod Town. He had tried to ask out of curiosity and found out something astonishing.

It was said that Sun Mo had comprehended the Battlegod Catalog.

It was an amazing achievement!

Over the past ten years, the horseman had made several trips here. Therefore, he knew how difficult it was to comprehend the Battlegod murals, and he felt even more amazed by Sun Mo’s talent.

“Uncle Zhang!”

An Xinhui furrowed her beautiful brows,

Humans were divided into different tiers in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces. This was especially so for those who worked in the Saint Gate. They usually looked down on great teachers, let alone a horseman.

The horseman was likely to get humiliated if he asked this question.

After all, to some people of nobility descent, it was a humiliation for a horseman to talk to them.

If it was any other time, He Wei would definitely not pay any heed to this horseman. But this person was a horseman from Sun Mo’s school.

“That’s right. It’s just a pity that I didn’t have the luck to be able to witness the prowess of the divine art!”

He Wei sighed, maintaining a smile even though he was replying to a horseman.

The horseman nodded, no longer keeping up with the talk.

After he had asked the question, he realized that he didn’t have the right to speak up in such places. He just didn’t manage to hold it in because he was too curious.

“Headmaster An, why don’t you come in and take a seat? I’ll send someone to inform Teacher Sun!”

He Wei extended out an invitation very warmly and then wore a helpless expression. “Teacher Sun is too frugal. I had initially arranged for him to stay in the best hotel in town, but he refused to stay there.”

“No need. I have something urgent to attend to.”

An Xinhui rejected his offer.

She could tell that this person was trying to curry up to Sun Mo through getting into her good books.

“Then I’ll lead the way for Headmaster An.”

He Wei smiled. Fearing that An Xinhui would refuse, he went straight to the front. Moreover, he could tell that An Xinhui was a traditional woman. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary rumors, he didn’t walk alongside her but chose to lead the way ten meters in front of the horse carriage.

“Headmaster, this person is so modest. He’s just short of guiding the horse for you.”

The horseman laughed.

“Uncle Zhang, be mindful of your words!”

An Xinhui reminded him.

“What’s there to be afraid of? This guy is only speaking so humbly because he wants to curry up to Great Teacher Sun.”

Uncle Zhang felt as if he shared Sun Mo’s glory. “Our school hasn’t received such treatment ever since the old headmaster failed in his breakthrough.”

An Xinhui was someone polite and tactful. She didn’t put on airs and go back into the horse carriage. However, she also didn’t walk alongside He Wei and just walked on the road.

The voices that rang out nearby were mostly discussing the Battlegod Catalog, Sun Mo, as well as the Central Province Academy.

Thanks to Sun Mo, the Central Province Academy had shot up to fame this time around.

“Little Momo, how should I treat you if you’re so outstanding?”

An Xinhui found it increasingly hard to understand her childhood friend.

This was not something that could still be assessed as being strong or not.

Through many years, there had been many exceptional talents in Nine Provinces. However, none of them managed to comprehend the Battlegod Catalog, and Sun Mo had broken their record.

If great teachers were unable to become saints, they rarely would be able to leave their name in history. However, Sun Mo had left a strong mark in history.

On the way here, she rarely heard of people talking about the great reputation of Sun Mo’s God Hands. They were all talking about Battle God Sun Mo.

For one to be given the title of Battle God, they must be the best fighter in Nine Provinces, not one of the best.

“It’s a pity that Grandfather isn’t able to witness Sun Mo’s achievements.”

An Xinhui felt very regretful about this.

She felt envious of Sun Mo, but she was very proud as well. After all, he was her fiancé.


When Sun Mo came down from the mountain and returned to the campsite, he saw An Xinhui.

“Sun Mo, Sister Xinhui has come.”

Gu Xiuxun had completely assumed the position of a younger sister, calling Sun Mo’s name in front of An Xinhui without any mental pressure.

Although there were a lot of things that An Xinhui wanted to say, all of them turned into a single line after seeing Sun Mo.

“You’ve slimmed down!”

It was true that Sun Mo had slimmed down. He had expended too much energy in the seventh part of the canyon and hadn’t recovered.


Sun Mo smiled. Looking at An Xinhui’s eyes that were glistening with tears, he suddenly felt a little touched. After all, this woman was concerned about him.

Other people would just keep on asking questions after seeing Sun Mo, feeling curious about the Battlegod Catalog, about the process of his comprehension. However, An Xinhui was worried about his body.

Mei Ziyu stood at the side and felt a mixture of emotions upon seeing this scene.

Mei Ziyu definitely had a favorable impression of Sun Mo. If it was purely for seeking medical treatment, she wouldn’t have come to Jinling. However, Sun Mo had a fiancée.

As for being a concubine, even if Mei Ziyu were to agree to it, her family wouldn’t. After all, it’d be an embarrassment to the Mei Clan.

Moreover, in her heart, Mei Ziyu didn’t wish to share Sun Mo with other women either.

“It has only been a month since we’ve met. Why make it so sentimental?”

Gu Xiuxun didn’t have any mental pressure.

As a woman from an ordinary family, she didn’t feel that being a concubine was embarrassing. Moreover, Gu Xiuxun didn’t care about being one or not. She only wanted to marry someone she liked.

“What’s the matter with Wan Kangcheng?”

Mei Ziyu saw that Wan Kangcheng was standing outside the campsite, wanting to come over but not daring to do so. She then noticed Shi Sheng. What was with this fragrance?

He couldn’t be a secondary saint, right?

“You’re supposed to be the one to lead the team and help the students get stronger. In the end, you became the one to comprehend the Battlegod Catalog. Aren’t you neglecting your work?”

An Xinhui also noticed that she had caused the atmosphere to feel depressing, and thus she pulled on a joke, trying to cheer things up. However, her gaze then landed on Shi Sheng.

“He is...”

As An Xinhui had a secondary saint grandfather, she was very familiar with how they’d naturally give off a kind of fragrance. However, she didn’t dare to believe it.

After all, there weren’t many secondary saints in the entire great teacher world. Each of them was an important character with great reputations, and An Xinhui knew all of them.

“I was about to introduce him to you. This is Shi... Secondary Saint Shi.”

Sun Mo had wanted to say his name out of habit, but when the word ‘Sheng’ came to his mouth, he found it hard to say it out loud. It was as if someone had covered his mouth up.

This made him feel that secondary saints were really amazing. He couldn’t even mention their name like this, let alone scold them.

“Secondary... secondary saint?”

All of the Central Province Academy’s teachers and students were astonished.

It was because the status of a secondary saint was too high. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to see them. They then quickly bowed to greet him.

“Should we kneel down?”

Helian Beifang mumbled. He felt that it wasn’t respectful enough to just be bowing.

“It’ll depend on whether this secondary saint gets angry.”

After Qin Yaoguang said that, she saw how everyone appeared horrified from the corner of her eyes. Only Lu Zhiruo bowed normally, showing an ordinary level of respect.

It was like a secondary saint was a carrot from the fields by the road, not being a rare sight at all.

(Please, I know that you’re stupid, but I didn’t expect you to be so ignorant! Do you know about secondary saints? They are really amazing!)

“There’s no need for formalities.”

Shi Sheng appeared amicable, not assuming any airs at all, giving everyone a good impression.

“You guys are lucky. From today onward, Secondary Saint Shi will be teaching at our school. You guys can seek guidance from Secondary Saint Shi if you have any questions.”

Sun Mo said politely. After all, everyone liked to listen to nice things.

Meow meow meow?

An Xinhui’s big and beautiful eyes opened wide. She looked toward Sun Mo like a wild cat that had discovered a small sparrow. Her expression was agitated but also a little unsettled.

She found it a little hard to believe. After all, why would a secondary saint come to teach at the Central Province Academy?


Gu Xiuxun was stunned, almost spurting out ‘You must be kidding me?’.

The students’ expressions were completely shocked.

Seek guidance from a secondary saint?

They didn’t dare to think about such things!

Not in their entire lifetime!

“Teacher Sun is too polite. With you around, these students don’t need to seek guidance from me. After all, your talent is completely sufficient.”

Shi Sheng said sincerely.

Hearing a secondary saint praising their teacher, moreover with it being done in an extremely admiring expression, Li Ziqi and the others were completely astonished.

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