Absolute Great Teacher
804 Respectfully Sending Great Teacher Sun Off!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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804 Respectfully Sending Great Teacher Sun Off!


Rules had always been used to restrain ordinary people.

The greater one was, the more they didn’t care about rules. It was because they could even stand above the law, let alone the ways of the world.

It had always been the case whereby people of lower statuses would have reservations for the feelings of people with high statuses. They were worried that they would offend those with high statuses.

Most people would be worried that a person of high status might bring problems to their life, even if they didn’t ask for help from them.

It was because people with high statuses had such capabilities.

At the secondary saint realm, Shi Sheng could be said to have transcended worldliness. He didn’t need to be respectful toward Sun Mo. Since he said this, he must really think like this.

“A secondary saint admires our teacher!”

Helian Beifang was very agitated.

The northern tribes were all nomads who moved from place to place in search of water and grass, herding animals for a living. Therefore, they rarely built schools and settled down in a place permanently. That was why their knowledge was very little.

Although the barbarians were hostile against people from the Central Plains, they were in awe toward knowledge, secondary saints, and saints. Seeing that his teacher was chatting happily with a secondary saint, seeming to have a close relationship with him, Helian Beifang seemed to share Sun Mo’s glory. His heart was filled with pride.

Even the Great Khagan rarely had such opportunities.

He Wei was a middle-aged man with very good judgment. He stood quietly in the distance, waiting for Sun Mo and An Xinhui to catch up with each other. However, he was now stunned by these two words.

“Secondary saint? When did he come? Why didn’t I know that?”

He Wei was filled with irritation.

To a person who had been placing great efforts into managing the Battlegod Canyon, craving to be able to curry up to an important figure and leave this place, it was a great failure from his side to not know that a secondary saint had come.

(Hold on, Secondary Saint Shi? I don’t recognize this name!)

Many people might not be able to remember all the secondary saints in the nine provinces, but it was definitely not an issue for He Wei who specialized in this aspect in the Saint Gate.

(Hold on again! That spirit qi seething from earlier… I thought someone had leveled up, but from the looks of it, it couldn’t be that a new secondary saint has appeared, could it? My god, if that really was the case, then Sun Mo is really amazing.)

When He Wei looked toward Sun Mo again, his gaze was already filled with envy and hatred, having a strong yearning to replace Sun Mo.

He Wei was very quick-witted and quickly guessed half the truth.

This Secondary Saint Shi must have stayed for very long in the sixth part of the canyon. Moreover, if he wasn’t indebted to Sun Mo, then why would he have to treat Sun Mo with such great courtesy?

Taking on a position in the Central Province Academy would be the best way to repay Sun Mo.

“For the remaining days of my life, I’d like to work as a teacher in your school. May I ask what Headmaster An would need to evaluate me on? Let me know so I can make some preparations.”

Shi Sheng said this solemnly.

He didn’t put on an arrogant front just because he was a secondary saint. Instead, he wanted to make serious preparations for the examination.

“You must be joking!”

Headmaster An quickly continued, “It’d be the honor of all the teachers and students of our school if you were to teach in the Central Province Academy.”

Saying this, An Xinhui couldn’t help but throw another glance toward Sun Mo.

(What on earth is going on? Quickly explain things to me.)

Even though both Sun Mo and the person in question had said this, An Xinhui still didn’t dare to believe it. It was because… he was a secondary saint!

He could have his pick of schools, even if it was the Nine Greats.

Why would their school get this chance?

Sun Mo gave An Xinhui a gaze to indicate that they should hold this conversation for later.

Shi Sheng was understanding and didn’t feel embarrassed to say that he was the one being helped. Therefore, he explained the situation.

“I have been sitting on the mountain peak for over 100 years. It was Teacher Sun’s words that woke me up and helped me become a secondary saint.”

As Shi Sheng said this, he bowed toward Sun Mo again.

Sun Mo quickly dodged, smiling bitterly.

“I really don’t deserve this.”

With the other party lowering his attitude, Sun Mo mustn’t claim credit for it.

“What? Did I hear wrongly? Teacher helped…”

Qin Yaoguang had wanted to say that her teacher had helped Shi Sheng achieve the secondary saint status, but when the words reached her mouth, she wasn’t able to say them out. It was because Shi Sheng’s name was involved.

Li Ziqi’s group didn’t care about these things. Their gazes when looking at Sun Mo were filled with admiration.

“Teacher, what are you still hesitating for? Quickly counter pursue him. Your disciple’s bliss in the future will all depend on you now.”

Zhang Yanzong was extremely agitated.

In the future, not only would he be able to learn the Battlegod Catalog, but he could also receive guidance from a secondary saint when he was facing troubles. What else could be too difficult for him in this world?

Everything would be in place!

His life would definitely be smooth-sailing and he’d be a life winner.

Just the thought of it made him feel happy.


An Xinhui looked at Sun Mo, not knowing what she should say.

In her heart, giving guidance to an 8-star great teacher to aid them to become a secondary saint was much more difficult than comprehending the Battlegod Catalog.


Favorable impression point from An Xinhui +2,000. Reverence (39,000/100,000).


(I was only held back for a month because I have some important work to take care of, but you end up causing such a big matter.)

Suddenly, An Xinhui felt a bit of pity and regret.

When Sun Mo was displaying his capabilities, why wasn’t she by his side?

Otherwise, it would definitely be the most wonderful memory of her life.

“Sitting on the mountain peak for over 100 years? Why haven’t I seen him before?”

He Wei frowned. (A secondary saint shouldn’t lie. Then could it be that I’m blind?)

Just as He Wei was feeling baffled, he suddenly thought of that stone statue.

(F*ck! That can’t be, right? Back when I was feeling irritated, I often drank wine by myself on the mountain peak. I’ve also said a lot of outrageous things and even hit as well as scolded that stone statue to vent my anger. I even peed at the stone statue before. I… I…)

He Wei was drenched in cold sweat and secretly slipped away.

“Headmaster An, you’re here!”

Li Ruolan greeted.

“Teacher Li!”

An Xinhui nodded. “What’s the matter? You don’t seem to be looking too well.”

“I’ve eaten something bad.”

Li Ruolan smiled bitterly and then couldn’t help but twitch her perky nose, looking perplexed, “Which kind of rouge is this? It smells so good!”

An Xinhui and the others instantly felt awkward.

“Teacher Li, mind your words. This is Secondary Saint Shi.”

Sun Mo quickly interjected in case Li Ruolan was to shoot her mouth off recklessly again.


Li Ruolan was like a rabbit whose tail had been stepped on and she jumped up. “Secondary saint?”

Li Ruolan assessed Shi Sheng while feeling extremely regretful. (Didn’t I just make a few trips to the toilet because of an upset stomach? What kind of big show have I missed out on? Sun Mo, you didn’t even wait for me!)

Regardless of day or night, some people would be waiting outside the Central Province Academy’s campsite to get to know Sun Mo. Therefore, when everyone packed up and planned to head back, the news of Sun Mo’s departure quickly spread through the entire town.

“Teacher Shi!”

Wan Kangcheng led his team over, hoping to use the students’ youthful faces to get Shi Sheng to stay.

It was a pity that Shi Sheng had decided on leaving.

Sun Mo rode on a horse, giving Wan Kangcheng a nod as a greeting, and then gave the order to set off.

Amongst the crowd, Lu Lin saw Sun Mo pass by him. After some hesitation, he still gave a deep bow.

There was a high chance that Sun Mo might not see his bow. Moreover, him doing this might result in him getting scolded by his teacher. After all, their student group had suffered under Sun Mo.

Teacher Bai Hao had even shut himself in.

However, if he didn’t bow, Lu Lin felt that he’d never be able to forgive himself.

(It was Teacher Sun who had given me a new lease of life!)

At the thought of how he had defeated Duan Hu the other day, taking revenge for having been beaten up previously, he felt exhilarated. His gratitude for Sun Mo increased as well.

Therefore, he contributed another 500 favorable impression points.

“What are you doing?”

A student next to him frowned. It could be said that the Central Province Academy was now a great enemy of theirs. They had snatched away all the glory that should have belonged to them.

“Why are you bowing? Even if you were to go on your knees, he wouldn’t impart you the Battlegod Catalog.”

Duan Hu sneered. However, before he could say anything worse, he heard a reproach.

“Duan Hu, slap yourself ten times!”

Fu Yanqing glared at Duan Hu angrily.

“Teach… Teacher…”

Duan Hu was horrified, unsettled, and also felt aggrieved.

“You’re unconvinced?”

Fu Yanqing’s tone was strict, “I know that we’ve been pressured by the Central Province Academy and you guys don’t feel happy about it. But you’ve forgotten that if it wasn’t for Great Teacher Sun’s generosity, you guys wouldn’t have the chance to comprehend the Battlegod murals anymore.”

“His magnanimity and dedication are enough to ask for you guys to kowtow, let alone bow.”

Fu Yanqing detested Sun Mo, but rationally, he had to admit that Sun Mo was an opponent who deserved to be respected.

“I’ve realized my mistake!”

Duan Hu apologized then raised his hand and started to slap himself harshly.

“What are you guys just standing there for?”

Fu Yanqing reproached the others.

All the students from the Westshore Military School bowed in unison in the direction of Sun Mo’s group.

“Thank you Teacher Sun for leaving the Battlegod murals behind, allowing us to have the chance to continue comprehending them.”

Right now, many people had gathered over to watch, wanting to see if Sun Mo had three heads and six arms. After hearing Fu Yanqing’s words and seeing the students’ actions, some of them also bowed after being stunned for a moment.

The Battlegod murals had disappeared before. This was something that everyone knew. If it wasn’t for Sun Mo’s generosity, the Battlegod Canyon would lose the purpose of its name from now on.

Putting aside Sun Mo’s talent, his magnanimity definitely didn’t bring shame to his title as a great teacher. After all, this was a peerless-grade saint-tier divine art.

Everyone knew that if they were the one to get their hands on this, they’d definitely wipe out the Battlegod murals because something that belonged only to them would have the greatest value.

More and more people bowed.

Some meddlesome people even shouted out.

“Respectfully sending off Great Teacher Sun! Respectfully sending off Battle God Sun!”

Very soon, many people started shouting.

Li Ziqi and the others turned their heads to take a glance, then looked toward both sides of the long street. They saw that everywhere Sun Mo passed by, there’d be many black heads that were lowered.

Suddenly, they felt overwhelmingly proud.

(This is our teacher. He used his talent and magnanimity to get all these people to submit. Out of which, there are the young and inexperienced novices, troublemaking old foxes, as well as all sorts of strong major characters… But now, there is not a single one of them who doesn’t show respect for Teacher!)

Sun Mo was starting to see waves of favorable impression points flashing in front of him again.

“Sun Mo, the 3-star great teacher examination will be here very soon. You must work hard. I heard that Jiang Ji had planned on waiting for a few years but eventually decided on participating in this great teacher examination because of you.”

Li Ruolan exposed a great piece of news.

“Who is Jiang Ji?”

Sun Mo didn’t know him, but his name sounded a little interesting.

“Huh? He is ranked first on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings and is said to be a leading character for the new generation of great teachers who are 25 years and younger. How can you not know him?”

(You must be putting up an act, right? How can someone in the great teacher circle not have heard of this name?)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》