Absolute Great Teacher
805 Returning to Jinling, Visiting the Old Headmaster!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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805 Returning to Jinling, Visiting the Old Headmaster!


After returning to the school, Sun Mo started to enter seclusion in the Wind King Hall.

Firstly, it was to prepare for the 3-star great teacher examination. Secondly, it was to hide from people.

As the news of him comprehending the Battlegod Catalog spread wider and wider, his reputation grew greater as well. Quite a lot of major characters sent him invitations, wanting to get to know him.

These people weren’t hankering after the divine art. They only wanted to get to know him and form a friendly relationship for future interactions.

All of the people who sent invitations were influential characters in Jinling.

This also meant that Sun Mo was finally accepted by people with the highest level of authority in the city. However, Sun Mo found it troublesome and thus used seclusion as a reason to hide.

Of course, there were still some people he had to meet.

For example, Zheng Qingfang.

“Sun Mo, one mustn’t put on airs too much.”

Zheng Qingfang gave Sun Mo guidance based on his philosophy of dealing with the people and matters. “People would get involved in all sorts of circles when they are alive. There are some people whom you must liaise with no matter how much you don’t like them.

“Even a secondary saint would need a tremendous amount of resources if they wish to have further improvements. If you don’t form relationships with some major characters, you can’t possibly go gather those resources yourself, right? How much time would that waste?

“The smartest secondary saints would change their influence into resources that could let themselves or the people under them climb up to greater heights.

“Moreover, you’re also thinking of bringing the Central Province Academy back to prosperity. Then all the more you won’t be able to distance yourself from these important characters.”

The real major characters had deep entangling connections. In times of danger, they’d be able to call on the help of many and not deal with the situation alone.

“I’ve benefited from the teaching!”

Sun Mo listened to his advice, using half a month to meet up with these major characters, participating in all sorts of banquets.

In the past, Zheng Qingfang would refuse all of these invitations. But this time around, in order to back Sun Mo up, he attended all of them.

He was a retired old official who had served for generations. His influence in the Great Tang was very great. When he addressed Sun Mo as his friend…

Sun Mo’s value in the eyes of those influential characters raised even further.

“Great Teacher Sun is very handsome. It’s a pity that he is already engaged. Otherwise, I’d want to marry my daughter to him.”

A great merchant said regretfully.

The lips of all of the high-ranking officials next to him couldn’t help but twitch. (You just have some money. Who do you think you are? Even if Sun Mo didn’t have a fiancée, how would your daughter get a chance? Sun Mo would be free to take his pick from the daughters of high-ranking officials and princes.)

“I heard that a secondary saint has joined the Central Province Academy. Is that true?”

A dignified lady couldn’t help but ask.

If it was true, she’d want to send her child over to learn from him.

“It’s true. That secondary saint’s surname is…”

Someone who knew about this matter spoke up but was forced to stop here. It was because this involved mentioning the secondary saint’s name, and thus they skipped over this and said, “I heard that the secondary saint used to be a great teacher who worked in the Black-White Academy.”

“Huh? Then why did he come to the Central Province Academy? Isn’t that lowering his status?

“I heard that Great Teacher Sun’s priceless advice had caused him to gain enlightenment and become a secondary saint. Therefore, the reason he came here to teach is to repay Sun Mo’s favor.”

“To think that Sun Mo is so amazing!”

“Can you not call Great Teacher Sun by his name? That’s really rude!”

Other than gossip, the circle of dignified ladies was filled with all sorts of scheming against each other. Recently, Sun Mo’s name was often mentioned during their gatherings.

Some of them had even privately put over 100 mus of land on the table to bet on who could get Sun Mo to submit to them.

Given An Xinhui’s character, she’d definitely not use the secondary saint’s reputation to promote the school. Sun Mo wanted to do it, but before he could do so, many major characters had already found out about it and brought their children over, hoping that they could be accepted as the secondary saint’s students.

Sun Mo had a strong realization that the wishes of parents for their children to become successful were all the same regardless of eras.

“At least, my children wouldn’t have to fret over residences in the school area or over their studies and supplementary lessons.”

Sun Mo felt that given the favor Shi Sheng owed him, the latter would work hard to teach his children.

As for his children acknowledging Shi Sheng as their personal teacher, it wouldn’t happen. Sun Mo also wanted to look for a saint to teach his children.

“Your mindset isn’t right!”

After hearing Sun Mo’s words, Jin Mujie couldn’t help but want to lash out at him. “The one who is the most suitable to the children would be the best one.”

“Then what about your children? Will you be teaching them yourself?”

Sun Mo asked.

“That’s impossible. It’s my child, so I must find a saint to teach them.”

Jin Mujie’s tone sounded like a matter-of-fact, making Sun Mo stunned.

At the mention of education and saints, Sun Mo recalled An Xinhui’s grandfather, An Zaidao.

He was indebted to this old man. After all, if someone else was in his shoes, why would they be willing to marry such an outstanding granddaughter to a mediocre person?

No, even if the guy was a genius, it’d still be a humiliation to An Xinhui.

Sun Mo understood that regardless if it was for work or private reasons, he should have paid a visit to the old headmaster long ago. However, his soul didn’t belong to this generation, and the term ‘secondary saint’ instilled one with great reverence. Even if the secondary saint was in a coma, Sun Mo was still afraid that he might slip.

But it seemed that there was no way to continue dragging things out now.

In An Xinhui’s perspective, Sun Mo had achieved outstanding achievements that others couldn’t make, and the school’s situation was getting better as well. No matter what, they should report the events to her grandfather.

Her grandfather might just wake up if he were to feel happy.

An Xinhui was understanding and thus didn’t urge Sun Mo to do it, but he couldn’t just continue to pretend to ignore things.

Therefore, Sun Mo maintained the mentality of having to deal with things regardless of the decision made. He took the initiative to visit the old headmaster.

Jade Mountain of Jinling was a mountain with beautiful scenery, and there was a Daoist temple at the top.

The old headmaster had paid a good friend to build this temple 200 years ago. Now, his friend was no longer around, but the Daoist priests still remained thankful to the old headmaster and thus allowed him to recuperate quietly. They also took great care of him.

“The air is really fresh!”

The air after the rain was fresh and would make one feel exhilarated, gradually calming Sun Mo’s tense nerves down.

“Sister An, this way please!”

A small priest received the gifts An Xinhui handed him, thanked her, and then led the way for them.

They passed through the side hall and a few courtyards, eventually stopping in front of a thatched house.

The bamboo fence had turned yellow and there were a few vegetable gardens, with some hens strolling amidst them, pecking on worms to eat.

Sun Mo looked toward An Xinhui. (Isn’t this environment too quiet and run-down?)

“Before striving to become a saint, Grandfather had told me to set things up as such if accidents were to occur.”

An Xinhui smiled bitterly. No matter how poor she was, she wouldn’t let her grandfather suffer. However, she didn’t dare to go against her grandfather’s instructions either.

After all, as a secondary saint who was deep and unfathomable, he might have expected this calamity, and the setup could serve as some means for his cultivation and comprehension.


The door opened and a young priest walked out. After bowing to greet the two of them, he took his leave.

“Don’t hold it against him. He can’t speak!”

An Xinhui explained, “He’s the one who has been taking care of Grandfather.”


Sun Mo secretly took in two deep breaths to calm his heart down before entering the room after An Xinhui.

The furnishing in the room was extremely simple. Other than a table and two chairs, there was only a wooden wardrobe. However, the place was very clean.

There was also a fragrance that cleansed one’s heart.

An Zaidao lay on the wooden bed without even breathing. However, he wasn’t dead.

“Grandfather, Little Momo and I are here to see you.”

An Xinhui sat by the bet, grabbing An Zaidao’s hand.


After Sun Mo called that, An Xinhui turned and rolled her eyes at him. He had no choice but to change his terms of address.


An Xinhui smiled. She then started to tell An Zaidao about Sun Mo’s achievements during this period.

Sun Mo felt a little embarrassed from listening to her.

Such flattery could easily make one light-headed, especially when spoken by a great beauty.

Sun Mo had nothing to do, so he activated Divine Sight to observe An Zaidao, hoping to find a way to awaken him.

However, a row of red words appeared. Unknown target!

“What use do I have for you when you’re so trashy?”

Sun Mo was speechless.

“Grandfather, my goal this year is for myself to get 4-star and Little Momo to get 3-star. It’d be even better if we can come out first in the examination. As for the league tournament test, I hope that we can stay in the ‘C’ grade and strive for the ‘B’ grade.”

An Xinhui shared her plan.

An hour later, the two of them ended the visit and quietly left the Jade Mountain’s temple.

“Do you know the way to let the old… Grandfather wake up?”

Sun Mo wanted to help.

“I feel that if we can find the Divine Wisdom Fruit or the [Nether-River Soul Reversal Scripture], there might be a chance to wake Grandfather up.”

An Xinhui had sought the help of great masters before, but they were helpless too.

“Are these two things hard to get?”

As Sun Mo asked, he also had the system open the system shopping store for him to browse through the catalog.

(Sorry, this item doesn’t exist.)

As expected, the Divine Wisdom Fruit wasn’t on the list. The Nether-River Soul Reversal Scripture was there, but it cost one million favorable impression points. That was ridiculously expensive.

“There’s an extremely rare tree in the Darkness Continent that takes 1,000 years to bloom, 1,000 years to fruit, and 1,000 years for the fruit to mature. The fruits are known as Abhijna Fruits[1] and each of them contains different magical powers. Out of which, there’s one known as the Divine Wisdom Fruit. After eating it, it was said that one could receive and obtain the wisdom of gods, which would allow one’s intelligence to develop and their souls to be refined.”

“After eating the Divine Wisdom Fruit, even a fool or an idiot will be able to become a wise person that’s hard to come by in 1,000 years.”

An Xinhui explained.

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. Judging from its effect, it was clear that it wasn’t an ordinary item.

The rarer or more amazing something was, the harder it would be to obtain them.

“The [Nether-River Soul Reversal Scripture] is a legendary divine art. It was said that after one reaches the major-completion stage, their soul can leave their body, enter hell, and bring back the soul of someone who has died. Therefore, as long as the dead person’s body remains intact, they’ll still have the hope of being revived.”

An Xinhui’s eyes were filled with yearning.

“That can’t be true, right?”

Sun Mo didn’t believe in bringing the dead back to life. However, after saying that, he regretted it. This was An Xinhui’s hope after all and he shouldn’t have retorted.

Moreover, this divine art was there in the shopping store.

“System, is this divine art really that amazing?”

Sun Mo looked through the introduction.

“It can’t bring the dead back to life, but it can allow one to communicate with the souls of other species. Moreover, after one’s death, it could allow one to abandon the body and live on as a soul.”

The system introduced.


Sun Mo was stunned. The divine arts in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces were really an eye-opener.

“There’s a chance to get the Divine Wisdom Fruit, but the [Nether-River Soul Reversal Scripture] is long lost. No, there are only rumors of it in history and no concrete records on it.”

An Xinhui sighed.

“Don’t worry, there’ll always be a way out!”

Sun Mo thought of that Greenhaze Forest map he had. There were seven great treasures labeled on it, and there might be an Abhijna Tree there too.

After he had gotten the title of a 3-star great teacher, he should go to the Darkness Continent to take a look. However, he must first open the seven-colored diamond treasure chests before that.

He hoped that he could get some good items from them. Would he have struck it rich if there was a Divine Wisdom Fruit in them?

[1] Abhijñā is a Buddhist term generally translated as “direct knowledge”, “higher knowledge” or “supernormal knowledge.” In Buddhism, such special knowledge is obtained through virtuous living and meditation. The attainment of the four jhanas or meditative absorptions is considered a prerequisite for their attainment.

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