Absolute Great Teacher
806 Number One in Jinling, Exceptional Prescription
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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806 Number One in Jinling, Exceptional Prescription


Sitting on the bed and looking at the four skill books floating in front of his eyes, Sun Mo felt complicated.

[Analysis of 1,000 types of commonly used poison], expert-level.

As long as one learned it, they’d immediately know these 1,000 types of poison like the back of their hands, being able to use them flexibly. Even if not used to harm others, they could be used as a complete defense. There’d be no worries that they’d get harmed by others when they were outside.

But to speak the truth, Sun Mo wasn’t interested in poison and things like that.

Knowledge was something that needed to be used incessantly. Once they were set aside, one would lose touch with them. Therefore, if Sun Mo didn’t use them for a few years, he’d basically forget about them.

Although this was something good, it was a little useless to Sun Mo.

The second skill book was [1,000 types of dark species encyclopedia: plant edition]. Proficiency index: grandmaster-level. This was very valuable. It was an extremely great addition to Sun Mo’s botany studies.

The only regret was that the amount was too little.

The third one was [Analysis of 1,000 types of spirit runes]. Proficiency index: grandmaster-level.

The main use of this book was to save Sun Mo a tremendous amount of time. Otherwise, it’d take him at least 20 years if he were to practice by himself for eight hours daily.

Grandmaster-level spirit runes weren’t things that could be drawn by anyone. Each of them could be sold for quite a lot of money.

Of course, given Sun Mo’s current value, he didn’t need to go through so much hardship to earn money.

The fourth one was [1,000 types of average-grade heaven-tier cultivation arts encyclopedia]. Proficiency index: grandmaster-level.

Judging from the cost-performance ratio and effects, this skill book had the greatest value out of the four skill books. It was because even if Sun Mo were to put in hard work for 100 years, it’d be hard for him to reach the grandmaster level in all of these cultivation arts.

This tremendous amount of cultivation experience could allow Sun Mo to reach the grandmaster level in most heaven-tier cultivation arts.

He might not be good enough to teach geniuses, but it was enough for him to teach ordinary students. After all, the mainstream cultivation arts in the nine provinces were at the heaven tier.

The items were very practical, especially the spirit runes and cultivation art, which could allow his teaching capabilities to improve tremendously. However, there weren’t many surprises.

Sun Mo wanted rare and valuable treasures such as rare fruits or alchemical prescriptions.

“Host, to a great teacher, knowledge is the foundation for their foothold. Spirit runes and cultivation arts are both foundations that can help you rise to become a secondary saint. However, those alchemical pills and prescriptions won’t be able to do that. Why don’t you understand that?”

The system felt that Sun Mo’s mental state wasn’t right and thus reproached him.

“I can use prescriptions to exchange for other people’s unique cultivation arts!”

Sun Mo retorted.


The system suddenly felt that what Sun Mo said made a lot of sense and there was nothing it could retort back with.

Sun Mo smiled. After applying an Encyclopedic Knowledge great teacher halo on himself, he shattered a skill book and started learning.

One night passed by.

After he was done learning those spirit runes, the system’s congratulation suddenly rang out.


“Congratulations, because you have decrypted the Battlegod Canyon’s spirit rune murals and have also learned part of the foundational spirit runes, your study of spirit runes has improved tremendously. You’re officially just a hair away from the ancestor level.”

“What the hell is just a hair away?”

Sun Mo frowned. “Half-step ancestor level?”

“No, it’s even more amazing that half-step ancestor level. You currently aren’t assessed as the ancestor-level because your foundations are too weak.”

The system explained, “After all, any great ancestor-level spirit runist can close their eyes and draw over 1,000 types of spirit runes.”

“That means if I learn about more spirit runes, I’ll be able to reach the ancestor level?”

Sun Mo’s brows raised, feeling a little excited. This wasn’t difficult. He just needed to read more books.


The system felt very emotional. Sun Mo really showed exceptional talent in the study of spirit runes. He had already become so amazing in less than two years.

This was considered exceptionally outstanding amongst the many hosts it had been through.

“Then what is my current ranking in spirit runes?”

Sun Mo felt curious.

“Ranked first in the Central Province Academy, first in Jinling, third in Central Province, and 31st in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces.”

The system replied.

“To think that I’m not even first in the Central Province? And I’m only over 30th place across the entire country?”

Sun Mo suddenly felt unhappy.

“Be satisfied. These people are all great ancestors who have researched the study of spirit runes for several hundred years. Moreover, they are also exceptionally talented. If they aren’t better than you, then the Nine Provinces’ study of spirit runes would have long since gone into decline.”

The system explained, “It can be said that these 30 great ancestor-level spirit runists’ researches have caused the study of spirit runes to develop incessantly.”

“I understand.”

Sun Mo nodded.

“Host, although you’ll be able to reach the ancestor level if you learn more spirit runes, I suggest you to not be restrained by these useless reputations. It’s because these spirit runes no longer have much use for you. You should look for your own research direction.

“For example, your idea of building a spirit gathering tower isn’t bad.”

The system tried hard to convince Sun Mo.

“En, I’ll think about my future path seriously.”

As Sun Mo said this, he jumped off the bed and stretched his body. “But amongst those who are 30 years old or younger, the standard of my study of spirit runes should be ranked first, right?”

“You’re first amongst those who are 50 years old or younger.”

The system wanted to roll its eyes. (Why do you care about ranking so much? A great teacher should be indifferent to fame and wealth!)

Hearing the word ‘first’ finally put Sun Mo in a good mood.

Time flowed by very quickly.

When the first autumn frost came, the 4-star great teacher examination that took place once every two years was almost here.

With Secondary Saint Shi Sheng in the school, this time around, An Xinhui could leave the school with peace of mind, heading for the examination venue in Willowspring City alongside Jin Mujie.

Although Jin Mujie knew that her chance of passing wasn’t high, she still decided to bet on it.

The students started discussing amongst themselves, trying to guess if Headmaster An could become a 4-star great teacher. But this topic was soon covered by the news that Sun Mo was about to set off to participate in the 3-star great teacher examination.

As An Xinhui was still very young, it didn’t matter whether she was to successfully get the 4-star title or not. While it might be surprising if she did, it wouldn’t be as astonishing as how Sun Mo had risen by three stars in a single year.

Of course, if Sun Mo could get three-time champion, it’d be even more domineering.

Liu Mubai was also going to participate in the examination and also had the chance to get three stars in a year, but it no longer held any hype in the school.

After Sun Mo had comprehended the Battlegod Catalog and astonished the world, he had then announced during the Entire School Meeting that he was going to impart this divine art to the most outstanding student in the school. In an instant, he had replaced An Xinhui to become the most popular great teacher in the Central Province Academy.

Who wouldn’t want to learn a peerless-grade saint-tier divine art?

Sun Mo was well-known for his popularity, and no one would doubt his words. Even that barbaric young man who had been with him for a few months had learned the two top-notch divine arts—the Dharma Skyshock Fist and the Wind King Divine Art.

In most cases, the students would have to slog hard for half their lifetime, then be imparted with a move or two if the teacher was in a good mood.

After all, such divine arts were too valuable.

It should actually be three divine art. Sun Mo had also taught Helian Beifang the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. However, this was the Skyraise Academy’s ultimate divine art so there’d be big trouble if news of this were to spread. Therefore, Sun Mo told his disciples to try to keep a low profile as much as possible.

When Sun Mo found Mei Yazhi on the fifth floor of the darkness illusion dojo, he saw that she was having a good time fighting, not knowing what fatigue was.


Mei Yazhi couldn’t help but let out a bellow excitedly after she smashed the illusion’s head with a single punch. This method of venting felt really good.

(Physical exercises make me happy!)

Pa pa pa!

Sun Mo clapped.


Mei Yazhi was given a fright. After seeing that it was Sun Mo, she heaved a sigh of relief. After all, she was a 6-star great teacher and a woman at that. Bellowing would be considered improper manners.

“Teacher Mei fought well.”

Sun Mo praised and walked over, handing her a clean towel.

“You aren’t mocking me, right?”

Mei Yazhi rolled her eyes at Sun Mo.

“I’m not.”

Sun Mo wore an expression as if he had been wronged.

“Then I’ll accept the compliment. After all, this is a compliment from Battle God Sun Mo.”

Mei Yazhi smiled. She hadn’t taught Sun Mo anything, so there was actually no need for him to address her as teacher. However, Mei Yazhi didn’t reject it.

Mei Yazhi could tell that her daughter had feelings for Sun Mo. Hence, if Sun Mo were to address her as someone of the same seniority, it would be awkward.

“Teacher, please spare me!”

Sun Mo felt helpless. “Don’t bring me to ruins with the flattery of calling me Battle God Sun Mo.”


Mei Yazhi patted Sun Mo’s shoulder, teasing. “What about it? Want to have a round with me?”

Sun Mo’s gaze subconsciously landed on Mei Yazhi.

As she was sweating, many parts of her white warrior attire were sticking to her body. Not only did he notice the traces of her inner clothing, but he could also see her soft and beautiful curves.

(My god, if she were to put on tight-fitting body-building attire, it’d be an overkill.)

Mei Yazhi was panting slightly and a few wisps of her black hair was stuck to her face because of the sweat. She had wanted to ask Sun Mo how his preparations for the examination were going.

However, she suddenly felt a little embarrassed after noticing his gaze.


Mei Yazhi raised her hand and knocked Sun Mo on the head.

“What are you looking at?”

Mei Yazhi was a little angry.

“Nothing. I’m just wondering if you had really given birth to Ziyu. Aren’t the two of you too different?”

Sun Mo needed to ask Mei Yazhi for a favor and thus said this politely. However, he regretted it immediately after saying that. It was because his words seemed to have gone a little overboard.

As expected, Mei Yazhi’s face flushed up even more.

She knew that Sun Mo was referring to her figure.

(You’re so bad. How can you rate us, mother and daughter, like that? I might even become your mother-in-law in the future.)

Feeling that his flattery might have been done wrongly, Sun Mo quickly diverted the topic. “Teacher Mei, the reason I’ve come today is because I need to ask you for a favor.”

Sun Mo took out two pieces of paper and handed them to her.

“As long as it’s something I can do, I’ll definitely do my best to help.”

Mei Yazhi took the papers, glanced at them, and then her eyes opened wide. She became completely immersed in them.

Very long later, Mei Yazhi raised her head and asked in surprise, “Where did you get these two prescriptions from?”

To think that they were prescriptions that she hadn’t seen before?

This was really too astonishing.

Mei Yazhi was an amazing figure in the alchemy world, an existence that was revered as being near to the ancestor level. As she came from a family of scholars, she had memorized countless prescriptions since young. However, these two prescriptions weren’t amongst them.

After asking them, Mei Yazhi felt that she had made an indiscreet remark. She shouldn’t be asking such private questions. She then started to have some complaints.

“What are you trying to do here? In the future, don’t show such prescriptions to others, no, you shouldn’t bring them out easily.”

“If I don’t, they’ll be wasted in my hands!” Sun Mo shrugged. “Moreover, I trust Aunt Mei.”

“Hmm? Where did you learn to curry up to others like this?”

Mei Yazhi teased and then returned the prescriptions to Sun Mo. “But it doesn’t sound bad to hear you calling me Aunt Mei. You can address me in this manner in the future.”

“Aunt Mei!”

Sun Mo immediately called out sweetly.

They hadn’t known each other for long, but time was of no relevance in friendship. It was dependent on whether they shared similar ideals and interests.

Mei Ziyu could be said to be a typical traditional great teacher without any flaws. Through her, Sun Mo could tell that she had a strict upbringing, and it showed how outstanding Mei Yazhi was.

Sun Mo had no psychological pressure to be calling someone like her aunt.

“You’re thinking of asking me to help you refine these two pills, right?”

Mei Yazhi analyzed, “Based on the medicinal herbs on the prescription, they should be pills used by people in the Spirit-Refinement Realm and the Blood-Ignition Realm. Don’t show the prescriptions to others recklessly. I have alchemical pills of this grade as well. I’ll get someone to send a letter to get my family to send some over. Don’t worry. They are all of high grades.”

Mei Yazhi didn’t mention the price as she wasn’t planning on charging Sun Mo for them. After all, she hadn’t returned Sun Mo the favor of using the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands on Mei Ziyu.

“Aunt Mei, I’m sorry, I only want these two pills.”

Sun Mo pursed his lips, not knowing how he should put this.

Thankfully, Mei Yazhi was pure and elegant and immediately guessed what Sun Mo was thinking. “Hmm? You’re saying that the effects of these two pills will be better?”


Sun Mo didn’t try to hide it anymore. “One of them is the mind pill and the other is the dragonfire pill…”

Before Sun Mo finished his words, Mei Yazhi turned pale with fright and quickly asked.

“What? Dragonfire pill? You aren’t lying to me, right? That can’t be. This prescription has been lost for several thousand years. How do you know about it?”

Mei Yazhi hadn’t even heard of the mind pill before, but she knew of the dragonfire pill. It was the most perfect alchemical pill for cultivators at the Blood-Ignition Realm.

It was because a Dark Saint from the Dark Dawn had been hankering after this prescription to the point that a famous school that had been dominating the ‘A’ grade for 1,000 years was wiped out. All the students in the school died overnight.

From then on, this prescription was seen as an ominous item and no longer appeared in the world.

Of course, to an alchemist like Mei Yazhi, she didn’t care if it was ominous or not. She only wished to see prescriptions of such a legendary level.

“I can assure you that this prescription is definitely original. As for its source, Aunt Mei, please don’t ask about it.”

Sun Mo didn’t dare to lie recklessly. After all, given Mei Yazhi’s influence, it’d be easy for her to find out.


Mei Yazhi was a little excited. She could just refine the pill to see if it was real or not.

Hold on.

This prescription was far too precious. Even if she were to supply Sun Mo with dragonfire pills for her entire lifetime, she’d still have profited.

“Let me say this first, it’s not enough to use this prescription as a betrothal gift.”

Mei Yazhi teased.


Sun Mo broke out in sweat and quickly explained, “I don’t have that intention. I just want to ask you to provide me with some alchemical pills. Don’t worry, I won’t ask for an excessive amount. I won’t need them anymore after my personal disciples pass the spirit-refinement realm and the blood-ignition realm.”

“Look at how scared you’ve become!”

Mei Yazhi couldn’t hold back her smile and then exclaimed, “I didn’t expect to have such a great takeaway from this trip to the Central Province Academy.”

“Sun Mo, I’ve really owed you a great favor now.”

If it became too much, she could just offer herself to be married to him!

To be honest, Sun Mo wasn’t a saint. Even if he were to walk along the streets, he’d also take a glance at beauties when she saw them. He’d also want a great beauty like Mei Yazhi.

Of course, Sun Mo quickly dismissed this thought. After all, that was too dirty of him.

“I’ll trouble Aunt Mei with the alchemical pills then. I’ll be setting off the day after tomorrow. During this time, I’d like to ask you to keep watch over the Central Province Academy!”

Sun Mo implored. With a secondary saint and a 6-star great teacher keeping watch, there probably wouldn’t be any problems.

“No problem.” Mei Yazhi agreed readily. “Oh right, Ziyu will also be participating in the 3-star great teacher examination. Please help me take care of her.”

This time around, quite a lot of people from the Central Province Academy would be participating in the 3-star great teacher examination. However, Gu Xiuxun knew that she didn’t have any hopes of passing and thus wasn’t going. After all, she wanted a perfect result of passing on the first attempt.

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