Absolute Great Teacher
807 Examination Starts, The Shortest Straw!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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807 Examination Starts, The Shortest Straw!


Sun Mo and Mei Ziyu arrived in Jing Province on the 15th of October after traveling around and enjoying themselves for two days, experiencing the local customs and practices.

Both of them were heading toward Saint Gate’s headquarters in Jing Province that oversaw everything.

It was a big auditorium that could accommodate close to 1,000 people. By this time, over 70% of the examinees had arrived.

“There are so many people!”

Mei Ziyu was actually not interested in raising her star-level. But since Sun Mo was going to take the examination, she’d accompany him. It’d mean that she could spend more time together with him.

Of course, other than her feelings for Sun Mo, Mei Ziyu also wanted to see the outstanding performance of a genius.

Sun Mo’s goal was to get three stars in a year, becoming a three-time champion.

Sun Mo looked around. There weren’t many young people, with most of them being great teachers in their thirties or even forties. There were also some with slightly graying hair.

That made sense. 3-star great teachers were the foundations of the great teacher world. In a famous school, they were considered mid-tier pillars. Therefore, the difficulty of the examination was very high.

The Saint Gate had to assure that every 3-star great teacher wouldn’t bring shame to their title.

At nine, Tong Yiming walked up the rostrum.

“I’m sure that everyone has understood the content of the 3-star great teacher examination. The Saint Gate will let every examinee hide their names and then randomly be assigned to a famous school to work as a new teacher for three months.

“During this time, our examiners will conduct all sorts of tests on the examinees. However, the Saint Gate won’t be informing the examinees on the examiner’s identities and the content of the tests.

“Therefore, I advise everyone not to do anything that will sully the name of great teachers, even if it’s just pretense. Otherwise, you’ll fail immediately. In more serious cases, your great teacher title will be revoked.”

Tong Yiming introduced the rules.

There weren’t any whisperings under the rostrum. After all, everyone was a 2-star great teacher and they had this amount of willpower.

“Thinking about it, the examination is quite simple too. Wouldn’t it be fine to just act according to our usual teaching habits?”

A young man at the side twitched his lips, feeling that it wasn’t hard.

A few experienced great teachers who had participated in two rounds of the examinations smirked in their hearts after hearing this. This young man was really naive.

If it was that easy to get 3-star, then they wouldn’t be worth anything.

“The three famous schools selected this year are the Skyraise Academy, Jixia Learning Palace, and the Dragon Subduing Academy respectively. Alright, everyone can come up to draw lots. You’ll head to the school you’ve picked for the examination.”

After Tong Yiming said that, he flipped up the red cloth covering the drawing box. Under everyone’s gaze, he opened the seal to prove that no one had done anything to the box previously.

However, no one went up. Even the few experienced ones were all stunned.

My god, was that right?

Why would the Nine Greats be picked as the examination venue?

“Teach… Teacher, isn’t… isn’t this too difficult?”

Someone summoned their courage and asked.

“If you think that it’s difficult, you can choose to not take the examination!”

Tong Yiming’s reply was cold and emotionless.

“I only feel that it isn’t fair. Why is it that others go to ‘A’ grade or even ‘B’ grade famous schools, but when it’s our turn, it becomes the Nine Greats?”

“This difficulty isn’t just raised by just a little.”

“I feel that I’m going to fail.”

The students from the Nine Greats were almost all geniuses. They had seen a lot in life and were very talented. It was much harder to get them convinced than the students from low grade famous schools.

This was like how it could be very easy for one to teach a top class in an ordinary school, but when you were in a school filled with elites from all over the country, one could be dealt a great blow until they shut themselves in just from teaching an ordinary class.

The amount of pressure was different.

Who wouldn’t want to teach talented students?

But the prerequisites were that the person had to be capable.

“If you guys want to blame someone, you can blame Sun Mo and Jiang Ji. As Sun Mo wants to become a three-time champion, even Jiang Ji, who hasn’t been planning to take part in the examination, also came out. Moreover, their participation also made many elites go through great preparations. They are planning to go all out.”

Tong Yiming’s gaze turned cold as he scanned the place, giving the reason. “Therefore, there are many elites this year around. If the grades of the schools selected for the examination are too low, how are we going to select the most outstanding great teachers?”

“F*ck, can’t Sun Mo stop for a year before he takes the examination?”

“If I knew, I wouldn’t have registered.”

“I’m too old and can’t afford to wait anymore. Otherwise, I’d definitely wait for another year.”

The examinees started complaining.


Tong Yiming reproached, “You guys should be thankful that I don’t have the right to judge. Otherwise, the people who complained earlier would be deemed as having failed by me.”


Hearing this, many examinees instantly shrunk their necks, being silent as cicadas in winter.

“Real great teachers should be filled with the spirit of not willing to admit their losses. The elites on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings haven’t wanted to participate in the examination, but in order to compete against Sun Mo and Jiang Ji, all of them came, disregarding win or loss. This mentality is worthy of respect.”

Tong Yiming looked down on cowards the most. “The champion I want is one who defeats countless geniuses and not one who emerges after killing a bunch of insignificant people.”


Priceless Advice erupted!

Golden light spots spread through the entire auditorium.

The noise from the examinees came to a stop, and they started to reflect on their behavior.

“Alright, come up to the stage to draw lots. If you want to give up on the examination, you can leave now.”

After Tong Yiming said that, he stood to the side and watched the examinees.

In fact, these weren’t the only people who came to participate in the examination. There were three other examination venues where lots were being drawn concurrently.

The reason for this was to increase the difficulty of the competition.

As they had no idea who their opponents were, if they wished to win, they’d have to go all out even more.

They had paid for the registration fees, so there was no way they could give up on the examination. Moreover, given the means of famous schools, if the schools were to find out from the records that the teachers had dropped out of the examination before, they’d basically be unable to get in.

There was no helping it. They could only blame Sun Mo. It was his fault that the difficulty of the examination was a lot harder this year.

The examinees went up in succession orderly.

“God, please don’t let me get Dragon Subduing Academy!”

Quite a lot of people were praying.

This made Sun Mo feel perplexed and he asked Mei Ziyu softly, “Shouldn’t the Skyraise Academy be the hardest?”

Amongst the Nine Greats, the Skyraise Academy was publicly known as the number one famous school in the world. The Great Zhou Dynasty that the Skyraise Academy was in was also the strongest country in Middle-Earth.

This meant that Jing Province was the center of economy and culture in Middle-Earth. Not only were there students from Nine Provinces who came here to seek education, but there were also quite a number of people from the Western Country.

This led to there even being great teachers from Western Countries who came here to teach Western Teachings.

“Without the Dragon Subduing Academy, it’s true that the Skyraise Academy has the highest level of difficulty.”

Mei Ziyu came from a family of scholars, so she was very familiar with things like these. “Their great teachers are all cream of the crop. Moreover, after joining the school, one can’t feel relieved either. There’ll be a small test once every three months and a big test once every six months. There’s constantly a risk of getting fired.

“Of course, once you receive the school’s recognition, the treatment you’ll be given will also be extremely good. At least, the monetary payment will be a lot better than other schools.”

“I also like jobs that pay high.”

Sun Mo chuckled. He liked it even if he had to do a 996 working hour system [1] and wouldn’t get a single cent of overtime payment.

“The Central Province Academy is already yours.”

Mei Ziyu rolled her eyes and then continued, “You also know that the Dragon Subduing Academy is built on the land of the northern barbarians. Their headmaster is the Great Khagan who leads several thousand tribes of varying sizes. Their students are all members of the tribes.

“To put it more accurately, they are all descendants of the great tribes’ nobles and warriors. They aren’t like foolish citizens who will be satisfied with having food and clothing. They keep on thinking about plundering and expanding their territory, spreading the glory of their deities through the Central Plains.”


Sun Mo was speechless. These were a bunch of people who liked combat!

“There’s a good saying that goes, ‘those who aren’t of the same ethnicity as us must harbor different intentions.’”

Mei Ziyu let out a sigh. “Everyone has their guards up toward people from other ethnicities. That’s why there are very few great teachers from the Central Plains in the Dragon Subduing Academy. There are even fewer who are recognized by the barbarians.”

“I understand!”

Sun Mo expressed that he could understand.

The Central Plains’ great teachers who had the capability to establish a standing in the Dragon Subduing Academy could easily work in any of the Nine Greats. Why would they choose to teach there?

Most of them targeted the place for the great salary. Although they would put in the effort to teach students, for most of them, their hearts wouldn’t be attached to the place.

“It’s your turn!”

Mei Ziyu pushed Sun Mo gently.

Sun Mo went up.

Although everyone was keeping it a secret and didn’t say the school they were going to, one could basically make a guess based on their expressions.

Those who looked miserable had definitely picked the Dragon Subduing Academy,

After seeing Sun Mo getting onto the stage, Tong Yiming, whose face had been cold, smiled and nodded.

“You’ve done well!”

This was referring to how Sun Mo had decrypted the Battlegod Canyon’s murals and obtained the Battlegod Catalog.

“Thank you Teacher Tong for your compliment!”

Sun Mo thanked him and put his hand into the chest.

“I hope that you pick the Dragon Subduing Academy. Let those barbarian students have a look at what a genius great teacher is like.”

Tong Yiming hoped for this to happen from the bottom of his heart.

“Can you not curse me?”

Sun Mo took out a wax pill that was the size of a chestnut. He opened up a slip inside, took a look, and felt upset.


It was really a case of getting what you’re scared of.

If he were to draw the Jixia Learning Palace, based on Mei Yazhi’s connections, he’d definitely lead a good life.

“Hehe, congratulations.”

Tong Yiming started taking down the record happily.

Mei Ziyu was next. When she opened up the slip and saw the name of the school, she broke into a relieved smile.

“Is it Jixia Learning Palace?”

Sun Mo regretted it. He should have brought Zhiruo here and touched her head before drawing the lot. He’d definitely get what he wished for.

“No, it’s Dragon Subduing Academy.”

Mei Ziyu smiled sweetly.

“Then what are you so happy about?”

Sun Mo was baffled. (Are you a masochist like Gu Xiuxun?)

Mei Ziyu turned her head and swung her ponytail lightly. “I’m not telling you.”

(It doesn’t matter where I’m assigned to. I’ll be happy as long as I can be with you.)

One hour later, the lot drawing was completed.

“Now, please come up in succession to collect your mask and fake name. Please take note and try not to tell other people.”

As Tong Yiming spoke up, his staff brought over a few big boxes.

Very soon, Sun Mo received a thin mask and he rubbed it with his hands curiously.

“Is this a human skin mask?”

Sun Mo opened up Divine Sight.

“A mask made of wild beast’s leather. Despite the mediocre workmanship, it’s enough to use as a disguise.”

“Note: It can cause skin allergies.”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. This thing was lame.

“Tomorrow morning, after putting on the disguise, please wait at the north of the city. There’ll be horse carriages sending you to your respective examination venue.”

Tong Yiming took out his pocket watch and then said, “Sun Mo, Jiang Ji, Liu Zongyuan… The 12 of you stay behind for a while. The rest of you can leave.”


However, no one moved. All of them turned around and watched curiously.

“Sun Mo has come here? Which one is he? Does anyone know?”

“I want to challenge him and have a taste of the Battlegod Catalog’s prowess.”

“Aren’t you scared of getting crushed?”

The examinees started mumbling.

The countenance of Jiang Ji, who was in the crowd, turned slightly grim. There had been a time where he’d be in the center of attention no matter where he appeared. But now, Sun Mo was the one radiating in glory.

“Why are you guys all stunned there? Quickly leave.”

Tong Yiming urged.

The examinees dilly dallied away, and some quick-witted ones immediately thought of a way to find him.

The ones who stood there without moving were definitely the 12 people.

The communication means in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces were too backward. Moreover, they were in Jing Province, far away from Jinling. Therefore, not a lot of people had seen Sun Mo before.

It was said that Sun Mo was very young and had only started working last year. After eliminating those who were older, there weren’t many of them left.

Very soon, four people were revealed.

“Which one of them is Sun Mo?”

“It’s said that Sun Mo is very handsome. Otherwise, why would An Xinhui not object to this marriage?”

“That’s right. The most handsome one is definitely Sun Mo.”

As they talked, everyone’s gazes passed by the three ordinary-looking ones and landed on Sun Mo.

Jiang Ji’s lungs felt like they were going to explode from fury.

Great teachers were assessed based on talent and not looks!

“Would you guys cut it out?”

Tong Yiming frowned and reproached.

A few minutes later, the auditorium was finally emptied.

“I’m sorry, the reason I’ve gotten you guys to stay behind is to tell you not to use your signature abilities during the examination period.”

Tong Yiming pleaded.

Everyone instantly frowned.

“Isn’t that too unfair?”

Someone pointed out.

“It’s because your capabilities are too well-known. Take Teacher Sun’s God Hands for example, once used, he will definitely be recognized. How can the examination continue then?”

Tong Yiming felt helpless about it as well.

If Sun Mo and Jiang Ji were to be recognized, they’d have their popularity to back them up. It would be too unfair for the other examinees.

“Of course, there’s no need to worry. As you guys are forbidden from using your signature capabilities, we’ll add marks in discreet to your results.

“In the examiners’ perspectives, there’s a high possibility that you guys can pass the examination anyway. For them to forbid you from using your signature capabilities is only because they want to see real competitiveness.”

Jiang Ji threw a glance at Sun Mo and then shrugged. “I have no objections.”

“Do we have a choice?”

An examinee complained.

Sun Mo didn’t mind. He secretly assessed Jiang Ji.

This person looked a little ugly. He wasn’t tall and his face was more on the tanned side, belonging to the kind who were ordinarily ugly. His big earlobes were almost dangling down to his chin.

(It’s really a case of having an extraordinary image that is unlike mortals.)

Sun Mo was very careful. After all, this person was here to fight him for the position of first place.

“Why? Does Teacher Sun keep looking at me because you want a fight?”

Jiang Ji turned his head and asked.

[1] The 996 working hour system is a work schedule practiced by some companies in the Republic of China. It derives its name from its requirement that employees work from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, 6 days per week; i.e. 72 hours per week.

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