Always You
13 Thinking of you
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Always You
Author :AbstractMind
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13 Thinking of you

Axel smirked by the thought of these beautiful memories. It always happens to him, every time she comes into his mind, he can't help but recall those moments with her. Every time it alleviated the pain he felt. Those were the good times. He is wondering sometimes, does she also have this kind of moment? When all he can think of is her, it would be really nice if she's here with me.

But all he can do now is sigh.

Axel can't stop himself from calling Ali. He really misses her. He feels suffocated by these feelings so he decided to call her at that exact moment.

"Hi." He said with a hint of melancholy in his voice.

"Hello, Axel." Ali responded but she didn't catch the tone of his voice.

"How are you?" he said very softly.

"Oh, I'm fine. I just got out of the classroom. I'll call you back, I have something to do first." she said very quickly.

"Alright, take care." He waited for Ali to end it.

"Alright, bye." Then she hung up the call.

He was thinking of what he should do. He really wanted to see her now. How badly he misses her. Should he insist on meeting up with her today? Well, at the very least it's better to just ask her.

So, while he was waiting for Ali to return the call he went to take a shower and ready his clothes.

"Hmm, what should i wear today?"

He took a lot of clothes from his wardrobe and started to pick some but none caught his eyes until he saw one of his favourite khaki pants.

He chose to wear his casual slim khaki pants coupled with a white shirt and a Nike air Jordan low Paris sneakers. He looks refreshing in that outfit.

Ali just got out of the classroom when he received Axel's call, she was going to the library to return some books and borrow some new ones. She needed it for the paper she has to turn in next week.

She was actually in a hurry because their meet up time was one o'clock and it's already twelve, she will be driving for at least thirty to forty-five minutes to get there. And here she was, still in the library sorting things out. She sort of expected it, knowing that her class would finish at that time. Well, this is important so her friends will surely understand.

"I'd better call them and say that I'll be late for a few minutes, I don't know if the traffic will be bad at this hour. I really hope..." she thought while dialling Axel's number.

Ali called Axel while she's on the road.

"Hey, what's up?" she said, while driving.

"Hi, not busy anymore?" he quipped. He has that teasing tone in his voice.

"Oh, don't start. It's not as if you don't know I go to school every Saturday, It just so happened that i need to go somewhere so I'm kind of in a hurry earlier." she explained.

"I see. Where are you going? Are you driving?"

"I am going to the mall. I'll hang out with my friends today. Yeah, I'm driving. Why?"

"You better be careful. Don't use your phone while driving, it's really dangerous. Call me when you get there, okay?" He doesn't want her to be distracted by the phone call, although he does it sometimes too.

"Alright, call you later!"

He was already dressing up when she called him back. Now, he doesn't know what to do. Does he want to ask her out for dinner but she's with her friends. It's not really good to disturb them like that.

"We still have a lot of time. Let them enjoy themselves." He thought.

Well, since he was already dressed up, it's better to go out and buy some things that he needs at home.

He was living alone but sometimes his brother was dropping by so he had to stock some food for the both of them. Occasionally his brother like to barged in unannounced so it's better to be ready.

"Hmm, I'll do the groceries later." He mutters silently.

He is thinking what he should do first. Since he is in the mall now, why not take advantage of it and do some things he does every now and then.

"I'll drop by the bookstore first." He made up his mind to do it first. It was one of his hobbies, reading books. So he bought a few before he went to the grocery.

Ali had just parked her car and was about to call Axel when she saw him in the parking area carrying some shopping bags. She decided to talk to him instead so she walked in his direction. He doesn't notice her because he was looking for his car keys.

"Hey." she greeted him first. While slightly looking at the shopping bags, kind of curious what is inside those bags and thinking if he lives near here?

"Ali, why are you here? I thought you'll hang out with... Oh,. You'll meet up here?" Axel quickly realized that this is the place where they'll meet up. Not really minding that she is looking at the shopping bags. He is amused by it.

"Yeah, I saw you when I got out of the car. I just got here and I'm about to call you. Wait a moment, I'll call them."

"Hello, where are you girls? I'm here at the parking lot."

"Well, just in time. We're looking for a place to eat on the 3rd floor. Where are you?"

"Alright, I'll be there in a jiffy. Just message me the name of the restaurant. I am just talking to a friend."

"Okay, see you in a while."

"See you." She said while looking at him.

"Well, i have to go now. They are starving. They might eat me if I delay too much."

"Alright, take care. By the way Ali, uhm..." he said hesitatingly.

"Yes?" she looked at him with a confused expression.

"Yeah, never mind. I'll call you later."

"That's fine. Bye." she answered, thinking of what he wanted to say.


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