Ancient One
1 Prologue.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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1 Prologue.

@@Year 1608, New Era, Planet Earth. HQ of the United Nations Alliance.

It has been 1608 years since the start of New Era for the human civilization of Earth. All began when a group of Extra-terrestrial civilization know as "Khoth" meaning Draconian in dragon language, contacted Humans for the search of their Master "Ancient One" also known by the name of "Prana" in the Universe.

From that day onwards Humanity made a giant leap towards Space. Khoths were known to be the longest living race in the known Universe, with Humanity allying themselves to the Khoth they learned many new things unknown to them. They learned cultivation of body, soul and essence. The Khothians taught them how to cultivate, build spaceships and about the known Universe, nothing in return. No one knew why!

They stopped searching for the "Ancient One" after a few days of their arrival and suddenly went for Alliance with Humanity, no one knew why!

Since then Humanity had always thrived in the Universe. Humans dominated over 20% of the Universe. At first many civilizations, wanted to wage war, civilizations far more powerful then any force Humans ever faced, but they suddenly retreated in fear. Humans thought this as their victory. Since then no civilization had any thought of waging war. Humans were respected in every corner of the Universe.

Humanity became proud of this and started dominating other races, but no one fought back. This led to their increased arrogance.

Little did they know all of their existence depended on a single person, feared by the Universe itself.

The one know as 'Prana'.

"The Ancient One"

This is the story of a person called as "The Ancient One".



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