Ancient One
4 The New Era .
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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4 The New Era .

Earth, in a remote area on the African continent, a man wearing a plain black robe with knee length boots and having a noble aura around him, was walking on the wide plains filled with grass and trees scattered around. He seemed to enjoy walking on this path. He walked and walked, till many years. There was no exhaustion seen on his body, a small smile on his face. A noble feeling as if basking in the sun and enjoying the tickle of the breeze.

After walking, for about 8 years he reached a tribe. A tribe of rural looking people herding cattle, wearing clothes made of sheepskin and carrying sickle like weapons. Watching the tribe, man smiled and chuckles, "Looks like, they still choose to indulge in the traditional practices. Sigh…Lets hope I can change their mind." Walking towards the tribe, he was noticed by the people and brought to their tribe leader's tent. The tribe leader's tent was the biggest and the majestic tent of all. Inside the tent was, a small chair made of some wood like material. As he entered the tent he was told to stand till the leader entered, leaving, only him in the tent.

Looking around the tent the man seemed to be lost in some thoughts, a look of longing and reminisce on his face. He walked towards the chair and sat on it, while caressing its arm. The moment seemed so natural as if the chair was made especially for him. After a few minutes, there was a sound of footsteps from outside. It seemed that the tribe leader arrived. The curtains of the tent were pushed inside and a middle age man, with dark brown skin shade having a shaved head and muscular body walked in, seeing a man sitting on the chair caused a frown to appear on his face. His eyes resolute and a slight killing intent in them.

The man who just entered, known by the name of 'Abdalla' was the current generation tribe leader.

The tribe was called 'The Rig tribe' named on the ancient Indian Veda. It was one of the Three main Vedan tribes in the World. The Vedan tribes were a part of the secret society in the world, tasked to protect the world from threats. Threats so harmful that they can lead to the destruction of the world. The Vedan tribes were known to be the most advanced force on Earth, but their secrecy was always to be maintained. No matter what happens the three tribes never interfered in the development of Humanity. The Vedan's were known to be self sufficient race, such that even the threat of nuclear weapons was a joke to them.

Now in the tribe leader's tent, Abdalla was angry and was just about to kill the young man sitting on the chair, when suddenly the man talked,

"The Rig's, how many years has it been. Sigh..... Abdu that brat, his descendants are truly flourishing. Tell me how's the situation of The Vedan's, are they doing well?"

Hearing this Abdalla was shocked, the information about The Vedan society is deeply known only to a handful of people in the world and those who know them are the most powerful and authoritative figures in the world.

"You…How do you know this ?",asked Abdalla in shock. The man in front of him seemed mysterious.

Before he could reach to any conclusion, he saw the man smiling. Abdalla became more alert and was ready to sound the alarm thinking the man was a threat to the world.

"There's nothing to be surprised about, as I am the one who created The Vedan society".

The man said smiling, which looked so warm and comforting.

Hearing this Abdalla was shocked, but still maintaining a calm face he asked.

"May I know this sir's name ?"

"My name, its been a long time since someone asked it, Arya. Arya is my name."


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