Ancient One
5 The Vedan Society.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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5 The Vedan Society.

Its been two days since Arya came to the The Rig Tribe. Abdalla was now sure that the person was the Society creator's Descendant. Apart from this he can't think of any other reason, as for him speaking as though he was the creator himself, he found it absurd. Its been 200 years the Creation of the Vedan society. It was known to all the Tribe leaders that the society was lead by the creator, during its peak no one in the whole galaxy was capable of fighting them. As time passed the Society lost its track, the descendant became more arrogant and wanted to govern the world accordingly. It lead to the internal fracture and now the Society can only protect the Planet and was capable of handling formidable foes. Such foes were dis-interested in this planet but not all. Those that wanted trouble were afraid of some artifacts left by the Ancestors. So Abdalla was now sure of that Arya was the creator's Descendant and likely would help The Vedan Society reach its peak of the power. Thinking about this Abdalla was smiling. It was his heartfelt dream and also his Ancestors.

Walking towards the Tribe Leaders tent, with a forced smile on his face, Abdalla entered.

"Young master, you summoned me?", asking Abdalla to a middle aged man sitting on the Throne.

"Ah Yes! Abdalla, what is the status of the Society and are the Tribes following the rules strictly?",asked Arya.

Hearing this, Abdalla frowned. Taking a deep breath, which seemed as if he was pondering about something, he said, "Young master, The Tribes are working according to the rules, but The Sama tribe seems to persist increasing its influence in the worldly matters. They wanted to be the Leader of the Vedan Society and wage war throughout the galaxy."

Abdalla knew that as the descendant of the creator he was powerful and wanted him to help subdue the Sama tribe and save the Society.

"Let me ask you one thing. Do you know why The Vedan Society was created ?", asked Arya.

Listening to such a question Abdalla thought that the young master wanted to test his loyalty to the society. He answered without any thought, as he was taught about the matters that the common people were unaware of,

" The Vedan Society was created for the purpose of protecting the peace of the mortals and the Planet from External Threats."

Hearing this Arya sighed, "It seems the Society has degenerated to such a level that it needs to protect the mortals. Anyway, bring me to your Ancestral grounds, I have to ask that brat himself, I think."

Abdalla was shocked as the Ancestral Ground was the holiest place for the tribe, other than the tribe leader no one was allowed to the grounds. The Ancestral ground was the place where they kept their tribe's Artifact and it was situated in such a place that the tribe leader was unaware of. It can only be reached by a Long distance Tele-porting Device and only the tribe leaders DNA sequence can enable it. Seeing Abdalla frowning Arya flicked his fingers and said,

"Do the necessary preparation and arrange a conference in the ancestral ground by the end of the day. Use code 504."

Abdalla face became pale hearing the code, he ran to begin the preparation. His doubt was clear as he became sure that Arya was the Creator's descendant. The highest level Summoning code of the Tele-porting Device, Code 504. As a Device made by the Creator himself, which was the most powerful man in the galaxy its range was as vast as the galaxy itself, but due to energy restrictions it cannot be used. Even during the Society's peak the energy was only sufficient for them to cover the range of the Solar System.


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