Ancient One
7 The Conference Begins.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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7 The Conference Begins.

As the elevator came to a stop, the door slowly opened and a white brightness greeted them. The room was round in shape and was 30 ft tall.

There was a wide square shaped altar in the center of the room. Abdalla walked on the altar and tapped with his staff on the center, a platform was raised and on it was a triangular object with a hole in it. After adding in the commands the triangular object opened, the top changed into a small flat piece with a hole in it. After dropping a drop of blood in it, the room began to glow and a wide transparent screen with few Sanskrit words. The screen looked like a V-R game interface. Then a metallic voice echoed in the room.

"Scanning host."

A bright light engulfed the tribe leader. After few seconds the light vanished.

"Host scan complete. Incomplete Upanaya Detected. Proceeding with the protocols."

As the voice finished the screen turned opaque. The words turned dark all of a sudden on the screen.

As Abdalla had never activated Code 504 he was unaware of the proceedings, leaving him surprised.

It takes few sentences to describe it, but all of this happened in seconds.

Arya was watching all this from outside the altar. He walked toward the altar and stepped on it, standing front of the triangular object, he tapped it a few times and chanted a mantra in ancient language. All of a sudden, the brightness returned, along with a metallic voice the screen turned transparent again.

"Welcome young master", said the metallic voice.

"Commence Code 504", said Arya in a irritated voice, Abdalla was surprised.

He never knew the codex would respond to him. This further increased in his confidence on Arya, as a descendant of the Creator. The codex was the Command-Control-Center of their HQ.

"Roger that, young master", replied the codex.

"Sigh… That brat never changed the protocols", he mumbled in a small voice.

After getting the confirmation, there was a buzzing sound and all of a sudden the tower was lit in a aurora. Same things were happening in the Tower placed in the three cities.

"Lets go", commanded Arya to the tribe leader. The tribe leader and Arya walked towards the aurora portal and disappeared . The room then became silent.


Earth, American continent. In a place beneath the ground, there was a hive shaped structure big enough to hold few cities. In the bottom-most floor was a cabin with a White color throne. A middle aged man with black hair, a fair shade and muscular body wearing a expensive suit, seated in it pondering something, eyes closed.

All of a sudden he opened his eyes. His eyes filled with a ruthlessness. Suddenly, a aurora shaped portal opened in front of him. A suction force, pulled him inside. No matter how much he struggled he was unable to change anything and was sucked inside. The portal closed.


Earth, Asian continent. A small but sturdy metallic palace stood erect in a corner inside a forest. Inside the palace, a man with sword shaped eyebrows and a fat body was doing bed exercise, as a vulgar sound was emitted from the woman down him. After a few minutes he reached climax and wore his robe. Suddenly, an aurora colored portal opened and the same thing repeated again, After a few minutes the room turned silent, only the painful sobs of a a woman could be heard.


The people who were abducted were the tribe leaders of the Sama and the Yajur tribe. As Code 504 was executed the people bonded with the Tribal staff were forcefully teleported to the conference room, the location of which was unknown to all.


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