Ancient One
8 Ancestral Temple.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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8 Ancestral Temple.

Earth, a beautiful planet home to an intelligent species "Human". There are many species living in the vast universe, Humans being one of them. Human civilization seems unaware of the vast population of the universe and its different species. Their Solar System is only capable of sustaining Earth as a habitable planet, as a result cut off from the universe. This was a curse for them. They were not able to interact and share knowledge, resources and develop accordingly.


The Solar System. Earth's Moon.

Inside this seemingly dead rock contained a world shattering secret. The surface of the moon is only a facade created by a powerful being. It hosts the HQ of the Vedan Society, once a galactic level dominating force. "The Ancestral Temple" of the society.

The main hall of the temple was like a royal court. The throne mas made of an unknown metal and behind it was a banner, depicting the Society.

Arya and Abdalla were teleported to the main hall of the temple. Abdalla was flabbergasted by the grandeur and ancientness of the hall, while Arya went and sat on the Throne. He mentioned Abdalla to take his seat. Abdalla scanned for his seat and found it among the four seats places on the sides having a name "RIG" in ancient language. He sat on the seat calmly but his eyes betrayed his actions. His eyes were full of excitement and shock. Few minutes passed, he looked towards the throne and saw Arya sitting on the Throne like a ruler eyes closed as if sleeping.

Suddenly he opened his eyes and said, "Its Time."

Three aurora colored portals appeared and three figures appeared in the hall.

A man having black hair and wearing an expensive suit, a fat man wearing a night robe and an old man wearing an medieval styled clothing and a staff.

The old man then bowed his head and walked towards his seat with the name "Atharva". The person wearing a suit and the robe were shocked since they came, their eyes showing greed and treachery they looked at each others eyes and nodded. Finally their eyes landed on Abdalla sitting on his seat.

"Abdalla, why aren't you greeting the lord?" said the fat guy. Their was disdain on the faces of both of them. Before the other guy wearing suit could retort, a powerful pressure slammed on both of them making them hard to breath, both were slammed on the ground as if prostrating someone. They tried hard but could not do anything.

"Insolent creatures, how dare to talk without His Highness permission. If not for your ancestors, you would be killed right where you are standing for this insolence." said an ancient voice. Everyone, except Arya were shocked by the pressure and the sheer amount of bloodlust emitted by that voice.

"Its enough", said Arya.

The pressure vanished along with the bloodlust. The fat man and man in suits literally pissed their pants, their faces still pale.

"Since, its our first meet I forgive you both. But such insolence will not be tolerated again. Now, go clean yourself and will meet again tomorrow until then no one does anything unless I permit. Atharva, since you might know the protocols lead them to their quarters and brief them of the rules.

Remember no one breaks it or else…", a ruthless glint flashed in Arya's eyes which sent shiver to their spine.

After few seconds, without daring to look to towards the source of voice the old man named "Atharva" bowed and turned towards two of them and signaled them to follow. Abdalla, too followed them after bowing. A deep fear in his heart.

After they left the hall again gained its silence. A deep sigh emanated from Arya. He clapped his hands and commanded in a stern voice, "Report…..


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