Ancient One
12 The Ambition.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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12 The Ambition.

Even though they were unwilling but they still raised their head. Seeing that they were fine a smile formed on their face. They looked at each other gestured with their eyes to one another. They knew that the man in front of them was nothing special. They only needed to fear the guardian.

"What are you smiling for?" asked Arya leaning on the Throne.

"Youngster, don't assume that just because you are the Creator's Descendant we recognize you as the the Society Leader," the fat guy replied.

Seeing no response from the Guardian the black haired man smiled and thought his guess was correct. The man in front of him was really nothing special. He then proceeded to walk further ahead and spoke in a sincere manner.

"Guardian, this one here, named Sam the current Tribe leader of the Sama Tribe, pays his respect to you. This one speaks on the behalf of the Society, may this one speak." Sam- Sama tribe leader asked the voice who he believed to be the leader.

He stood there like an idiot and waited for the voice to reply. Few minutes passed without any reply a confused expression on his face. He opened his mouth to say something, but suddenly

"Speak, what is it you want to speak, Young One?" the voice replied.

Hearing the voice he became elated and continued.

"Yes, Guardian I know that The Society is meant to protect Earth from the other world civilizations, but it isn't possible to do such a thing if the mortals don't change their habits. Due to them the planet is nearing destruction. This one requests that the guardian do something about it."

Sam kept the tempo of the speech such that the guardian falls in his trap and then he may somehow make the other two tribes resources as well as mobilize the forces for world domination. He wanted to govern the world and rule. His ambitions exceeded vastly. For his ambitions he did many evil things, but thinking about his dominance in the world he felt excited. After his speech he concluded that the guardian is the topmost authority in the society and the man before him has to follow his order. His hands went inside his pockets.

"Hmm. You speak truth but the Society Traditions are never to be broken-"

Before the voice could finish Sam interrupted,

"Guardian, the traditions are turning society into an existence that even the mortals dare to ignore. I hope you would grant me the authority to mobilize the troops to teach them their place." He spoke raising his head high and spine straight with an unyielding and ambitious gaze.

"No, that is out of the question." The voice replied.

"I am not asking for permission, I want you to do it otherwise….", after he finished he took out a white colored device which looked like a small open mouthed bee.

Looking at the device, everyone was stunned as they all knew what it was.

"How dare you Sam! Collaborating with the other races, betraying the Society." Atharva raised his voice in anger. His voice contained his cultivation which reverberated in the hall. Even Sam was shocked by his cultivation but was unfettered as the difference between them was not big, nevertheless he still warned, "Careful, old man or else I might drop it."

The device was used to make a quantum portal capable of connecting two different points together, using this he could summon the Entity on the other side of the portal. Atharva knew such portable device was only made by the 'Seiretei'. Their neighboring civilizations well known for their Soul cultivator. It was believed that their Leader was close to being a peak Core level Soul cultivator.

An existence apex which could squash them like ants.


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