Ancient One
13 The Threat.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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13 The Threat.

While this happened Guardian and Arya were having a chat.

"Say Tar, did you convey my message to everyone."

"Yes, Your Highness, your message has been conveyed. Your Highness what do you think should we do about this ant in front of you."

The Guardian- Tar was enraged seeing an ant speaking to Arya like that. He would have killed him before, but was stopped by Arya. It was Arya, who wanted him alive for some reasons.

"Let him squander for some time. I wanted to meet the one who has the audacity to have his sight on my home. I shall crush them right when they think they are wining. I would like to see that despair. Its been too long a time and many idiots have gained guts. Say, Tar whats in that fools hand. It looks like some kind of artifact." Hearing the Evil plan Tar felt pity for the Seiretei-ans.

"Your Highness that device is an space compression artifact. It creates a space bridge. Its based on those Khothians Space transportation device but its range too small. As far as I know only the Seiretei are capable of producing one."replied Tar.

"Hmm. Seiretei, It didn't exist before are they emigrant or something." Arya didn't know the existence of such a race as they didn't exist before.

"They are the young souls, who were bestowed the Unique Soul Cultivation method Your Highness made."

"Ah. I remember that poor souls who were on the verge of transforming into Hollows. I didn't think they would reach this far. Well, anyways that method was only suitable for them as it was still unrefined. Well anyway, Society has changed Tar, it isn't what its supposed to be. I guess those four fools were too relaxed."

"Your Highness, those four did their job well. It was the humanity with which they were fed up off and only decided with to show themselves when needed."

"Yes, I can see this. Home is being corroded but worry not for I shall change it. Now, lets meet them shall we"


In the Royal Court.

"Guardian what do you think about it. Mobilize the army and let me take over the mortals and I shall not use this device." Sam asked the guardian in a threatening tone with a mocking look on his face.

Beside him stood the fat guy- Kamal with a smile on his face and greed in his eyes. He looked towards Arya and said in an arrogant manner.

"Brat, who said you could sit on the Throne. Get up or you could forget about your life." His confidence stemmed from the fact that Sam was about to make his move and he didn't sense any cultivation from him. It can only mean that either his cultivation is too high or he is a mortal.

He didn't believe the first on the last. Before he could do anything Tar voice resounded.

"NO. The Tradition will not be changed. You fools shall pay for your sins."

"Very well, it seems you want to do it the hard way then."

He tossed the device and a portal appeared in the hall, big enough for a person to walk.

"NOO !" shouted Atharva. He used his powers to maximum but the portal still wont close.


"You Imbeciles, how dare you try to harm something which was created by this King".

long with the voice came a pressure, it was something only unique to Soul cultivator. Reiastu- Spiritual pressure. This originated from the soul itself. The pressure was so strong that they could barely breath.


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