Ancient One
14 The Seiretei.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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14 The Seiretei.

In the Milky Way Galaxy about 10 Light Years from Earth, a huge planet about 4 times the size of earth existed. The planet's surface was barren with few prairie here and there. The planet was named Seiretei- The Soul Society. On this planet existed a single huge city about the size of the Asian continent, HQ of the Soul Society. The city was divided into core, inner, outer layers. The outer layer for commoners. The Inner layer for Nobles. The core layer which solely belonged to the Soul Society. The structure of Soul Society was just like an army, with the commander being the strongest. Inside the main hall of the HQ.

An old man with a long goatee, sharp eyes and a staff spoke.

"Room 46 has reported. The plan to inhabit Earth will be proceeded as it is. At any time the gate may open. Kenpachi, you are to proceed to Earth and establish dominance there. Punish any one that may be disobedient. Report me once you are finished. Dismissed."

The old man was the commander- Yamamoto gave his commands.

Kenpachi- a well built tall man with an eyepatch and spiked hair grinned hearing the orders.


Inside the Ancestral Temple.

Sam activated the device and a portal opened with Kenpachi coming out of it. He carried a chipped sword in his hands. He had an eye-patch. His cultivation was mid stage Totality level. As he watched everyone's face he laughed in an evil manner.

"Captain Kenpachi, it is I who summoned you." Sam said with reverence in his voice. He thought now that Kenpachi is here, he shall rule the world.

"Good work ant, now that your work is finished its time for the reward." As he said this he lifted his arm with his sword and slashed Sam with a Slash from bottom to top. Even in his death Sam didn't knew why was he killed. Kenpachi then moved to kill the man next to him Kamal. He was so terrified by Sam death that he couldn't even react before he too was killed.

As he was about to kill the other two a voice stopped him.

"Stop." Arya ordered in a calm manner as if the death of other two and the pressure was nothing to him. Since Kenpachi stood with his face front. He didn't see Arya or the Throne. He turned his body and saw a man sitting on the Throne. He couldn't feel anything from the person before him. He believed that the man in front of him was as strong as Commander as he felt the same aura as him from the man.

"Who are you?", Kenpachi asked in an arrogant manner. Even though he was mid level Totality his battle power were as good as a peak level one, so he didn't fear him.

"You are not Qualified. As you have intruded on this planet you and your world will face destruction."

Arya replied with a condescending tone.

"Now begone. The judgement shall be due until I solve some of my matters here." As Arya waved his hand Kenpachi was flung from where he stood and disappeared.

The Royal court was silent. Abdalla and Atharva were scared shit.

"Since they died the matter matter can be considered finished. Atharva select new Tribe leaders and continue. You aren't to disturb me till I command. Now go." Commanded Arya.

Both Atharva and Abdalla bowed and left the Royal Court. Leaving only Arya. The generals appeared once again, enraged, after consoling them for a few minutes he sighed and commanded.

"Tar, summon the four fools here."


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