Ancient One
15 The Despair of Galaxy.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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15 The Despair of Galaxy.

Meanwhile in the Galaxy on this very day all the major powers Leader received a message or you can say a warning which made them feel despair and terror.



In a remote corner of the world was a palace which looked like a tower. On the topmost floor was the chamber of the most powerful man in the world. The one known as the Soul King. Right now he was seated in a lotus position and was meditating. Suddenly he eyes snapped open and he puked blood from his mouth, his aura weakened.

"Consider this as a warning, you all are not to cross paths with any Human henceforth. Else...", a voice resounded in his chamber along with a horrifying pressure and bloodlust. The pressure was so strong that he couldn't even move his mouth, much less his cultivation. After the voice disappeared the pressure vanished and he puked mouthful of blood on the ground and fainted.


World of Ōtsutsuki.

In the center of the world was a tree. This was what the people called World tree. Inside the tree lived an existence known as Kaguya- Ruler of this world. She was seated on the top of the tree. She was an arrogant and a tyrant. Suddenly a portal appeared in front of her and an old man walked outside.

At first she was stunned but after seeing the old man she was horrified. She immediately bowed.

"Hmm. The tree looks fine. Take proper care of the tree and remember to teach your people properly."

After the old man finished said this he returned to the portal and vanished. Seeing he left, she sighed a relief and went to do her work. Only she knew, who was the old man, that old man had bestowed her the powers and told her to take care of the tree.


Dark World.

A planet with no sunlight and only darkness. On the planet was a citadel. Inside a man with horns on his head, red eyes and red color cape was listening to his subordinates report. All of a sudden his subordinate fainted and a voice resounded with a pressure and bloodlust.

"Cease your actions you ant or else you might not live to see the sunlight again. Never cross path with Humanity ever...….."

The man was Satan, the ruler of this dark world and a tyrant. As he heard the word humanity, his soul shuddered. He aimed for Earth more than once. But after he heard the voice he changed his plan. He knew that the person only directed a transmission. If he wanted then he would have been killed already.


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