Ancient One
16 The Return.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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16 The Return.

World of Light.

On this planet stood a cathedral. It was believed to be the oldest and the strongest point of the world. The people here were similar to humans along with a major difference in their soul. Inside the cathedral was a lady wearing a white dress, which gave a holy aura and warmed the surroundings. She was the leader of The Holy Church. Hestia.

"Little Hestia, how have you been ?", a voice broke the silence in the room.

She heard the voice and was astonished. Then a smile formed on her face. If someone saw her like this they would be flabbergasted. As Hestia rarely smiled so purely.

"Uncle Tar, you are so mean. After big brother left you never visited me. How come you are here now?" she asked the old man who appeared in front of her.

"Alright, its uncle who is wrong. But let me remind you. Your big brother is back."

After she heard the last sentence she was so happy that she wanted to dance.

"Don't be excited now, he will soon come to visit you. You must be prepared. Alright uncle won't bother you now go prepare." as he finished he once again disappeared.

Hestia excitedly ran towards the Hall for preparation.



Hades was seated in his throne and looking through a set of documents. The galaxy's greatest assassination organization was located in Underworld, whose leader was Hades.

"You brat, how have you been." Interrupted by the voice his expression changed to anger to astonishment and then a smile formed on his face.

"Uncle, what took you so long to visit me." replied Hades. If anyone saw such a face of Hades they would be astonished as this was the man most feared in the galaxy for his assassination.

"Well its my fault for being late. Let me remind you your big brother is back and will meet you soon. Prepare well." The old man along with the voice vanished.

"Big brother...…" A nostalgic feeling spread through his heart and mind.


On the border of the Milky Way Galaxy, a large fleet was stationed. This was the legendary fleet of the Khothians. Inside the main ship[1] Darco was seated on his throne listening to the reports of the captain when all of a sudden Darco felt a powerful sweep of soul energy. The intensity of the energy made him frown his face. He never knew there was such a powerful hermit in the mortal dimension. As Khothians were a proud race, there ancestors were True Dragons which were rare even in the upper dimensions and as the last pure blood Khoth Darco was considered one of the most powerful beings along with the Hades and Hestia. But since the energy sweep as just for an instant, he judged it as an irregularity in the dimension.

After the Captain finished his report. Darco ordered him to stay on the course and activate the hyper-drive. Their target Earth. The ships of the Khothians were also installed with a hyper-drive enabling them to travel at the speed of light. But such consumption of energy would be unnecessary, therefore they were moving at the normal speed till they reached the outer boundaries of the galaxy.


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