Ancient One
17 The Four Grimoire.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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17 The Four Grimoire.

In the Ancestral Temple, Tar created four portals after Arya gave his order to summon the four fools.

"Young master, these fools are becoming more brazen nowadays. They didn't even bother to follow your orders after a few decades you left." said one of the divine generals.

After the tribe leaders left, the divine generals returned to their position behind Arya.

"You old fool, who gave you the permission to summon us ha...…" an irritated voice was heard from one of the portals. After some time, four individuals with appeared in the hall from the portal.

They had a unique colored robe of Violet, white, green, red. They looked old with long beard and black hair. Each one had a unique aura depicting magic, pride, equality and slaughter. They were the Tribe protecting Grimoire of the Society. Long ago Arya left these Grimoire for the development and protection of the Society. They were the most devastating weapons of war. As the portals were situated in-front of Arya. They were standing with their backs facing the Throne. After they arrived at the hall an angry voice along with a vast pressure slammed on their body making them slam hard on the ground making the ground crack.

"Imbeciles, it seems that you have forgotten your place here in the Society." It was Arya who took action personally. He was angered because of them the human civilization was behind the others.

The four old man were horrified hearing their voice. They knew the ruthlessness of that person. He was the one who released them of their seals.

It seems you miss your home very much, shall I drop you there." As he said this he lifted his hands and summoned a portal. After that he vanished inside. The generals and the Grimoire followed behind. The Grimoire knew where he was going and wanted to stop but were forcefully dragged along without their will.

"Sigh..., His highness is angry today. I hope those fools above would behave or else they might miss death." mumbled Tar.


As soon as the Arya released his aura a man wearing ancient clothes opened his eyes he looked below. It seemed as if his eyes were able to look through dimensions and see the Ancient Temple in the moon.

"Interesting, such a wonderful temple exist in a lower dimension. Hmm, lets have a look." He took a step and vanished after few minutes he created a dimensional gap and entered the mortal dimension and opened a portal to moon.

"I shall take it and keep it in my collection." The man wanted to take this temple. But just as he prepared to make a move an old man with a walking stick appeared in front of him.

"Little kid, go back to where you come from. Do not disturb this old man's peace." The old man was Tar. He knew the man in front of him was from the upper dimension.

After he heard the old man the man was furious no one in his dimension dared to call him a kid yet this old man called him a kid.

"Old man, kneel and apologize to this young master or else this young master shall slaughter your nine generations." he demanded in an arrogant and angry way.

"Interesting, we shall see how you slaughter my nine generations little kid but for now I shall capture you and let His Highness decide your punishment." The old man poked his stick few times in the air and the man vanished. In fact the man was sealed by the old man inside the temple. After he finished the old man vanished.


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