Ancient One
19 The Cruelty.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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19 The Cruelty.

Void. An domain outside the dimensions. Void was considered to have nothing. There was only chaos present in the void. It was the most mysterious and dangerous domain in the universe. Imagine the dimensions as a bubble and void as the space outside it. In this dangerous place existed a tall black tower. Its name was G.o.D Sealing Tower. This tower existed only for one reason for dealing a certain existence. Others weren't aware but it was home for an existence. At this time there were some people inside this tower. One man, four beautiful women and four old men. It was Arya and his group. The old men who acted arrogant were now shivering in fear. They knew certain things about this tower as they were sealed inside this tower. Legends said that on the deepest floor a being strong enough to threaten the universe was sealed no one knew who it was but as beings sealed in this Tower they were aware of its existence.

"Now, shall we torment you old fools for your mistake." As he said those word he instructed the generals to begin the torment.

After who knows how many hours the torment stopped.

"Lets return now, its enough for today. I hope they learned their lesson."


As soon as they returned in the temple. Tar's voice greeted them.

"Your Highness, I recently detected an intruder in this dimension. I believe he his the disciple of little gold. He seems to be heading this way should I warn him."

"No need, let him be. There are some thing which l left for little gold since I am back I shall take them. Anything else...…"

"As you wish. Recently a man from upper dimension wanted to take the temple away. I imprisoned him. Your Highness please judge him."

"Hmm. Interesting, lets see bring him here."

A man wearing ancient clothes soon appeared in the hall.

"Hmm. A mere ant dares to trespass here. Say kid which faction do you belong." Arya could see some fear in his eyes.

The man was truly frightened. When Arya looked at him, he thought as he was drowned in a battlefield with a red moon in the sky, blood splattered everywhere, limbs scattered and bones left. He was totally unaware how the old man was able to capture and seal his cultivation which even his master was not able to do. He then thought about his master and became arrogant again.

"You… No matter what tricks you have once my master comes he will crush you. Then I will torture you and that old man along with your nine generations." After he finished saying he crushed a token with a evil smile on his face.

"Hmm...…, lets see shall we." replied Arya.

Few minutes passed just like this but no one came. The anxiety inside the man's heart increased but he still kept a smug look on his face.

"Enough now, it seems your master has no concern towards your life. Tar imprison him. I shall wait to see his master crush me."

Arya commanded. He was angry and it could be felt from his tone.


Just as this finished, space, outside the solar system. In this pitch black domain where one would loose himself to loneliness a portal appeared. The portal rippled like water surface and had silvery border. It was large enough to engulf the whole moon with still space left on the sides. As the portal appeared along with it appeared the fleet of Khothians. Due to their engine pressure the surrounding space started to burn off radiating energy all around.


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