Ancient One
20 The Face-off.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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20 The Face-off.

The Khothians fleet consisted of a single master ship of the size of moon with a black color and had red patches that looked like blood, two auxiliary ships size of an asteroid with blood red color, five frigates and multiple battleships. The whole fleet had a systematic arrangement like a sphere shaped formation around the master ship. The Khothians were assumed to be the most advanced race in the mortal dimension. They were known for their rampant and arrogant behaviour. They were equally cruel and arrogant. The fleet neared the solar system and was stationed there. Afterwards a simple battleship moved towards the solar system burning the thruster.


Inside the temple Arya was aware of the fleets existence as Tar had already reported it to him. He also ordered for no intervention, unless he permits. It seemed though that he was planning something. He even deactivated the formation which prevented the solar system.


Earth. As always it looked peaceful on the surface with many cold wars and silent crimes in the dark.

The battleship reached earth very soon due to its thruster and moved slowly towards its atmosphere.

The human civilization was unaware of the battleship entering its atmosphere. Its advanced technology failed them.

Inside the battleship, a man wearing a captains armband along with some other Khothians were having a meet.

"Captain, why is there a need to use stealth on this lowly planet. All we need to do was a search, why need for such caution?" asked a man with horns on his forehead.

The captain was a man with horns and golden vertical pupil. His body emitted an aura of slaughter and his eyes were full of evilness.

"Hmm, how should I know. Its the higher ups decision. Anyway we were only told to search this planet for any unusual activity and report it to the higher ups. While we are at it we might as well have some fun. I doubt the people above we care about what we do with the mortals here."

Everyone on this deck were aware of the captains lustful behaviour. Whenever they went on a mission he always lusted for women. Even though some of them were disgusted about it they couldn't do anything. The Khothians were a race based on strength. They were innately arrogant and thought of mortals as ants. The battleship landed in a remote corner of the world.

It had been few days since the Khothians arrived on Earth. Recently there have been cases of many murders in different nations. The one thing that was common was that the victims were beautiful women. They were murdered brutally, with their lower part totally ravished and some of the organs of the lower part were also turned inside out. The victims had a face full of terror and pain with their eyes popping out some even had their throats destroyed and cheek bones crushed. This was considered as one of the most savage homicide in the world. The respective governments were totally horrified and were trying to find the culprit.

Inside the battleship, captains cabin, a women with her hands tied and mouth gagged, struggled on the ground. The cabin door slowly opened and the captain entered. He had a smile on his face. He looked at the women and gulped. He untied the women and proceeded to lower his pants.

His hands groped the women. While suddenly the captain screamed loudly.

His hands were bisected from the wrist and blood flowed like river. No matter what he did the blood never stopped and he soon died with excessive blood loss.

The women slowly vanished from the cabin. No one inside the ship was aware of this.


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