Ancient One
25 The Meet 2.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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25 The Meet 2.

Asgard, inside the palace on the floating island the council members were seated on their seats. The governor sat on his seat with his eyes closed and deep in meditation. Today, the governor was about to leave for surveying the Tower. The council members were nervous, even though they were not in the position to accompany the governor on this trip. This proved the kind of fear they had when they thought of The Ancient. The journey to the tower was not difficult as the tower was under the Ancestors control. The Tower was made by the body of the Ancestors, with his soul being the Artifact spirit. The position of the Tower was also strategically decide as the outskirt, as during any mishap the Tower would drive itself in the endless void and be lost forever.

The governor opened his eyes and his momentum surged with an overwhelming presence and a shine in his eyes. His eyes contained a bit of nervousness and little fear.

"The Time has come. I shall confirm the news with the Ancestor. The Vice governor will be responsible for any matters while I am absent."

The governor conveyed his order and moved towards a portal which appeared behind him. The portal was the only entrance to the god race forbidden ground, where a portal to the location of the tower existed.

As the governor left the hall was in silence. Every council member prayed for their governors safety.

Inside the god race forbidden ground, the governor was looking at the formation in front of him. The formation was personally carved by the Ancestor. Everyone thought that the tower was made for sealing the Ancient but they were wrong. The Governor was aware of many things which the council was not aware of. The Tower was no doubt created by the Ancestor but the real motive behind it's creation was not sealing the Ancient. This involved a huge secret. His Ancestor left records of his fight with the Ancient. The records stated that the Ancient toyed with the Ancestor. He didn't even use 10% of his total power to defeat him. The records also stated that the Ancient was responsible for the Tower.

The reason unknown.

As the governor made his way to the formation and activated it, he was teleported to the faraway place.


Meanwhile the human civilization on earth ushered to a glorious age of science and development. It all started when suddenly a huge spaceship entered earth's atmosphere, without being detected by any of the satellites. The world was thrown into chaos and many countries struggled to stop public unrest and chaos. UN assembled it's forces, maintained order throughout the countries, slowly but steadily the chaos subsided.

The public was reassured of their safety, as soon as order returned to the world the UN was thrown into chaos when an alien covered in a next generation exosuit revealed itself during a meet. The alien with its suit which look liked a movie prop from a sci-fi movie communicated with the world leaders. The alien conveyed that their species was here in peace and wanted to search the planet for something. They would not affect any life on the planet and would also cooperate with the primitive civilization on the planet. The world leaders were promised an equal cooperation with the alien species and exchange of science and technology.

After the first meet with the foreign species the world leaders all assembled their forces and various famous and undercover scientists, professors, researchers and many people with intelligent mind were assembled. The aliens taught them about their science, technology about how to cultivate and many more things.

The human race transited to a new cosmic age. UN was changed to United Federation, bases were built on the moon and Mars, various new machines were developed. UF developed it's base on earth. Using advanced technology various issues like global warming, pollution were solved.

Thus Humans entered the cosmic age of exploration.


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