Ancient One
26 The Legend.
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Ancient One
Author :Ay82473
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26 The Legend.

The Multiverse consisted of many Universes, every one of them unique. No one knew how the Universes came to be or in other words only a handful of people in the Multiverse knew some bits of information from some legends.

The Legends stated that there was a time when a single Universe existed, from which today's Multiverse was birthed. People called it the Primordial Universe. Many races lived in that period, God race being one of them. That was the time when powerhouses ruled over the Universe. People from that era were powerful to the extreme. But it all changed when a calamity struck the natural law of the Universe. Since, a Universe was managed by its fundamental laws. The calamity was powerful but it could not destroy the Universal law, instead it scattered its Universe law into many independent fragments.

The fragments thus formed their own Universal plane and established a Multiverse. The hierarchy of the Universal plane was determined by the Universal fragment. The higher the plane stronger the laws there. Thus came the Multiverse. Even though this was just some legend recorded in some of the texts, it contained some value. As during the calamity majority of the races went extinct. If they existed then it wasn't the time of some God race to dominate, as they were one of the weakest race during that period.

No one knew what was the calamity or how it came to be. No records existed of the period before the Divide i.e before the calamity. Only the god race which existed as a single race in the Multiverse contained the records of time before the Divide.


As the Governor opened his eyes, the sight of endless chaos greeted him with a tall black Tower in front of him. The Governor squinted his eyes for even he could feel his skin tingling due to the aura emanated by the Tower. He took a deep breath and moved towards the tower. He stood in front of the Tower and took a deep breath and bowed deeply.
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"Ancestor, your unfilial descendant summons you. There has been a matter which concerns the race's survival. Ancestor please grant this little one audience."

After he said that he waited and kept his posture lowered, but not for long. A huge and hoarse voice reverberated in the endless chaos and the a formation appeared in front of the Governor.

"Step inside my child."

The voice spoke in a tone which brought warmth to the Governor's heart and cleared his mind. The Governor entered the formation and with a swoosh the formation disappeared with the Governor.

The Governor opened his eyes and found himself in a circular wide room. In front of him was a man with silver hair and a bright eyes. The man had a warm aura around him and a smile on his face. The Governor was shocked as the man in front of him was the same man depicted in the records the Ancestor, the sole survivor of their race and the most powerful among them. The Governor bowed and spoke with a tone of reverence in his voice.

"Ancestor, this little one is the Governor of the race and thus apologize for disturbing the Ancestor. Lately our race has detected a burst of power which matches the frequency of the one mentioned in the records, the one whose name we do not mention. Thus the little one requests you to guide the race."

The man in front of the Governor was indeed the Ancestor in his soul form. After he heard the Governor's complaint the smile on his face disappeared, the warmth in his eyes was replace with fear and dread for a split second. He looked towards the Governor and spoke with a soft tone.

" Fear not my child, there is no need for worry. The aura was mere a duplicate. Return and take good care of the race. "

The Governor was elevated when he heard their Ancestor. He bowed and a formation appeared beneath him. The formation vanished along with the Governor. As soon as the Governor left the room was engulfed with a tremendous pressure. The soul form slammed on the ground in front of this pressure unable to do anything.

" Interesting, you puny creatures have forgotten the grace given by the Ancients. Well anyway Arya will judge your descendants on my behalf. Now do your work and don't do anything without my or Arya's permission again."

The voice belonged The Ancient the existence which the Multiverse believed was sealed in the Tower.


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