Battle Emperor
4 Shocking Discovery
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Battle Emperor
Author :Volianto
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4 Shocking Discovery


"where I can't see you right here?"

"Hah....stupid kid look at your right arm,"

"it can't be you're my martial spirit... bu...but you're just a pathetic rank 1 wild wolf so how can you speak"asked Qin Tianxan In a confused tone.

"F**k....kid you called this king a pathetic martial spirit, had I been at my peak you wouldn't even be qualified to carry my shoes."

rebuked the gloomy angrily.

am I dreaming thought Qin Tianxan maybe I really am, after a night's rest I think I'll be fine.Qin Tianxan turned back to go to bed but as he was about to sleep he remembered the earlier words.

"Wait, you said you will give me power, is that correct? "asked Qin Tianxan in a inquiring tone.

"so you remembered just now"sighed the voice in a discontented tone.

"okay let's start now my name is Wu Weiping I used to be a wolf king ,I don't know how I got here I only know am your martial spirit right now only if you become stronger could I be able to leave." explained the voice.

"Wolf king....ssss... "Qin Tianxan sucked in a cold breath. in this world any creature who had the honor of being called King was extremely.

Also after certain animals reached a certain level they would become a King among its kind.

"seriously you're a wolf king"asked Qin Tianxan in a not so sure tone. "I think I should just go to sleep what can useless wild wolf even do let alone be King, sigh.. it seems I've been under too many pressure that am hallucinating, I even started talking to a non existent wolf king. If people heard this..... said Qin Tianxan to himself

"You brat ... hey listen I really am a wolf King"screamed the wolf

"am sleeping "replied Qin Tianxan.

After a long time of bickering with Qin Tianxan the wolf finally decided to give up and talk in a polite tone.

"Okay OK.. you said you're a wolf king but how can a martial spirit speak" asked Qin Tianxan

"you could say am a special situation and the reason am like this is that something happened when I was looking for treasure in a forbidden region which made lose all my powers and thus have fallen to the lower realms." After saying that Wu Weiping sighed one could feel the anger, remorse and regret he was feeling right now.

"Lower realms..... hey what is that?"asked Qin Tianxan

"leave it you're not qualified yet you will know one day if you reach a certain level of power. "

"OK you said you could give me power so where is it? " asked Qin Tianxan disappointedly.

"First and foremost am not a normal wolf despite my appearance which tends to wrong people. I am heaven devouring wolf king the strongest and greatest of all wolf bloodline and race. The reason why am telling you this is that I want you to accomplish a task for me after you grow strong. " explained Wu Weiping.

"I hail from a proud race of heaven devouring wolves who have been there since the ancient times, In that clan only those with power live that how people have always feared our clan. "continued Wu Weiping.

"so how are you a heaven devouring wolf king? " asked Qin Tianxan in a confused tone.

"A King means one who will lead so in every millennia a wolf king may be born so it is not a normal thing thus becoming one is an honor itself also as a heaven devouring wolf king is not only a king for the wolves but also most creatures with lower bloodline density. "

"OK enough explaining now let's get down to business, I will make you powerful in return you do something for me. deal"

"as long as I can become strong deal" replied Qin Tianxan.

"First we would have to remold your mortal body as only with a strong body could you become unparalleled. but it's gonna be more painful than anything you've ever felt so ready your mind"


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