Battle Frenzy
31 Chapter 31 – Godlike Control
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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31 Chapter 31 – Godlike Control

Chapter 31 – Godlike Control

The scene was now focused on the pistols in All-Mouthy King’s hands as he fired them. He shot twice with the left pistol first. The frame rate was lowered to its absolute minimum. Those two shots moved, and inconceivably, landed on the handle of the clockwise rotating war axe.

With a boom, they barely impacted the force of the rotation. After all, the distance was too short and Anlor’s strength and skill was too fearsome. The right pistol fired… three shots that landed on the counter-clockwise rotating axe. These three shots also hit the handle of the target axe and dissipated easily. Two shots, three shots, if it these shots weren’t enough, then they wouldn’t have been able to change the innate direction of the thrown axes and would have chopped All-Mouthy King’s brain in half.

This wasn’t something done by chance, but inevitable

The opposing rotation flying axe skill was something Anlor had been prepared to use in this year’s great competition, yet it was actually broken by this godly marksmanship displayed in an unknown OP battle.

With this skill reaching such a level, it was capable of ending the lives of countless ranged soldiers. What kind of eyesight was this? What kind of control?

Anlor’s fearsome attack of 160 grassos just vanished into thin air. This kind of insane control, it emanated an aura of invincibility.

Everyone’s mouths were left wide open. How could there be anyone that could display such a response in the blink of an eye?

But even if he could deflect the flying war axes, how could he deal with the berserk Anlor that was charging at him?

This was Anlor’s double finishing move. On the off chance that an abnormally strong expert managed to block the flying war axes, they would still be unable to deal with the charging Anlor.

Why couldn’t he move?

The clip zoomed in and focused on this very moment. After seeing his war axes deflected, Anlor raised his soul power output to the maximum, like usual. It was at this moment that everyone could see with their own eyes the crackling sounds emitted from the five vital spots of his body. This was followed by the interruption of his soul power at these points, thus destroying the circulation of soul power around his body, causing his defensive shield to break apart.

This scenario was commonly known as the breakage point of soul power. For it to occur, one would either have to expend all of their soul power or get pierced through by an opponent’s attack.

There was also a third explanation that many experts talked about, which was to induce a break by accumulating attacks that lower the target’s level of consciousness.

Although Anlor possessed an extremely strong and resilient body, he was still unable to sustain so many shots. With that, his body had unknowingly reached its limits without his awareness.

The clip moved its focus to All-Mouthy King, who seemed to have an unfathomable gaze like that of the deep oceans—calm and serene.

Godlike control!

Within ten minutes of the analysis post, no one spoke. Everyone was still reeling in shock. Achieving any one of these feats would make an expert extremely famous, yet who exactly was All-Mouthy King?

Who was he?

A person that was able to execute the high-ranked combat skill, Oscillating Fist, yet was also able to display a textbook example of ranged combat.

After half a second, numerous shouts and howls could be heard. Although the cannon fodder division was normally quite noisy, the analysis increased it to new heights.

“Call that guy who proclaimed that he would eat shit and bring him out now!”

“Who was the guy that said he’d shove his dick into a five-speed electric fan just then? Get your ass out here faster; I wanna see what you’re made of!”

“Simply unbelievable. Now he’ll be famous; Brother King is the greatest!”

Sharmie wasn’t interesting in anything complicated. The Cannon Goddess had taken her own sweet time to post her own views of the battle in the comments section of Laura’s analysis. She confirmed her own viewpoint that All-Mouthy King, while a smurf, should still be a heroic soul soldier that was bored and had wanted to crack a sick joke.

Why was it that he’d always lost in the past and suddenly switched to winning?

It wasn’t that easy to understand, and there was bound to always be prodigies surfacing each year. This one was just particularly strange.

When facing a brainless bitch like Sharmie, Laura wouldn’t be polite. Furthermore, they were naturally born enemies.

Someone who possessed such a skillset wouldn’t waste their time doing such a thing. It just had no meaning. Furthermore, it was obvious that All-Mouthy King didn’t possess a large amount of soul power. As mentioned previously by Anlor, he was able to sense the anticipation and desire for combat from All-Mouthy King. Such a feeling could only be exhibited by a new combatant.

What was most important was that while All-Mouthy King looked emotionless in the clips, his eyes couldn’t lie. Such a seriousness wouldn’t be displayed from a smurf.

This was human nature.

As the argument jumped from one person to another, questions and explanations were continually exchanged. Everyone anticipated that Laura would make Sharmie erupt into flames. Laura’s mouth was very poisonous and she was waiting for the chance to bust out the reasonings.

“Hey hey. Big Sis, please don’t get mad over such a small thing. I feel that whether or not he’s a smurf doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that Anlor got beaten,” Mario hurriedly tried to flatter, as he’d lost the opportunity to escape due to being too engrossed in the matter.

The temperature in the room instantly increased. Sharmie stared at Mario seriously as she replied, “Since you think I’m angry, then I’ll be angry. Don’t tell me that you think Laura, that beast girl, is right!?”

Mario wished he could slap himself. A woman’s thoughts were impossible to understand!


The members of the Flaming Squadron prayed earnestly for their vice captain. So long as he was here, they would get the chance to live another day.

On her side, Laura was also angered by Sharmie now. Sharmie’s 36F bust was only slightly larger than hers and she also wasn’t her opponent in arguments. Laura, however, wasn’t paying attention to this at the moment. She wasn’t able to savor the essence of the battle as her loyal general had just suffered a huge blow. If this incident becomes etched into his memory and came back to haunt him, then he would truly be ruined. This was something Laura absolutely didn’t want to see.

This chaos that rocked the world had absolutely no effect on Wang Zhong. He had already sunken into his own inner thoughts. Ever since Simba had forcefully changed his destiny and opened the door to new possibilities, he could finally experience the sensation of when his strength and techniques unite.

As a matter of fact, Anlor had been a superb opponent for him to fight, something which definitely beats nameless matches. This battle gave Wang Zhong greater rewards as he could feel his soul power jumping to around 60 already.

Although he didn’t know how much soul essence the fate roulette could absorb, he felt amazed by the benefits he’d gained. For a person whose soul power had been a measly 20 in the beginning, 60 seemed like a high, golden mountain.

From this match onward, Wang Zhong knew that the opponents he would face in the future would only be more experienced. Thinking about that weak and small Fate Trickster floating in his soul sea, Wang Zhong felt a renewed desire for power so that he could one day help Simba enter the world.

After finally finding his path toward casting his own heroic soul, as well as a girl he liked, Wang Zhong suddenly felt that everything around him had turned out beautifully. This allowed him to enjoy a sweet, peaceful slumber. Sleeping early and waking early was one of his fundamentals after all.
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    《Battle Frenzy》