Battle Frenzy
32 Chapter 32 – The Ball Queen’s Combat Authenticity
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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32 Chapter 32 – The Ball Queen’s Combat Authenticity

Chapter 32 – The Ball Queen’s Combat Authenticity

This fundamental thought, however, didn’t apply to a large number of youths. For them, the night life had just begun. Compared to fifty years ago, the continents of Earth had become more stable and world wars hadn’t appeared in a long time. Furthermore, civil wars didn’t affect the lives of those within the various cities. Being brought up in such a peaceful environment meant that the current generation didn’t have to experience the perilous lifestyle that the previous generation lived through.

People who had cast their heroic soul and people who possessed strong bodies and powerful soul power would chase after more enjoyment. There would be some who flirted, some who trained, some who chased after love, and finally, some who ventured out past the cities to complete missions. The last was especially true for those more powerful experts.

Quite a few of those people’s skylinks began to ring. Friends would share with one another battles that were worthwhile in order to provide a learning experience. Furthermore, such things would test how sharp one’s vision were.

Regardless of whether it was the academy or the official OP system, a battle that was worthwhile enough to be studied or discussed in class would either originate from a strong heroic soul soldier, such as Grace, or prodigies of the OP system. There were too many experts out there, so something common would never make the cut.

“Fuck, Lulu, are you joking with me? A berserker fighting a ranged soldier isn’t something nice to watch. Furthermore, they are from the cannon fodder division…”

“What did you say? That berserker was from the hero division and he lost?”

“Is this true or fake? The berserker lost? Is that fellow a pig? What Anlor, I’ve never heard of him before. The newbies these days are getting more and more horrible. They sure make us heavy soldiers lose face.”

“You say that he was specially recruited while a freshman by the district for that lineup list, the one for the heavy soldiers with the most potential!?”

This was something Laura and Anlor hadn’t expected, not to mention Wang Zhong. Even someone like Anlor was considered just a tiny speck of sand within the enormous Federation. In actual fact, however, this battle had been far too spectacular and extraordinary. It spread extremely quickly in a short amount of time.The funniest thing was that this one battle had sparked a huge debate between heavy and ranged soldiers. It was assumed that heavy soldiers would absolutely crush ranged soldiers in a confined space, similar to a monkey crushing a chick. Yet, with this single battle, All-Mouthy King had shown all ranged soldiers exactly how to deal with heavy soldiers.

While there were quite a few that were watching this for fun at the start, just one glance was enough to show the uniqueness of the battle. Furthermore, Laura’s battle analysis was easy to find on skylink as the Explosive Bear Goddess was part of the elite division.

Laura’s battle analysis completely blew away any doubts, shaking the hearts of countless heavy and ranged soldiers. It raised questions like ‘which location in a fight would be the most important?’ and ‘which profession was stronger?’. This eternal question was one that plagued the fighters of mankind.

Yet, the more digging one did, the more extraordinary the topic became. All-Mouthy King wasn’t just a ranged soldier, as his earlier battles were all conducted in close combat. For example, he broke through the Dancing Fire Lotus, or launched Oscillating Fist. Those weren’t techniques a ranged soldier could execute.

Every soul had its own traits and characteristics. This included, of course, its compatibility with weapons. Yet, there was more than one road on the path to greatness. Ranged soldiers that possessed one or two life-saving close combat skills weren’t rare, and a melee soldier that possessed a certain level of marksmanship wasn’t shocking.

But there was a limit. All-Mouthy King, on the other hand, had broken this perception and displayed high-ranking techniques from two different combat classes.

High frequency Oscillating Fist and Arc Shot. This was simply…

Unaware of the explosive reaction to his earlier fight, Wang Zhong turned to the side in his bed and returned back to his deep sleep. At this moment, the discussions about All-Mouthy King spread like wildfire.

Sometimes, the more extraordinary something was, the more attention it attracts. Such as the question, was he truly cannon fodder, or a fake?

The ‘fight’ between Laura and Sharmie was exposed at this point in time, with both parties forming opposite arguments. One side was adamant in thinking he was a smurf while the other believed he was a prodigal youngster due to his past records.

Although his previous battles had been torturous to watch, the habitual movements, choice of random weapons, and random use of techniques indicated that they were the same person. While one can change their nickname, one cannot change their persona within the OP system.

Within Tianjing Academy, Grace and Deen Greene were discussing how to remove the awkward situation that the academy faced. As a heroic soul academy, their combat prowess was top class, but Grace had heard some news about the situation within the Empire.

The Federation had been living too comfortably in the past few decades, while the Empire had still kept itself in a top fighting condition. This was problematic, but Tianjing Academy was just too far away.

Greene’s skylink began to ring. It received a combat footage, sent by a good friend, one dean from another academy. They were both facing the same awkward situation of a lack of fresh prodigies to lead their academy.

“Old friend, if our academy has such a person like this, then it would rise up to the top 20 ranks.”

Greene laughed and said, “You old man, always trying to dramatize the matter. Well, let’s take a look at the performance of these youngsters.”

That transmitted footage was the fight between All-Mouthy King and Anlor. The two of them watched the entire fight until the end in silence.

Greene sucked in a deep breath. If only they had such a person in the younger generation, then they would be able to increase their placement by 20 ranks, along with other miracles.

With their type of vision, they didn’t need Laura’s analysis of the battle. They’d spotted a more interesting fact, one that was more fearful, unnoticed even by Laura. This fact had been clearly seen by Grace and Greene.

All-Mouthy King had been able to exhibit two techniques at the same moment. Soldiers would call it Dual Technique Combat. This was something unachievable by many soldiers who’d cast their heroic soul.

If this was just a youngster, then…

The two of them stared at one another in shock. If he hadn’t yet enrolled into an academy, then this would definitely send all academies into a snatching frenzy.

But being snatched didn’t mean anything to Wang Zhong. He felt fully refreshed and ready for the new day to start. In the afternoon would be everyone’s favorite techniques class. The class had been a bit dry for freshmen as it involved critical thinking and discussions that concurrently ran with fundamental training.

Take sword stances for example. Training would begin with the fundamentals, including hacking, piercing and touching. Basic moves included sweeping, raising, downward lunge, thrust, and parry. Although they were redundant nowadays, these were still the fundamental requirements of all academies. Without a strong, firm grasp of the fundamentals, all other complicated techniques would just end up as a fancy, but impractical display of skill.

If the student was a heavy soldier, especially one that focused on defense, then their freshman year would be spent mainly on training their body’s resilience. Being able to take a beating was the number one criteria for surviving as a heavy warrior. Most of their training would focus on increasing their soul power defense, as most students gifted as a heavy soldier tended to have strong bodies.

This was a benefit mankind received after igniting their soul in the past. So long as one obtained proper nutrition, one’s muscles would naturally become strong. In fact, after the great disaster, one could say humans have moved from their original natures in the old eras.
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    《Battle Frenzy》