Battle Frenzy
35 Chapter 35 – The Girlish Heart of the Witch
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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35 Chapter 35 – The Girlish Heart of the Witch

Chapter 35 – The Girlish Heart of the Witch

The next morning, Wang Zhong woke fully refreshed while Ma Dong laid dead tired on his bed. Wang Zhong’s schedule hadn’t changed despite having had that discussion last night. He continued on with his training. Yet, there was something different about him. He continued to think a bit about Carolyn, the first girl that had moved his heart.

“Big brother! I’ve been trying to find you for the entire day already. You’ve only just come back now!? Where have you been?”

Wang Zhong had just finished his training and returned to his room when Ma Dong jumped 8 feet high, nearly touching the ceiling.

“I was training in the gravity rooms and didn’t bring along my skylink. What’s the matter?” asked Wang Zhong as he wiped away his perspiration. He was a bit disappointed that Carolyn hadn’t shown up at all, even though he had waited the entire day.

“What, what’s the matter?!” Ma Dong was shouting with eyes wide open. “Brother, are you kidding me? The dinner party! The dinner party! THE DINNER PARTY!”

He repeatedly said this important event three times. It was the dinner party he’d been personally invited to by Scarlet. This was definitely one of student Ma Dong’s most important items of the year, after all, this was a gathering organized by the Black Rose! Just the thought of Black Rose made Ma Dong dream of numerous white and voluptuous figures waving back and forth before his eyes.

When he saw the realization dawn upon Wang Zhong, Ma Dong knew he’d worried for no reason.

“That’s right. I almost forgot about that. Just perfect, since I’m a bit hungry. Let’s go.” Wang Zhong’s reply made Ma Dong’s whole world reel.

“What do you mean by ‘let’s go’? Hurry up and bathe, then change into suitable clothes. This is a dinner party, a gathering of the upper elites, not your ordinary restaurant, big brother!” Ma Don was on the verge of jumping up and down on the spot as he shouted furiously.

Still fuming, he proceeded to lift a new, shiny black tailcoat that was nearly identical to his own, except his was white.

Satisfied, he said, “When going outside, the most important thing is one’s combat attire! You don’t need to thank me. When the two of us, black and white, enter the area, we’ll immediately slaughter them! Hurry up! I was planning on bringing you to a hair stylist, but nevermind; with such birdnest hair, a casual touch and grab here and there would suffice.”

At this time, Scarlet and Minami were in the changing rooms, trying on different sets of dinner gowns. One would try it on while the other would give their thoughts and opinions. Women never ever cared about how much time they spent on trying their clothes as this was a certain type of enjoyment. A goddess like Scarlet was no exception. Even more so when she was the female host for tonight. She had to spend extra effort into making sure she looked the part.

“This piece is the one!” said Milami after examining Scarlet from left to right, from one angle to another. She felt that this white, lace, low-cut dinner gown suited Scarlet very well. The lace contoured her body, greatly accentuating her perfect figure. In particular, the fashionable lace around her bosom partially hid those beautiful orbs of white jade, serving as both the perfect accompaniments while also delivering the right amount of sex appeal.

The most defining feature of Scarlet was her pale, jade-like complexion, coupled with her long scarlet hair and pure appearance. Scarlet looked like a goddess that had just descended from the skies. Even a girl like Milami could just barely resist the temptation to kiss her. “Look’s like the men present tonight won’t be able to walk straight after taking a look at you.

Speaking of men, Milami thought about a very important matter and said, “That’s right, I heard you invited Wang Zhong over?”

Scarlet gave a laugh and nodded, replying, “Other than Wang Zhong, the rest of the Prodigy Society will also come.”

Milami gave a light sigh as she said, “I know you appreciate Wang Zhong. His perception of certain matters isn’t bad, but every circle has their own rules. Him being here isn’t necessarily a good thing.”

Befitting her nickname of Old Witch, Milami had a strict character. Wang Zhong entering the Black Rose wouldn’t be a good thing. After his soul power growth was diagnosed as an untreatable disease, he’d been looked down by many and despised. Such an environment wouldn’t do any good for Wang Zhong’s development. As for the independence of the Prodigy Society, Milami was disinclined to prevent it. She judged only the facts, not the people.

Scarlet laughed, saying, “Senior sister, we may be underestimating him. The strength of our academy was terrible last year, and it’s even worse this year. Therefore, something needs to be changed. I feel that Wang Zhong’s perception and all-rounded thoughts can bring some hope to the entire squadron. As such, I’m prepared to formally petition the academy to nominate him.”

Teacher Grace had given Scarlet and Reeves the right to come up with a list of people to form a squadron.

“It’s all up to you,” Milami said helplessly. She proceeded to remove her own clothes , when suddenly her chest was being groped. This made her turn bright red as she shouted, “Scarlet, you… ah!”

Her strict appearance was mostly a false front. A young girl’s heart still beat strongly within her.

“Senior sister, your chest really is big. When can I be as big as you?” Scarlet teased.

“You crazy brat. Come here now!” Milami started to chase after Scarlet without putting her clothes on properly.

A goddess in private might be even more attractive than normal!

At this time, the dinner banquet had already started, and quite a few elites of Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy had arrived. Being able to receive Scarlet’s invitation was an honor for every student. Handsome men, beautiful girls, scented perfumes, rich cars, and beautiful outfits filled the luxurious villa.

Outside this lavish mansion, a little Emily was pacing back and forth.

As the chosen female of the Assassin clan, along with being one of the most eye-catching special recruits enrolled into Tianjing Soul Academy, Emily’s name no doubt appeared on Scarlet’s dinner banquet invitations list. Yet initially, Emily had rejected the invitation. If it were not for the fact that he was coming, then she wouldn’t have appeared as if she were interested in this kind of colourful, crowded, noisy dinner banquet.

In her own words, this was called being a degenerate. Not every family junior was as good as this one!

Yet, Emily seemed to have already become a ‘degenerate’…

Emily wore a white princess gown, her long, wavy skirt dragging across the floor. Coupled with the brilliant glow of the moonlight, it made her seem like a little sacred princess, full of nobility. Usually, she wouldn’t even take a look at this outfit, but now she was actually wearing it on her body.

She did not want to be compared to that evil big chested Scarlet in front of everyone…what was the great deal of being big chested? A chaste and adorable little loli is the queen of all beauties! Humph, this is just a gathering right? As if I had never been in one before!

“But, before when I used to see those fellows I felt nothing. What in the world is this ghastly feeling!” Emily glanced to the left and right, trying to find the shadow of a person as she muttered her complaints endlessly. She would occasionally tug at her long, flowing skirt. “How inconvenient can this get already? I have no one but myself to blame for wearing such an outfit!”

“Miss Emily? Heavens, you look like a goddess tonight, one that descended from moonlight. Would it be possible for me to invite you to…” A man who’d come to participate in this dinner banquet had already been mesmerised by this pacing, seemingly confused little princess and proceeded to extend his invitation. If he were able to lay his hands on this arrogant little princess and enter the gathering, then any man would feel extremely comfortable. It would be a huge boost to his ego.

Yet, the stray glare and vicious words from Emily broke his heart. “Screw off! Can’t you see that I’m occupied!?”
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