Battle Frenzy
37 Chapter 37 – Ma Dong Dong Considers Changing Names
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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37 Chapter 37 – Ma Dong Dong Considers Changing Names

Chapter 37 – Ma Dong Dong Considers Changing Names

The crowd immediately burst into applause. This goddess was simply beautiful beyond belief. She was capable of turning any man crazy.

“Goddess! Goddess! Goddess!” All the youngsters began to cheer.

Scarlet smiled faintly and gently waved her hand.

One had to say that she had the innate aura of a leader. This wasn’t because of her beauty or social status that she had such a presence; rather, she had always emanated an aura of nobility and self-confidence from birth.

Without a single mention of the Federation competition, she went on to say casually, “Everyone here is a fellow schoolmate of one another, and there are even new faces around. There is no special theme for this party, and I sincerely hope that everyone has a great time tonight. As the new school year has begun, let us work hard together. We, of Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy…”

“ARE THE BEST! HOHOHO!” Everyone cheered, agreeing with Scarlet in a loud voice. The opening speech of their goddess was very simple, especially for that last sentence. It was the most common cheer used each year by the academy during any large scale meetings.

“Hehe. Not bad indeed! At least in the hearts of everyone here, Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy will always be the best! Let the party begin!” Scarlet shouted and laughed, indicating to the side with a finger.

The initially relaxing music changed to a more upbeat song for people to dance to.

The dance party had begun.

A gathering for youngsters never lacked songs or dances. These were one of the best ways in the world to express one’s feelings and happiness.

As the female hostess for the gathering, it was natural that she led the first dance. Her dance partner was President Reeves of Holy Judgement. The two were the current representatives of the academy, making them the perfect match.

Seeing them dance, everyone became excited. A continuous flow of men and women walked onto the dance floor and started to dance themselves.

Wang Zhong and Emily were still eating, seemingly unaffected by the frenzied atmosphere happening around them.

Ma Dong, who was still with them, tiptoed continuously, trying to find something until his eyes almost crossed. “Who would have known that Scarlet could dance so magnificently? That figure shaking here and there, tchtchtch… Fuck, that show-off Reeves. He actually wore a full white suit!”

At this moment, Ma Dong felt that he had just been overthinking things. There shouldn’t be anything between Wang Zhong and Scarlet. That pair over there was a perfect match, but this guy over here… only knew how to eat.

A large chicken thigh was suddenly stuffed into Ma Dong’s mouth. Emily stared at him, saying, “Ma Dong Dong, aren’t you the same as him, just a show-off.”

“President, sorry for being late!” Barran ran over with his head covered in perspiration. He actually wore a formal attire, albeit an odd one. What was more shocking was that his outfit looked like it was about to be ripped to shreds by his muscles!

“Where did you get that outfit from? It’s too sexy!” Ma Dong felt so shocked, it was akin to being electrocuted. Except for him, everyone in the Prodigy Society was abnormal. Grai was also the same, but that guy was missing once again.

Feeling embarrassed, Barran scratched his head. He didn’t dare to make any large movements, afraid that his tiny outfit would burst into shreds. “It was given to me by my dad, and he insisted that I wear it here. He said that it was a requirement to dress like this at such events.”

Ma Dong palmed his face, thinking, Even the dad has come out, how abnormal. He patted Barran’s shoulder and pointed to Wang Zhong, saying, “Alright, go talk to your vice-president over there.”

“Yes! I will listen to President’s order!” Barran was extremely happy when he saw the delicious food on the dining table. His eyes sparkled even brighter than Wang Zhong’s had.

“I could’ve chosen any other good name; why did I have to call it the Prodigy Society!?” Ma Dong felt extremely frustrated. “Now I feel the need to also change my own name…”

“Let it be, the name Prodigy Society is unique in its own right .” Scarlet’s voice trailed over as a smile played on her lips. She’d finished her dance already. Standing beside her was a tall and beautiful lady. Her body was even more voluptuous than Scarlet’s, and she oozed with maturity, just like a sweet, juicy peach.She also looked quite familiar…

“Vice-president Milami?” Ma Dong subconsciously said.

Milami unconsciously raised her hands to push her glasses up, until she remembered that she hadn’t brought them along. She clearly dolled herself up tonight, putting on makeup and pinning up her hair. Coupled with her relaxed air and her sexy dinner gown , she almost made Ma Dong’s eyeballs pop out of their sockets and his saliva pool on the floor.

“Cough cough. Senior sister Milami, I have been wanting to personally thank you for the past few days,” Ma Dong said formally. He quickly hid his perverted side and respectfully bowed towards her.

“Thank me?” Milami gawked.

“Yes. It was I who was narrow-minded, initially assuming that you wanted to prevent the formation of the Prodigy Society. I feel extremely guilty and ashamed. Milami, I formally apologize to you.”

Milami was a girl who seemed cold on the outside but was actually warm inside. She suddenly felt a little embarrassed and replied, “Actually, I was also in the wrong. I spoke too impulsively and…”

Scarlet greeted Wang Zhong with a smile while conveniently taking a plate of dessert. “I have been busy during the whole afternoon handling matters and was getting a bit hungry. How does the food taste?”

Even when the goddess ate, she was still unbelievably graceful. She nibbled at her food delicately. Barran, who watched from the side became a bit dazed.

“Not bad, not bad.” Wang Zhong nodded his head repeatedly. He turned his body to face her as it was only courteous for a guest to do so. “Thank you very much for the invitation. Without it, I would’ve still been worrying over what to eat for dinner.”

Scarlet smiled faintly and was about to reply when some people walked over from the side.

“Then you should stop talking and carry on eating. This kind of food is extremely difficult to come by for you commoners,” Lu Zhan Tian said coldly. He held no favourable impressions for those unworthy like Wang Zhong. “President Scarlet, my president invites you over to finalize the list of potential candidates.”

This dinner banquet was a way for the elites within the academy to get to know each other. Today, the main topic at hand was to finalize the list, and yet, Scarlet had actually come over, wasting her time on trash like him after just dancing casually for a single round. Was this what she meant by important matters?

Reeves wanted to maintain his calm and gentlemanly demeanor, so he hadn’t taken action personally. Lu Zhan Tian, on the other hand, didn’t mind educating this trash on abiding by customs.

Wang Zhong just grinned and didn’t say anything. Emily, standing by his side, was extremely discontent. “You’re the commoner, your whole family is commoners. Go to the corner and play—don’t be an eyesore!”

Lu Zhan Tian stared coldly at Emily, replying, “Don’t think that just because you’re a member of the Assassin clan it gives you the right to ignore customs. This is Tianjing City. Having potential also doesn’t mean you have strength, rookie!”

When she heard that, Emily stood up. She had desperately wanted to maintain the demeanor of a virtuous woman in front of Wang Zhong, but she couldn’t control her temper. “Whether or not I am strong, wouldn’t we find out if we fight!”, she shouted.

Scarlet interrupted them with a wave of her hand. “Lu Zhan Tian, please retrieve the proposed list and bring it here. I intend to recommend Wang Zhong for a slot on the reserves and have him join us in the competition. Although he is slightly lacking in his individual strength, I feel that he can provide us with better strategies.”

Although her voice wasn’t loud, a low buzzing sound could be heard all four corners of the room . The grand hall turned completely silent.

What did Scarlet just say?
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