Battle Frenzy
38 Chapter 38 – Actor
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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38 Chapter 38 – Actor

Chapter 38 – Actor

As the student with the best performance, Scarlet had been chosen as the captain of this year’s squadron who had the authority to recommend only one person onto the list. And yet, she unexpectedly wanted to use this extremely precious opportunity on Wang Zhong?

Did they just see a ghost?

“At the same time, Emily and Grai are both excellent freshmen, and I hope that they will be included in the list to participate in the academy’s selection process.”

“That isn’t possible!” Lu Zhan Tian shouted as his face turned red. “ It would be a waste of slots to add those kinds of rubbish to the list.”

“Vice-president Lu Zhan Tian, this isn’t something you can decide,” replied Scarlet calmly. He was the type of person to get agitated easily, and is often ambitious, but with no real talent to back it up. He had the same issue last year as well, and it seemed to have aggravated over the year.

Ma Dong immediately felt his spirit rise a thousandfold. “President Scarlet, you have made a wise decision.” Ma Dong interjected. “ As the president of the Prodigy Society, I wholly support your decision and will do my best to accommodate you.”

“President Scarlet, you may be the granddaughter of the dean, but you can’t just act as you wish!” Lu Zhan Tian stiffly said.

“Lu Zhan Tian, how can you speak like that? Apologise to Scarlet immediately!” A gentle voice reprimanded. Though his mouth twisted into a grimace, Lu Zhan Tian still lowered his head to apologise to Scarlet.

“I apologise.” Lu Zhan Tian said.

“Scarlet, please don’t be angry. This fellow may have a slightly obstinate temperament, but he meant well. This competition is extremely important to our Tianjing Academy. If the Prodigy Society were to take up 3 positions on the team, the other societies and a vast majority of the students would be unhappy with this decision even if I were to accede to it.”

The person who had spoken was Reeves, the President of Holy Judgement and currently the most prestigious person in the academy. A few words from him defused the tense situation; not only did he manage to resolve the awkwardness introduced by Lu Zhan Tian, his words portrayed his maturity and made Scarlet appear to be a willful little girl in contrast.

“President Reeves, as this quota is decided by the Black Rose, selecting Wang Zhong would not impede upon the quota of other societies. Moreover, whether one gets chosen would depend on their performance during the trials and the fair judgement of Teacher Grace.”.” Scarlet said.

“Yet it would pose an unfair advantage for the members of Black Rose.” Reeves replied with a laugh. “Although I believe in the strength of Emily, as she is the successor of the Assassin clan, Wang Zhong and Grai are altogether a different matter. One is too weak, while the other is still a freshmen. I personally feel that it isn’t necessary to let them participate.”

From the way he spoke, it seemed as though he had already made the final verdict for Scarlet.

Scarlet scrunched her forehead slightly. She was just about to speak when Milami tugged at her. That previous statement of Reeves had caused some dissatisfaction among the other high-ranked members of Black Rose. Who would get into the list still meant a great deal for Black Rose. However, many of them were less troubled by whether one was able get in. Rather, it was a matter of pride and not many would be receptive to having their chance taken away by a couple of freshmen.

Wang Zhong then stood up and said,. “I thank you, President Scarlet, for the recommendation. Personally, I am interested in participating in this competition, but what President Reeves said is logical. I offer a simple solution to this predicament. Why not have a bout between our Prodigy Society and the Holy Judgement? If we were to lose, then the proposition is relinquished. If we, however, were to win by some chance, then the Holy Judgement will accept whoever we place in your list.”

Silence spread in all directions.

Reeves gawked, then proceeded to laugh. “How interesting Wang Zhong.” He said jovially, “Let us do as you have recommended.”

With a hostile look, Lu Zhang Tian said, “You brat, you’ll rue the ignorance you have displayed today. I’ll show you what every weakling deserves.”

“Who is Wang Zhong?” An extremely clear and loud voice resounded within the grand hall.

“Who is shouting so blindly here? Your father…!” Lu Zhan Tian turned around and shouted at the bastard that interrupted his tirade.

The next moment, Lu Zhan Tian immediately shut his mouth. Everyone in the grand hall followed suit as silence filled the hall. Everyone’s gaze was fixated on the silvery snow emblem present on the chest of a middle-aged man.

“Brat, be more polite when you speak.” The man looked about 40-years-old. He gave a cursory glance at Lu Zhan Tian and his nonchalant words could easily be heard over the quiet audience.

That emblem was just too dazzling. As members of the Federation, almost everyone recognised the symbol. The silvery snow emblem belonged to one of the five greatest clans in the Federation: the Stuart clan. They were one of the shareholders of the OP system and were informally called one of the rulers of the Freedom Federation.

In the Freedom Federation, any word or action from a clan as great as this could be viewed as the law.

Lu Zhan Tian immediately looked down and stopped talking. Luckily, the other party didn’t pay him much attention.

“I am Wang Zhong.”

The middle-aged man stared at Wang Zhong with an expressionless face. After sizing him up for a while , he said, “This is a letter for you.”

Wang Zhong felt confused. The greatest clan he knew of was the Assassin clan.

After handing Wang Zhong the letter, the middle-aged man gave a slight nod to Scarlet before leaving.

The people nearby looked at the letter in Wang Zhong’s hand in confusion. This infamous trash of the academy was somehow related to the Stuart clan. This was akin to a beggar receiving an imperial edict.

Even Ma Dong and Emily were filled with curiosity. Emily wriggled her nose a little, saying, “There is a scent of perfume coming from the letter. Is this from a girl?”

Wang Zhong couldn’t help but shake his head. Is this little girl a dog? He opened the letter, which only contained a single sentence. “Wang Zhong, let’s meet up at the CHF.”

The CHF? The letter reverberated with Carolyn’s arrogance, making Wang Zhong laugh. This was exactly like her. Alright then, let’s meet up at the CHF!

While Ma Dong was full of questions, he knew that this wasn’t the right time for them. After this mess, no one would satirize Wang Zhong anymore. He had a connection with the Stuart clan. Although it was only with a branch and not the main clan, it would be unwise to ridicule him offhandedly..

The first team match that the Prodigy Society would face after its establishment was to be against Holy Judgement. This would surely be a handful for Ma Dong, but student Ma Dong was, as always, an optimist. If you want a fight, we’ll give you a fight! What was worrying, however, was the contents of the letter. Could it have been sent by that girl Wang Zhong was crushing on?

To even send someone, it wouldn’t be an act, right?

At the end of the banquet dinner, the match between the two societies was finalised. The time was decided by the Prodigy Society as it would not be good for someone with Reeve’s standing to be seen as bullying the freshmen. Furthermore, Lu Zhan Tian and the others felt that the Prodigy Society was just asking for their deaths.

Finally returning to the academy and with Emily away, Ma Dong could barely keep silent, especially with his curiosity bursting at its seams..

“This letter was sent by the girl you like?” Ma Dong asked.

Wang Zhong nodded his head.

“Is she a member of the Stuart Family?”

“Possibly, I’m not very sure.”

“Fuck. It’s better not to provoke a girl like that. It doesn’t matter if she’s from a branch or is a direct descendant, she is realms above us in terms of social standing. Being too far for us to see or touch her, how is this any better from Scarlet? I feel that she appreciates you; this is your chance!” Ma Dong couldn’t resist giving some of his advice.
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