Battle Frenzy
40 Chapter 40 – King of Creeps
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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40 Chapter 40 – King of Creeps

Chapter 40 – King of Creeps

Although the words Laura said hit the nail on the head, it wasn’t the reason for Anlor’s depression. No, the reason he was depressed by the defeat was due to him losing to someone who wasn’t as famous as he.

How much of a promotion did that battle give Anlor?

With the rancor in his heart completely gone, Anlor walked out of the shadow of his loss.

Although all things have been said and done, Laura felt troubled. She didn’t expect for this matter to have blown up into something so big. Anlor was her main vanguard; with him being beaten so soundly, how could she feel anything but worry?

There was also Sharmie, that crazy girl who kept on pestering her. It was as if Anlor’s loss amounted to her victory. Simply preposterous.

Laura hadn’t been planning to waste too much of her time on the OP system. After all, this year’s competition was of the utmost importance to Copperfield Academy. She’d already received news that a few clans would send out their disciples to heighten the strength of their own respective academies to showcase their support of their cities. The results of this academy ranking would easily influence the economic standing of the city for the next eight to ten years. At the same time, it would serve as a platform for the clans to raise their fame and prestige.

The only issue was that the presence of All-Mouthy King made her unable to concentrate. Anlor had sent another priority challenge letter, but had yet to receive a reply. However, what she did not know was that as Anlor had utilised the priority letter feature before, others had now followed suit. It seems that this year, a lot of people were willing to part with their money to do so.

After a short while, Wang Zhong’s opponent appeared and the crowd turned silent.

Hanged Ghost.

Hanged Ghost was a renowned member of the heroic division. Under certain circumstances, he was even stronger than those of the elite division.

The moment he arrived, Hanged Ghost immediately chose the jungle as the battlefield.

This immediately made the crowd hurl abuses at this shameless guy. How dare he change the battlefield? His actions simply disgust everyone in the crowd.

Hanged Ghost was well known within the OP system, but not in a good sense. He possessed a camouflaging ability, so if he were in a suitable environment, he would be able to kill his opponents without them knowing how they had died. It was also unknown whether he was a psychopath, but it is clear that he enjoyed torturing his victims to death.

As his fame rose, anyone who met him in battle would immediately surrender if he chose the battlefield. Likewise, if his opponents picked the arena instead, he would immediately surrender. This resulted in him staying within the heroic division. Even with this, he possessed a 93% win rate within the jungle arena. Unless he were matched with someone with certain capabilities or a special ability soldier, his win was guaranteed.

“All-Mouthy King was matched with the King of Creeps.”

“Today, for this battle, I will fully stand on the side of Brother King. Please destroy that creepy man!”

It goes unsaid that the Hanged Ghost was truly unpopular. Many were disgusted by his way of fighting. The moment he entered a jungle, it would immediately turn the tide in his favour.

Hanged Ghost’s camouflaging made him difficult to differentiate from his surroundings. Only a fool would think that it’s a weak ability; it could actually be considered stronger than stealth. Stealth required a huge consumption of soul power, and its usage time was very short. On the other hand, camouflage used up a very low amount of soul power. Furthermore, it allowed the user to disappear for an extremely long period of time.

Since he had a slender and short build, coupled with his fast movement and accurate marksmanship, anyone who entered this sort of battlefield would be played by him till he decided to kill the victim. It didn’t matter if they were a soldier, an assassin, a ranged soldier, or an ability soldier. Furthermore, his soul power possessed a natural penetrating effect, allowing him to easily break through his opponent’s soul power defense. Simply put, he was a natural born sniper.

What made Hanged Ghost famous was his battle with Sharmie of the elite division. Sharmie’s soul power was frightening, even within the elite division. There were very few that dared to fight her head on. The existence of the OP system, however, made many unscrupulous.

Hanged Ghost was one of these people.

He posted his fantasies about Sharmie’s breasts on the forums, igniting the wrath of the entire Flame City. This lead to many challenges issued at him, all of which he ignored until Sharmie personally issued a challenge to him.

Since the challenged was allowed to choose the battlefield, it was without doubt that Sharmie would unleash her fearsome fire abilities and pummel him until he dared not show his face.

Hanged Ghost’s combat strategy was very clear, and that was to let her consume all of her soul power. However, he quickly discovered that this girl’s fire ability was simply endless. The only thing he could do was hide until the end. Sharmie conversely couldn’t burn the entire jungle down as it was not only rash but also dangerous. It could provide an opening for Hanged Ghost to launch a sneak attack and a sniped shot from him would be disastrous. Thus, this had lead the battle to a draw.

This became quite a pain for Sharmie, and she didn’t want to meet such a disgusting opponent a second time. The sexual harassment received from him made her sick with revulsion. Sadly, his actions had not breach any Federation laws, so there was nothing that can be done to him. In the end, Sharmie had no choice but to ignore him.

When it was confirmed that All-Mouthy King’s opponent was Hanged Ghost, Sharmie felt an unspeakable feeling of anticipation. This threw her rivalry with Laura into a corner. Sharmie believed that a newbie would be completely wrecked by Hanged Ghost but she was firm in her belief that All-Mouthy King was a smurf.

“Finally, Hanged Ghost is finished. All-Mouthy King definitely has a plan. Any casual optical sensory ability will make this fight a living hell for Hanged Ghost!” Sharmie spoke as she waved her fists around.

The members of the artillery squad looked at one another in dismay. Big Sis, do you think a special ability is like instant noodles, casually ordered whenever you want? In the past hundred or so battles, All-Mouthy King hadn’t shown a single inkling of a special ability.Yet, even with this in mind, they were concerned. It could be that they’d been affected by Sharmie, but they were all on the same side as All-Mouthy King.

Strength was something extremely hard to judge. If it was solely based on an open and honorable battle, Hanged Ghost would be deemed as a coward. When placed in a jungle arena, however, he was truly like a ghost.

The current All-Mouthy King had some fame to his name. With the techniques he had exhibited in the previous battle, he really didn’t need any kind of special ability.

With All-Mouthy King’s marksmanship, so long as he responded instantly to the opponent’s attack, then he would have an absolute chance of dodging it and counterattacking. The camouflaging ability would not hide the user’s silhouette at the time of attack and as a ranged soldier, good eyesight was a must.

As such, the dual pistols were chosen to shoot him to death!

That was what everyone thought, but All-Mouthy King chose random weapons instead…

What was there to say about this? In the past, the crowd would make a ruckus. This time, everyone in the crowd felt a sense of helplessness from the depths of their heart. Self-confidence was a good thing, but that depended on the opponent. In the right environment, this guy’s ability made him a fish in water. He was also a person who had no care about whether he won or lost

Laura knitted her brow in thought. This guy was overly confident. How could he be like that, totally ignoring the strength of his opponent. When facing a soldier who possessed a special ability, the number one priority was to counter that special ability. Once the special ability has been resolved, the soldier can be handled like any other ordinary person.

Random Weapons. If he couldn’t get ranged weapons from this randomization, then he would be an easy target for Hanged Ghost to play with until he decided to kill All-Mouthy King. There wouldn’t be a sliver of chance for victory left. Not unless one possessed a fearsome fire ability like Sharmie.
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    《Battle Frenzy》