Battle Frenzy
41 Chapter 41 – Camoflage Tactics
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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41 Chapter 41 – Camoflage Tactics

Chapter 41 – Camoflage Tactics

Arnold Teuton also curled his lips. Although he wasn’t afraid of Hanged Ghost, he didn’t want to battle such a disgusting person. If the Hanged Ghost ever faced a fierce opponent, he would become hopelessly afraid and simply use camouflage to hide, while staying as motionless as a tortoise. On the other hand, if his opponent revealed any flaw, he would make use of their weakness and furiously pursue them to attack. From a strategic point of view, this wasn’t a problem. Yet, who would want to fight such a guy unless they wished to be oppressed.

Arnold felt that the only way to deal with this guy was to either break through his camouflage ability or use range to suppress him. With keen vision and good reactions, the instant an attack was launched, one could counter as they dodge his attacks. Arnold Teuton, however, wasn’t sure if he himself could do such a thing. He would only know if he tried it.

Despite that, All-Mouthy King was abandoning up his only chance of winning.

In the end, he randomized his weapons and got a crosswheel.

Out of all the weapons… a crosswheel. A vast majority of the crowd felt their hearts grow cold. This was simply enough to make anyone sick to the stomach with disgust.

The crosswheel was considered a cross between a close combat weapon and a ranged weapon. God only knew which idiot invented it. Although it was part of OP’s weapon cache, there were virtually none that used it. It couldn’t be used as a shield, and it was too unwieldy to be used as a sword or knife. As for its ranged capabilities, it was nowhere nearly as good as a gun. All in all, it was a completely unnecessary and useless weapon.

Sadly, this would be Wang Zhong’s weapon for this battle.

Finally!, A small group of people that was always hoping for All-Mouthy King’s loss became excited.

“This will become the battle that ends All-Mouthy King’s streak; no doubt about that!”

“He’s gonna pay for his arrogance. All-Mouthy King’s disregard for special ability users will be his greatest mistake.”

“He became so arrogant just because he won a couple of battles. All-Mouthy King and Hanged Ghost are, in fact, no different from another. It’ll be best if both perish.”

“How can he be so conceited? The appeal of special abilities are that they are able to completely negate any techniques used against them. What can that broken wheel do? This is such a disappointment.”

“Ah, my grandma. I came all the way from the comfort of my place to watch this kind of buffoonery?”

“Go home and kneel on your washing board.”

In a heartbeat, the gallery was filled with discussion. The good thing was that this wasn’t something new. Still, everyone didn’t have any high expectations for this battle anymore. No matter which division, one couldn’t simply just disregard special ability users as special abilities are able to overlook differences in soul power.

This was the reason why special ability users were held in high regard. Special abilities were nearly impossible to guard against.

When the battle started, the OP forums displayed the polls for the expected outcome of the battle. 60% of the polls went to Hanged Ghost as the victor, while 10% of the polls predicted that All-Mouthy King would win. The remaining 30% expected a draw. The 30% who opted for a draw were probably expecting a miracle to happen, but many still thought clearly and believed in their own judgment of the situation.

As for victory…

If All-Mouthy King’s opponent was changed to one with moral integrity, then it may be possible for him to win. Facing Hanged Ghost, the epitome of shamelessness, made any chance of winning vanish.

The OP system could generate over a hundred different types of battlefields. Most of them were simulated battlefields, so as to help the participants adapt to similar settings in the future. A setting such as a jungle would be considered normal. For a few of the battlefields, the influence of the dimensional overlap made these battlefields seem like an abyss, striking despair in the hearts of the combatants.

Wang Zhong played with the crosswheel, he had used boomerang typed weapon before, as Simba sure has lots of hobbies, however this was the first time using a crosswheel and it felt refreshing,

Upon entering the battlefield, Hanged Ghost rushed into the jungle immediately without even sending a greeting. He followed one principle: Acting almighty was best reserved for the victor. There would be time to act powerful and almighty once he had finished killing All-Mouthy King.

All-Mouthy King didn’t seem to have any intentions of stopping him. He continued to play with the crosswheel in his hand. Under the expectant gaze of tens of thousands of onlookers, he threw the crosswheel like a boomerang .

The crosswheel didn’t even fly five meters before landing sideways on the ground. This made Wang Zhong feel a little awkward. The toy was different from a boomerang, and when he picked it back up, he examined the cutting edge along its side with interest. It had quite a few angles sticking out, which didn’t seem to be for decoration. Instead, they were used to promote the revolution of the weapon. The entire crosswheel seemed to be designed with the principles of aerodynamics in mind.

Wang Zhong looked as though he’d completely forgotten about the battle and was instead fully immersed in analyzing the crosswheel. The audience that watched this felt their hearts sank further. This bastard… he was just fooling around. He didn’t even know how to use the crosswheel!

The crosswheel was considered a boomerang class weapon, and its design didn’t originate from this century, but from the beginning of the new era. Mankind began to create all kinds of new weaponry and new kinds of combat styles in search for ways to increase their combat prowess. By using their soul power, they could make the boomerang travel through the air for an extended period of time. However, with the rapid development of rune techiques, such a weak weapon became obsolete and was immediately cast aside. This was even more so for an unreliable weapon like the crosswheel.

The most crucial factor to anything was one’s proficiency in using a tool. From the looks of it, however, one could see that All-Mouthy King was a newbie.

Was it all just an act?

If it were an act, then it would really be Oscar-level material. One couldn’t tell at all.

Even Hanged Ghost felt amused. Acting so almighty will get to his head. Sooner or later, he’ll be begging to be killed. Yet even if the other party acted horribly, Hanged Ghost wasn’t affected at all. The recent combat results of All-Mouthy King still caused dread to well up inside him. As a person despised by everyone, he was well aware of his situation. Only victory could bring him endless happiness.

It didn’t matter if the opponent was acting or not., Hanged Ghost wouldn’t move until a good opportunity presented itself. He had lots of patience.

Without patience, how could there be any fun or joy?

Wang Zhong became familiar with the usage of the crosswheel. It goes without saying that the crosswheel being chosen as his weapon was a pleasant surprise for him. The weapon’s design was incredible. During its revolutions, it looked like four crescent sabres intersected at the base, and the center portion allowed for great adjustability to its rotational speed. This wasn’t something a boomerang could compare to.

This weapon was such a pleasant surprise for Wang Zhong that he almost forgot he was in a battle, with a camouflage user no less.

When All-Mouthy King walked straight into the jungle, everyone broke out in a cold sweat.


A sniper shot rang out, startling the audience. All-Mouthy King, however, dodged the shot and rushed forward. Hanged Ghost had revealed his location. Three continuous shots then rang out.

3-Burst Shot!

The bullets created a loud, ear-piercing howl. Hanged Ghost was using a heavy rune sniper rifle that originated from the Federation Army. The rifle possessed immense firepower, and every bullet was ink-green in colour. He also had the special skill of defense penetration, allowing him to fire off lethal shots from a long-ranged sniper rifle. Although it might not finish off those with strong soul power in a single shot, Hanged Ghost’s soul power was also laced with the poison element. When accumulated to a certain degree, even a strong soldier would not be able to withstand it.

Sharmie could resist Hanged Ghost’s attacks as her flames could cauterize her wounds. This ability also prevented the poison from acting up, thus resulting in the match to end in a draw.

This was just another reason why many were disgusted by Hanged Ghost and couldn’t bear to associate with him.

The main weakness of this combat style is that it would inevitably reveal the position of the user . Wang Zhong dodged the attacks and dashed into the jungle. Hanged Ghost, however, had already changed position and vanished.

So long as the opponent was at a distance that threatened him, he would immediately activate his camouflage ability and vanish without leaving a single trace.
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    《Battle Frenzy》