Battle Frenzy
43 Chapter 43 – The Three Great Instincts of New Humans
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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43 Chapter 43 – The Three Great Instincts of New Humans

Chapter 43 – The Three Great Instincts of New Humans

Sharmie’s eyes seemed to shoot off stars as she thought, All-Mouthy King is definitely an extremely handsome guy!

Laura and Arnold Teuton looked each other in the eye, shock expressed on their faces as they thought, How in the world did this happen?

It was illogical how easy this was. Hanged Ghost was very difficult to deal with and no one was able to achieve such a degree of clairvoyance. Unless Wang Zhong possessed some sort of special ability that could break through the camouflage… Furthermore, this belonged to the suppressed class skills and didn’t require any preparation time at all…

Laura watched the entire match attentively. It was only a feeling, but it seemed that Hanged Ghost’s seemingly perfect camouflage had left him with no chance of escape in the eyes of All-Mouthy King…

The question was how he broke that camouflage. One way would be a vision enhancing special ability, or a hearing enhancement one. Both of these abilities would reveal a person’s presence through utilizing soul power. All-Mouthy King, however, seemed to have spotted Hanged Ghost with just a glance.

This time, Laura couldn’t figure out the root cause.

Wang Zhong left the OP system thinking that it was slightly pitiful that he couldn’t accumulate any soul essence this battle. As for breaking the camouflage, Wang Zhong felt that it wasn’t anything to care about. Not to mention camouflage, even within the eternal darkness, Wang Zhong would still be extremely clear about what was happening within his surroundings. Whether or not this was a special ability, he wasn’t very clear on that himself.

Wang Zhong didn’t care at all while Laura wasn’t able to decipher what happened. The audience and forums had divided opinions, but all of their discussions returned to a single question: What exactly was the skill that allowed All-Mouthy King to see through the camouflage?

This question left everyone stumped. Even some experts became extremely surprised when they watched the entire recording of the match. Hanged Ghost had been absolutely undetectable to them. Some began to wonder if All-Mouthy King had left some kind of ‘mark’ on Hanged Ghost’s body.

Compared to detecting him through vision or hearing, it seemed more likely that Hanged Ghost had been marked. Any form of detection ability would leave behind some sort of trace. For example, a shine or change within the eyes, or a slight vibration of the ear in the direction of the sound. These slight traces would always be present, yet none of these were seen on All-Mouthy King’s body.

The more reasonable explanation would be a mark.

If that was so, then another question would arise. If it were a mark, then placing one would require contact. The two of them, however, hadn’t made any form of contact. Could he have gotten marked with a glance?

That was simply a fantasy story as no such thing had ever been present in the combat records of the various large academies of the federation.

If an answer was available, then it would be shocking. If no answer came to light, then it would become the greatest mystery. The fight Wang Zhong felt was useless was seen by others as extremely valuable. They felt as though they’d uncovered a hidden ace of All-Mouthy King.

This time, without bothering to wait for Laura’s explanation post, Sharmie already expressed her opinion. She had previously recognized All-Mouthy King as a smurf. The reason was because there was a huge difference in the grade level. For example, he could have already cast his heroic soul, or was even a peak heroic soul soldier. A person at that level would definitely possess the ability to detect others. With such a difference in grade, this sort of camouflage would simply be considered childish.

It didn’t need mentioning, but this time Sharmie won over quite a few fans. This was because her explanation was very plausible.

Finally seeing her gaining the upper hand, Sharmie laughed happily. “Mario, what did I say? Ah, you guys. Next time, don’t ever judge my decision-making skills. This is called ‘great intelligence may appear to be stupidity’!”

Mario and the members of the Flame Artillery Battle Squadron looked one another with blank dismay. Big Sis… when you have to praise yourself, something doesn’t seem right about it…

Yet, any person with a semblance of intelligence would feel that something wasn’t right. As a person with a peak heroic soul, how old would he be? What degree of boredom would he be to create a smurf and come down to kick up a shitstorm?

The most critical point was that no matter how one looked at it, All-Mouthy King was a youngster and definitely not a middle-aged uncle. Especially when one took a look at his previous battles. If a heroic soul soldier were to fake such a crappy performance, then he definitely has some kind of mental disorder. A person with such a mental disorder definitely wouldn’t be able to cast their heroic soul.

Mario and the guys continued to flatter her. Captain was always right. Even if she were wrong, she’ll still be right. Yet, there was still that suspicion within their hearts…

Everyone awaited Laura’s rebuttal as a significant portion of the people wouldn’t accept that kind of viewpoint. It was simply too extraordinary. But this time, Laura definitely fell behind.

Laura herself felt somewhat speechless. What peak heroic soul? That’s simply impossible. The only reason it would look plausible was if their eyesight was shoddy. Laura didn’t let such thoughts confuse her, and she would definitely not repeat it.

“It’s too strange if he isn’t a smurf. Just take a look at his eyes. They aren’t constantly focused on his opponent and instead it seems like he has everything in his sight. It’s really odd.” Arnold Teuton shook his head as he spoke. As a ranged soldier, he was extremely clear of what happened when someone used their eyes to track their target.

… When he suddenly felt a murderous glare, Arnold shvered. iDamn, I just said something wrong…

Yet Laura didn’t burst into anger. Instead, she turned solemn for a moment before dialing her skylink. It connected after a short while.

“Haha. Dear younger sister! Have the winds changed directions? You actually cared enough to ask after your elder brother! Beloved younger sister, you have become more beautiful. Do you have a boyfriend yet? Why not introduce him to your elder brother?” A dashingly handsome man spoke to her.

Arnold Teuton and Anlor’s eyes both lit up. This man looked around thirty years of age and was Laura’s genuine elder brother. He was concurrently the leading character of this Potter clan generation and the pride of Copperfield City, Molton Potter. An expert who acquired a super heroic soul after casting it, his playful, boyish nature and disregard for the world was equally as famous as his strength.

“Cut the crap. I have something to ask you.” Laura couldn’t bear her brother’s character and continued, “Take a look at this battle. Does this guy not have a problem?”

The nearby Anlor and Arnold Teuton hurriedly sent their greetings, which Molton acknowledged with a faint smile and nod.

A low grade battle. One was good at hiding, but possessed inferior combat skills and a flawed body. As for the other one…

Molton suddenly caught the issue and the smile on his face gradually disappeared until the end of the match.

Laura watched Molton. “What was the special ability he used to break through the camouflage?”

Molton shook his head and said, “That wasn’t a special ability. Interesting, really interesting! There’s actually such a guy in the younger generation!”

“Stop acting so smug. Hurry up and spit it out. If it isn’t a special ability, then what is it?” Laura also thought it wasn’t a special ability, but she wasn’t able to accept Sharmie’s nonsensical idea.

“Dearest younger sister, there’s no need to be impatient.” Molton smiled deeply as he continued, “Have you ever heard of the Three Great Instincts? To see what cannot be seen, to feel what cannot be felt, and to foresee the future?”

“It can’t be the legends’ Heavenly Eye, Mind’s Eye, and Clairvoyance?”
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