Battle Frenzy
44 Chapter 44 – The Ball Queen Comes out to Battle!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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44 Chapter 44 – The Ball Queen Comes out to Battle!

Chapter 44 – The Ball Queen Comes out to Battle!

Laura and the other two guys were dumbfounded. They’d naturally heard of these kinds of instincts humans possessed. With progression, the range of these instincts would only expand. The most famous was the Clairvoyant Gaede.

One of the reasons why the Empire’s influence rose and ultimately became such a gigantic existence rivaling the Federation was due to the guidance of Great Clairvoyant Gaede. The Clairvoyance Church now held significant power and influence over the great Empire. This was the result of the peak evolution of the Clairvoyance ability which formed such a monstrous being.

“It can’t be that he possesses Heavenly Eye?” Arnold Teuton said blankly. This was the most dreamed of talent of every ranged soldier.

Molton laughed, saying, “Not Heavenly Eye, but Mind’s Eye! Although it’s still in its infant stages, just relying on that talent would be enough for him to reach a level of detection similar to a person’s heroic soul. We of the Potter clan actually need a prodigy like this. He must absolutely not go to waste. This sort of instinct would just self-destruct if it isn’t evolved successfully. Laura, you must try and pull this guy into our clan!”

The three looked at one another blankly. This…

Molton thought that the three of them didn’t understand. “You can tell him that even though he has good talent, there isn’t enough solid strength to back it up. This kind of talent would collapse at a single blow. With such an ability, if it isn’t strengthened then it would just wither away. Also, inform him that our Potter clan will provide for his every need. If that isn’t enough to work, then you can use my great name!”

Laura’s face turned red. This brother of mine… “Alright, it’s not like you mean anything!”

After speaking, she didn’t bother with Molton anymore and hung up her skylink. She thought over this talent with Mind’s Eye…

Was this a child of god from the legends?

The three talents were very mysterious, but were also extremely unstable. Some were naturally born with the talent, but then it disappeared very quickly. There were those who acquired it in the later stages of life, but it could still disappear at any moment. Furthermore, there were differences in strength between those with the talent. For example, the Clairvoyance ability wasn’t solely possessed by Gaede, but in the end he was the only one in existence to own such a high degree of talent and power in it.

If the title of a chosen child of god were to appear, then it would instantly spark revelations everywhere.

Laura finally made the rebuttal against Sharmie’s counterattack.

The three godly talents have always existed and everybody prayed to acquire them. A ranged soldier with Heavenly Eye, an assassin with Mind’s Eye, and there wasn’t anything to be said about Clairvoyance. Although it didn’t matter how far into the future one saw, so long as one could use such a power over time and space, one could definitely create some scary combat techniques.

There were still many who were Laura’s fans and they finally saw the picture. Was this why All-Mouthy King suddenly became so strong? It couldn’t be that he just recently roused this talent, right?

Sharmie had thought she’d achieved a major and total victory, but never thought this beast girl would dare to call her bluff.

“Haha. Chosen child of god, this is too insubstantial… Look, she even said that All-Mouthy King now possessed the same level of detection to that of someone in the heroic soul stage. This is just a forced explanation!” Sharmie was quite dissatisfied.

When she saw Mario and the others, she said, “What’s going on with your expressions? If can’t be that you all feel that beast lady was correct?”

“How is that possible? Laura is simple spouting utter nonsense. What godsent talent? Other than Clairvoyant Gaede, the rest are just people talking nonsense. There are people with better detection skills, and some with weaker detection skills. This insubstantial explanation is just too laughable. Captain, this All-Mouthy Kind is definitely a smurf!” Mario and the group from the Flaming Battle Squadron immediately declared their positions and firmly stood on Sharmie’s side.

“Captain, it’s too far-fetched! This kind of talent would require no need for assessment and evaluation; while it can explain the situation, it doesn’t possess any rationale!”

“That beast lady has already exhausted her bag of clumsy tricks. Boss, we will stand firmly by your side!”

The discussions and debate within the OP system grew more intense. This viewpoint of Laura’s was extraordinary. The Three Great Instincts have always existed, but it was the same as a fantasy castle floating in the sky. While something like soul power could be seen and felt, for an individual’s ‘instinct’, how does one count it?

There were too many inconceivable things happening within the body of All-Mouthy King. This was the reason why so many people were attracted to try and analyze him. It was mainly their curiosity; the greater the mystery, the greater the curiosity. If the identity of All-Mouthy King were known, then it would have definitely been much simpler—these people would have just gone and conducted their research on him personally, much like visiting an animal at the zoo.

Wang Zhong himself was very clear on this point. Although he didn’t know about Laura’s analysis of him having Mind’s Eye… he knew the term. Ever since he could remember, he had always been very clear of his surroundings. This kind of clarity assaulted his senses and brought him a great deal of suffering. He’d felt such since he was an infant, and was all the more clear about how much pain he had to experience at that time. It wasn’t until the appearance of Simba that he realized that other than the pain and suffering, there was also happiness and friendship…

And there was also a point Laura had missed… Wang Zhong couldn’t only feel clearly, he could also see…

It may have been due to the stimulation of All-Mouthy King’s match, but as the divisions increases, a greater regard was placed on the battle by experts within the OP System. It was regarded even more highly than actual battles as fights between academies would be done in a controlled environment, thus unable to spread widely.

Within the OP system, however, the higher the division, the greater the chance one would run into a venerable opponent. For a long period of time, losses would become a lingering and negative event, and the pressure from such was very high.

Within the lower divisions, one could hide their identity like All-Mouthy King. Generally speaking, however, when one reached the upper divisions, for the sake of their future and the glory of their school, most would switch to their real names when arranging for bouts. This was a double-edged sword, so a significant number of experts decided to fight without spectators. Of course, some weren’t afraid and thought that the increase in pressure from an audience meant they would release more power, the watchers spurring them to victory.

Sharmie was also an extraordinary figure as she lived in her own world from the start and completely ignored the views of others. It could be said that All-Mouthy King’s fight had ignited her fiery spirit. Once one reached the elite division, there wouldn’t ever be casual fights like when they were in the lower divisions. Most of the time they would accept or apply for challenges. This was in order to target their own bottlenecks, which required actual combat. For Sharmie, however, today she felt that she needed to fight as she wished today.

This caused her numerous fans to go wild with happiness. The level of a fight between those of the elite division were of a different standard, and furthermore… seeing Sharmie fight was a pleasure for both the eyes and ears.

Sharmie hadn’t fought a publicized match for over half a year now. Before, everyone’s focus was on All-Mouthy King’s match, but when they heard of Sharmie’s match, everyone instantly charged over. In terms of popularity, the experts of the elite division were all exemplary. Instantly, the gallery’s population rose to over two thousand individuals.

As members of the Flaming Battle Squadron, Mario and the rest entered the OP system to cheer and support their captain on. Upon seeing the viewership number, their hearts were filled with immense pride as they thought, This is surely worthy of our Captain. Although All-Mouthy King has been very popular as of late, the number of viewers continued to increase by the seconds.

“Ball Queen has finally arrived! Wait for the flowers to wilt away!”
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