Battle Frenzy
47 Chapter 47 – Solomon Rothschild
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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47 Chapter 47 – Solomon Rothschild

Chapter 47 – Solomon Rothschild

Solomon didn’t show much resentment as he smiled faintly. “What do they want to take from us this time?”

“A kilogram of dimension crystal stones. They only offered substandard rune weapons and fifty tonnes of food for it. Our request to learn the techniques for their rune cannons was rejected!”

“If they want it, they shall have it,” Solomon said, still smiling. “With regards to our proposal for a personnel exchange, what was their response?”

“Your highness, in their eyes, we are but abandoned savages, they—”

Solomon waved his hand. “I know what they will ask for. Tell them we will proceed accordingly. You guys can leave; Enoch, stay behind.”

The rest of the group dispersed, leaving behind the youngest of the group. Solomon said to him, “Enoch, do you wish to take a look at the Federation?”

“Your highness, I much prefer our own place. There’s food everywhere…” Enoch gave a faint smile as he munched on his ‘snack’. It seemed to be something like a finger…

Solomon laughed. It looked as though the decision his family had made that year had indeed been a golden opportunity. During the old era, in the 19th century, his family had reached its peak and controlled half of Earth, but they had made a large mistake during the second world war and had been unable to recover since then. As a family boasting the greatest intellect in the world, they waited until a golden opportunity arose before seeking revenge for their humiliation.

That opportunity came when all the other humans chose to flee North America while they stayed behind. Even when others were desperately trying to cling on to antiques representing humanity’s lost and brilliant history, they had sold off their family assets for weapons and materials in order to construct nuclear-proof citadels. This was all done for the sake of a dream.

This dream was something they were willing to sacrifice their life for. Every single member of each generation of the family dreamt of once again standing at the peak of Earth.

This man was Solomon Rothschild.

Without the twittering noise from the handsome Simba, Wang Zhong often slept till the sun rose and yet, he’d always felt that something was missing in his life.

Waking up from his sleep feeling dazed and confused, he felt a little itch on his nose. When he opened his eyes, he saw a pair of large, gleaming eyes just a hair’s breath away from his face. “Gah!”

“Brother Wang Zhong, the way you sleep is just too cute!” Emily’s eyes seemed to shine as bright as the stars. “And you were drooling!”

Wang Zhong felt hungover. It was still early in the morning and this was the male dormitories… “How did you get in?”

“I walked in of course! I got the passcode from Ma Dong. I came here to wake you guys up for training, but Brother Wang Zhong sleeping was just too cute!” Emily cheekily said. She was the most excited with regards to their battle against Holy Judgement.

Yesterday, Ma Dong had been full of fighting spirit when he called for a group training. It had been done to foster an indomitable spirit among the team members, preparing them for their battle against the Holy Judgement.

On the other side, Ma Dong slept like a baby. He snored thunderously, murmuring in between, “Hehe. Mimi, you’re seriously wild. I’m feeling embarrassed… Hehe…”

Wang Zhong then saw Emily carefully creeping up to Ma Dong’s ear.

That was too vicious…

Wang Zhong couldn’t help but feel pity for Ma Dong. He hurriedly covered his ears…


The male dormitory that was a couple of stories high was immediately thrown into complete chaos. As for Ma Dong, he flailed right out of bed, his four limbs shaking wildly as his pupils turned white. Foam began to spill from his mouth. “Mi… Mi… Mi…”

Ma Dong was still holding his ears as he was dragged toward the high gravity training room. Wang Zhong was impressed that he could still hear after that.

“Brother Wang Zhong, we’re about to start! Starting!!” Emily excitedly exclaimed. She was the most energetic when it came to group training exercises.

Wang Zhong felt that this sort of training would help build a sense of camaraderie amongst the team members.

The reason Ma Dong joined a society was to have fun. For Wang Zhong, however, it was different. For a society to be created, there must be meaning behind its existence. Furthermore, the upcoming battle was against Holy Judgement. Wang Zhong had some ideas that required the cooperative efforts of an entire squad before they can be achieved.

Wang Zhong had no intentions for being dropped off the list for CHF.

After looking around, the only one missing was Grai.

This fellow often disappeared and appeared unpredictably. When they’d sent him a message on his skylink yesterday, he’d actually said he was going for a stroll through Purity Grass Hall. It was a historic monument located in the suburbs of Tianjing and it wouldn’t be possible for him to be back within two or three days.

When facing this fellow, not only Wang Zhong, but everyone else in the academy that felt a bit helpless. For a special recruit to be absent for half a month, especially when school had only been open for no more than a month… he was surely the first to act like this in Tianjing’s Heroic Soul Academy. Though he said that he was there as a trial, wasn’t he actually just there for the scenery!?

Obviously, for the sake of pulling Grai over to their side, the academy was willing to any conditions by him, even though they may be unfair.

“Alright, let’s number off!” Emily was still the most enthusiastic person. This loli really loved combat.

“One!” Emily was the first to call out.

“Two!” Barran shouted with a thunderous voice brimming with excitement. It appears Barran was as enthusiastic as Emily.

“Three,” Wang Zhong said while laughing. With Emily around, the atmosphere often became lively and jovial. It was hard to believe that this brat was from the Assassin clan.

“What, what?” Ma Dong said as he continued to rub his ears. He yawned and, with a face full of resentment, said, “Instead of enjoying such a nice day, you all actually want to do some society training exercises… and you even numbered off. Are you guys dumb or what?”

“Ma Dong Dong!” shouted Emily as she stared at him with small eyes. “Now is the most crucial moment before a battle. We must do our best and press on!”

This younger cousin sure is something, thought Ma Dong, but he had a patient temper. “Little brat, do you really want to prepare for this battle? You can’t really think that the few of you can attain victory over Holy Judgement, right?”

“But of course!” exclaimed Emily. She raised her brows in question. “Ma Dong Dong, when Brother Wang Zhong set up the fight with Holy Judgement that night, weren’t you the one jumping up and down happily? Why are you so scared now?”

“Tsk. What do you mean scared? The way you say it sounds terrible; you just don’t understand at all.” Ma Dong lazily continued, “Have you never thought about how large a society Holy Judgement is? From the time they were established till now, the only ones who could go up against them was Black Rose. Now, however, there is us, the Prodigy Society!

“As for this battle, from the time that bunch of pricks agreed to it, we already struck gold! Fame! That’s what is important to our Prodigy Society. Have you not taken a look at how many people are singing praises toward our Prodigy Society?” Ma Dong explained all of this with a calculated look on his face. “As for the matter of victory or defeat, there’s no need to be a adamant about it. At that time, we can just proudly fight without caring for if we win or lose. It’ll be good enough—OUCH!”


Ma Dong had yet to finish his explanation when he received a heavy kick on his back. The kick burned a hole through his clothes and he flew eight meters away. With tears almost falling out, he screamed, “A gentleman uses his mouth, not his fist!”

“I’m a girl!” shouted Emily as she twisted her waist. Her hands had traces of dancing flames around it, making her look rather formidable. “As for this battle with Holy Judgement, we must put on a good fight. If you dare to drag our Prodigy Society down again, don’t blame me if I find uncle and expose your wicked deeds!”

Ma Dong was fearless, but he was terrified of his father. The mere mention of his father was enough to frighten him into submission, turning his face sour. “Can you not use that old man to frighten your brother? Your brother will have heart failure…”

Emily shouted, “Brother Wang Zhong, you’re our trainer! Punish him!”

“He does deserve to be punished,” Wang Zhong said, nodding. “Let’s have him do two sets of one hundred pushups in the gravity chamber.”

“Two times gravity chamber!?” shouted Ma Dong. His eyes immediately turned as round as saucers as he continued, “Your brother’s nickname is Swift as a Swallow, Outstanding Swordsman of the Merciless Sword; you actually want me to go into the two-fold gravity chamber!?”

“I will supervise your punishment!” Emily was interested in these turn of events as she walked over with a face filled with anticipation.

“What are you doing? I’m the president!”
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    《Battle Frenzy》