Battle Frenzy
48 Chapter 48 – Unique Combat Technique
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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48 Chapter 48 – Unique Combat Technique

Chapter 48 – Unique Combat Technique

Ma Dong had a tearful face, but continued to cling to his character. “Fuck, even if you guys want to win, you should all just go train by yourselves; what’s the use in having me train? Your brother is the president! It’s my duty to act pretentious—Ah! Ahhhhh…!”

Ma Dong’s screams grew fainter and fainter and Barran felt as though his blood was boiling hot. Even the president was willing to risk his life for this battle. He had no reason to slack off himself.

“Barran.” Wang Zhong had been recently concerned over Barran. Frank people tended to adapt well, but he felt that Barran wasn’t very much suited for the academy life during his stay this month. There were people saying he’d received quite a few tongue lashings.

“Yes, Senior!” Barran was brimming with vigour and immediately stood straight.

Barran was a worshipper of Wang Zhong after seeing that paper plastered with full A+ results when he’d entered the society. That wasn’t something he’d forget in this lifetime.

“Actually, this society challenge is a very good training opportunity. As long as you focus on the training, it’ll be alright.”

“Yes, Senior! I will put in all of my efforts!” said Barran earnestly as he nodded his head.

This was the two times gravity area and there wasn’t only a multitude of fitness machines scattered everywhere, but also a large training field. Blades, spears, shield and sword. So long as it had a point at its end and was a heavier-than-usual cold weapon, there were plenty all around.

Barran rushed forward excitedly and picked up a large shield, then moved into a stance.

As a heavy soldier, shield combat training was the most basic of basics. A powerful heavy soldier would be able to lift and use a 200 to 300 kilogram large shield as easily as if it were a piece of paper. It was to the point where it became an extension of their bodies.

Barran’s wasn’t weak at all. Wang Zhong stared at the man as he hefted his large shield and shifted forward and backward, left and right, all the while going through the most basic techniques of the soldier department. Ah, my head hurts a little. Is this really all he can do?

“Ahem. Barran, what advanced techniques have you learned?”

Barran placed his large shield down and shook his head as he replied with embarrassment, “Teacher said my foundations are too weak and that I need to start from the very basics.”

His soul fire had just ignited right before entering the academy. His parents were just normal people and all too happy that a New Human had appeared within their family. As such, don’t even speak about normal foundation training. Because of his strength, young Barran had been working the fields, which had no relationship at all with combat.

Due to his soul power awakening, his parents’ living conditions had changed for the better and they didn’t have to do any heavy labour anymore. Therefore, no matter what he faced, no matter what kind of… humiliation, he would always grit his teeth and bear it.

It was just a flash as his expression changed, and it disappeared quickly. Nonetheless, Wang Zhong had spotted it. He had also experienced that special feeling first-hand. The suffering he’d faced in the last year wasn’t far off from Barran’s current condition.

“Hmm. Alright then, you should persevere in this for defense. As for what you can learn, I’ll teach you an advanced move. It’s very simple!”

There was a piece of equipment built specifically to take hits from heavy soldiers who were training their high level techniques. It looked like a huge sandbag that was secured to a copper base. It could resist impacts of anything over 10 tonnes without a hitch.

“Watch carefully!”

Wang Zhong stood a meter from the collision device and took a deep breath.

With his arms crossed and protecting his head, he suddenly burst out with an abrupt force from his two legs, viciously smashing right into the collision device like a rocket.


A thunderous roar spread from the point of impact. The three meter thick, five meter tall collision device shook for quite a while.

Barran was completely dumbfounded. Although the collision device had a simple design that couldn’t measure a person’s strength, from that vicious impact just now he could clearly feel the strength contained behind it.

“You try it now,” said Wang Zhong with a smile.

Barran stepped up and stood a meter away from the collision device. Taking a deep breath, he gathered all of the soul power within his body. Like a bear, he suddenly exploded out and rammed into the collision device with both arms up.


The collision device didn’t budge a single bit. Barran, on the other hand, rebound off of it and landed on his butt. Clenching his teeth, he showed an expression filled with disbelief at the collision device before turning to look at Wang Zhong.

“Senior, what’s all this about?”

“AHHHHHHHHH! EARTHQUAKE! Faster, run!” Ma Dong rushed out with a puff of smoke, Emily chasing him from behind.

“Ma Dong Dong, get back here. You’re still lacking 90 more!”

Seeing Barran’s appearance, Ma Dong regained his presidential character. “Ahem. Barran, good effort. You must learn properly from Wang Zhong. You are a mainstay of our Prodigy Society, so you have to keep up!”

“Ma Dong Dong~~!” Emily exclaimed loudly.

“Cough cough. Barran and Wang Zhong, you guys carry on with your training. Your president will be going to the toilet!” Ma Dong ran off while chased by Emily who was behind him.

Barran was a little dumbfounded after witnessing this scene.

Wang Zhong, however, didn’t spare any attention toward the two. Barran’s performance had surprised him a little. His mind played back in detail the instant Barran had been sent flying.

He could clearly picture the beautiful movements Barran had made when he’d been sent flying. The muscles throughout his entire body had automatically contracted, creating a defensive shield that reduced a large portion of the impact’s force. When he landed on the ground, his muscles had absorbed 90% of the force. Even with such a powerful rebound, he’d managed to avoid all injury.

If this had been a soldier who’d been training their physique for a long while, then it wouldn’t warrant such surprise. Barran, however, hadn’t received any training in this matter. All of his reactions had been based purely on his instincts. This kind of talent was extremely rare to find among heavy soldiers.

Barran’s strength, instantaneous soul power eruption, and instincts were all much better than what Wang Zhong had expected. After seeing just one demonstration, Barran had managed to grasp the key moments when he was to exert his power, thus revealing a frightening level of force.

Still, the timing between his soul power eruption and his physical strength was still slightly uncoordinated. This left him unable to properly unleash all of the strength he had at once.

“Don’t worry about them. Let us continue,” said Wang Zhong. “Try it one more time. Focus more on controlling your body. Hitting the target doesn’t mean the techniques is over. There is a second component to the attack. Smash into your target, then erupt with your inner strength to counteract the rebound force. This is called the Second Drive!”

Barran shook his head. He didn’t understand Wang Zhong’s meaning, but as he jumped back up he’d felt that the impact just now was oddly fun. It felt much more comfortable than the basic training he’d done every single day.

He felt he’d discovered another knack he was good at. With increased self-confidence, he once against stood before the collision device.

Deep breath. Vigour raised. Soul power erupted. SMASH!


The impact this time was much more vicious, but the distance he flew was also much greater!

The so-called Second Drive wasn’t as simple as it seemed. The instant to unleash this second component required rhythm and detailed control over one’s body. Even a prodigy would have to practice in order to pull it off.

There were no shortcuts in this process. Wang Zhong said, “That was good. Keep up the training and this can become your unique combat technique.”

Com, combat technique! And it’s actually a unique combat technique!?

Barran instantly felt his waist no longer sore, the pain in his arms disappearing. His eyes were filled to the brim with fighting spirit!
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